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The Resonance of Books

Seeing the many wisdom books at the stands at the Guru Pooja celebrations here – all the books of the World Teacher Trust and many theosophical titles – I was tempted again to buy books, but stopped myself: In the past I had read more than I could digest. There is still a thrill when seeing books on profound occult wisdom themes, but I try to have a quick look inside to listen, or better feel, whether this or that book is important for me to read, and mostly there isn’t any green light saying “go ahead”. So I put the book back to the others.

With certain books there is a magnetism deeply attracting me, and I even have translated a number of such books into German and I like giving such books for free to interested seekers. But when there isn’t this resonance, the book will certainly remain in the bookshelf at home, only taking away some space and collecting dust. So sometimes I’m happy when there is an occasion to pass such a book on to someone who is eager to read it.


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