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Lalitha Pooja and the Marriage of Agastya

Friday morning again getting up very early and then through the night to the Guru Pooja. This morning we were invited to come for morning prayer to sit on the dais, directly in front of the pictures of Hierarchy, surrounding Sri Kumar. What an uplifting experience, being here in the centre of the energies – besides me the lingams of the water ritual and all these beautiful picture. The sounds of the Guru Paduka song and the OM spread out and penetrated through the atmosphere. The time quickly passed by in rapt silence.

The Argentinean members on the stage one day before

Afterwards Sri Kumar continued speaking on the second labour of Hercules and the symbolisms involved.

After breakfast the ladies arranged in long rows with little pictures of the World Mother before them, some kumkum powder and flowers, for the worship of the Lalitha Pooja, the 1000 names of the World Mother.A beautiful and colourful worship.

The ladies arranged in several long rows, with pictures of the divine mother and red kumkum powder before them.

SriKumar singing the hymns of the Lalitha Pooja

Before breakfast I had been lead to Mr. Rao from the Indian brotherhood who had composed the booklet with the stories about Agastya. I wanted to request him that it should be translated into English. I don’t know what he thought of the idea, but he started telling me about Agastya. First he sent me to have my breakfast and said he would wait for me.

So I returned and he started telling me about Agastya regulating the deva of Vindhya mountains to prevent him from creating havoc through his desire to be as big as the Himalayas. Agastya asked the mountain to give him way and create a pass-through for him until he would return north – but he never returned, staying in the South since these times immemorial. I had told the story years ago to my children from an Indian comic and the pictures rose to my mind’s eyes.

And then another story came, and I listened with keen interest, it was a magical moment sitting in the room with this old gentleman and getting a vivid lesson about how Rishi Agastya got his wife created by Lord Shiva, a fascinating story Master Kumar had already told yesterday evening:

“His parents were a bit worried that he didn’t marry. He did a fiery meditation and realised that he was a part of Shiva himself. Shiva appeared and asked him, what do you want? I need a wife like you have. Shiva said, ok, and at the same moment a child was born in Agastya’s hands. He gave the child to a king to care all about the child, which was a girl, also a manifestation of Shiva. Lopa Mudra she is called in our worships. When the girl grew up the King wanted to make her marry and thought to whom give it. The girl was so beautifully radiant that he thought to whom she marry her. He asked Agastya whom to marry her, and Agastya said, she is of no parallel, she was born for me and she shall be my wife.”

A statue of Master CVV besides the stage. He was an expression of Agastya.

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