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Etheric Ashram and Angels

Saturday around noon time some group members with their children came for lunch, and a big paella was prepared in the garden.

In the later afternoon we went with a smaller group to Montserrat – a mountain with a spectacular formation and very holy energetic centre with an old Benedictine monastery and a cathedral. Our friends told us that they had been there several times with Sri Kumar who had explained that there is an etheric ashram on the top of the mountains. And when we approached we sensed the sublime presence around.

But when we approached the cathedral I felt a bit weird – the statues and the catholic ambiance reminded me too much of my very mixed experiences. of the past. But Dona then told me, “Forget about the past, open yourself to the subtle realms. You can only approach an etheric ashram when you are ready to leave back the material and go into the subtle realms, and there is no longer this heaviness of the past.” So I left my “clouds” behind when we entered the inner churchyard and saw the towering front of the cathedral surmounted by the steep rocks of the mountains. One rock formation looked like a giant “muscle man”.

In the centre of the churchyard there is a big mosaic, and from the centre fiery tongues are coming out of 4 pots, like flames of a fire ritual.

Inside the cathedral there was some worship service going on; a group of mainly old Benedictine monks were singing, accompanied by organ music. We sat down and meditated for a while. I felt like the doors of heaven opening andbeing uplifted to magnificent heights. I sat there for a while enjoying the profound experience. Through the beauty of the experience I could reconcile with the past and look through the crystallized outer forms of the church structures to see the inner light and the many souls striving in these church forms to find their link to the divine. So I went with Dona lighting a candle near the picture of the World Mother in the form of Mother Mary carrying the infant Jesus.

Our little group sat together for a while in the churchyard and then decided to also see the statue of the Mother in the back of the church and the room of silence. And it was a good decision – I enjoyed the many statues of angels; the artists must have been immersed in the experience of their presence.

An alabaster angel

A group of angels playing music

Little angels guarding a lamp

Huge angels towering over the vaults

Angels and the “Holy Spirit” in form of a dove hovering over the statue of the Black Madonna

The Black Madonna

The Arch-Angel Michael fighting with the dragon – the souls fallen / descended into matter

A fire angel outside the cathedral

When we descended to our car we saw some eagles flying over the rocks and Dona said, “The appearance of the eagles indicates that the work to be done has been achieved.” And we saw huge pillar-like rocks with faces like giant trolls of guardians and in the background a little monastery reminding me of pictures of monasteries in the Himalayas.

Two eagles hovering over the rocks

The trolls and the mountain monastery

And when we drove back there were huge black clouds building up over the mountains and we thought that there would be a thunderstorm bringing rain. But all kept dry.

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    What a beautiful and sacred tour…

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