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Guru Pooja Details

Returning very late from the Guru Pooja celebrations and getting up very early / departing to the Guru Poojas I cannot answer individual mails, having no internet access there – and my netbook was down today, I just made hand-notes, so there won’t be a posting about today’s happenings now.

Many requested about details, please see here.

I just saw the post of Srikanth on WTT Facebook, he wrote:

“For invitations and information relating to Master’s discourses (Live and recorded), please email or respectively.”

I will try to answer again the mails in 3 days, in urgent cases before. Thank you for all the many feedbacks. I’m tired and need the short night…

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  1. Kaliprasad.Indraganti Says:

    Participation in Guru Poojas is it self an Opportunity during our Life Span of Short Period…. I belive that Master EK has Given me the Highest Opportunity in my Life , not only to be a Participant but also to do service during the Guru Poojas together with our WTT – Brothern since 1969. This Year Master Given me an Opportunity to Participate “On Line Inter Net in Live” from US together with my Daughter and Grand Sons. I trust this is the way our “MASTERS” will lead us in a “Bliss Full” Life…….

    My rejoices for UR daily Valuable postings 🙂

    With Divine Love,

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