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Bala Bhanu School – “The Infant Sun”

Saturday morning we visited the Bala Bhanu School at the outskirts or Visakhapatnam. This school of the WTT imparts spiritual, moral and social values besides the normal education and renders education to children up to Xth standard. We were invited to participate in the celebration at the eve of India’s National Independence Day. The celebrations started with a little parade and the hoisting of the flag of India, followed by a number of talks by students on the founding fathers of India’s independence as well as on the role of the students for shaping the future of the country. Afterwards Sri Kumar gave a talk to the students (extracts):

“In school the children are prepared to be servers for society and not exploiters. If we don’t learn this from the very beginning in life, then later it is difficult to bring order and rhythm into life. Whatever they are at home, at school teachers are to be angels for the little angels to inspire them to aspire in a right way to form into a very constructive unit of consciousness. It is a work of alchemy, transforming children, not imposing on them any form of fanaticism. The man turns out to be an educated being, when culture and civility are imparted.
This school transforms children into the path of life and gives them the right direction, so that the children of today can give their contribution to the society from in 20 years on during a period of 30 to 40 years. So much is inherent in the sacred Bala Bhanu, meaning ‘The Infant Sun’. It is expected that they will be like a sun and shed light all around. There is a grand life beyond routine, and when you lose your life in routine, the whole purpose is lost, and routine overtakes the inspiration and aspiration.

At school prayer is inculcated as a habit, and a plan to work, varieties of work are inculcated. Today children are too much exposed to routine, so they are exposed here to energies which strengthen them. It is all thanks to the inspiration of Master EK and of the Spiritual Hierarchy. When the same orientation exists at home like in school, then the child transforms faster.
Idealism is one thing, practicality is important. The management handles the school well so that I am free for other things.“

After the talk a number of students gave presentations of dance, yoga asanas, gymnastics, or singing. It was an impressive insight into the work done at that school – and the presentation an inspiring mix of discipline, devotion, national pride and Bollywood-ambiance with the music and dancing. A beautiful end for our stay in India.

A dance presentation at Bala Bhanu School, Visakhapatnam

“I love my India” – a kind of national pride and enthusiasm for learning hard to be found in the West

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