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The Universal Nation

Yesterday I got an e-mail from an Argentinean friend living in Southern Spain. He announced that he had just started a bi-lingual blog called “The Universal Nation – La Nación Universal“. His keynote starts with the words:

“The abolition of the system of nations as independent sovereign states is the present’s paradigm, and the greatest global need, and the solution to many of the major problems of modern humankind, all at once….
Today’s paradigm –21(st) century’s paradigm– is not nationalism, nor regionalism, nor continental integrations but, directly Universalization: a so-called Universal Nation – or the social habitat of World Citizens.”

It is a topic he has been pondering upon since long. In a chat with me last Sunday he wrote that the thoughts he intends to express through the blog are the synthesis of his experiences in this life, to be a good service to some extent…

Though he isn’t talking in the blog about personal experiences, just expressing his thoughts about the basic need of overcoming the separation of national borders and barriers, it is still a topic of a very intense nature concerning his life: Some years ago I had a talk with him while he was still living in Germany and trying to get a permission to stay. The authorities gave him a hard time and in the end he left Germany – an end of a cycle, as he said. He is an artist, a dancer and philosopher. I appreciate very much his energetic, kind and open-minded nature. (You might read here a blog-note about his father.)

The problem of nationality and borders is limiting the free movements more and more. The fear of strangers taking away jobs and over-flooding the cultural settings of a country is very strong – and the walls are getting tighter. The national personalities are developing…

Master Morya says: “I wish to see you moving over the face of the world when all national boundaries, because of their multitude, will be erased. How can we fly when pinned by a small nail! Reflect upon the need of travel for humanity.” (Agni Yoga – Community in the New Age § 93)

Separativity will break the unity of the world into many pieces. A very symbolic sculpture in front of the UN-building in New York.

World Union – overcoming division and seeing the inter-connectedness of all life. A statue in Berne erected on the occasion of the founding of the World Postal Union

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