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Roerich – The Call of Cosmic Evolution

Since many years I’m inspired by the work of Nicholas Roerich and his wife Helena. The paintings of Nicholas emanate a radiance and profundity which is very uplifting. And the Agni Yoga series received by Helena are full of spiritual depth.

Today I came across a film about the Roerichs, by Lyudmila Shaposhnikova (1h10′): “Roerich – The Call of Cosmic Evolution”. The description says that “In the film for the first time is discovered the evolutionary meaning of their eminent contribution to the world culture. The philosophy of cosmic reality ‘Living Ethics’, Central Asian Expedition, Himalayan Institute of Scientific Research ‘Urusvati’, an international treaty known as the Roerich Pact were the main evolutionary actions of Roerichs which enabled to shape a new thinking and a new cosmic mentality on our planet.”

Among others the film gives an insight into the beautiful new Roerich Museum in Moscow, the “International Center of the Roerichs” situated in the very heart of Moscow.

Photo of the museum (c) International Center of the Roerichs

In the museum there is the Masters Hall, the Central Asian Expedition Hall, the Banner of Peace Hall, and others… You can also take a virtual tour through the Asian Hall of the museum. In the video it says that the heritage of Roerich was moved from India to Russia. The exposition encompasses every aspect of Nicholas and Helena Roerich’s life and heritage, bringing together art, philosophy, spiritual quest, scientific research and their wide-ranging philantropic endeavour.

View of the painting “Fiat Rex” in the “Masters Hall”.

I also discovered that the Roerich Museum of New York has done a relaunch of their website since the last time I saw it. They now have nice slideshows and photo galleries.

In a Facebook-post of a friend I saw that the video was blocked in the States due to copyright issues – so hopefully you get access from where you are living.

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