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Communication or Riding a Bicycle

Yesterday a friend came for a visit to clarify some misunderstandings. My wife has developed a way of visualising communication processes and blockages, which proved to be very helpful.

kom1.jpgThis shows two individuals.

When you want to communicate something, you want to reach the other, so that he/she can take it inside:


You give something, a thought, a feeling etc., then you have to let go.


For a living exchange, the other has to take it up. He/she lets it in, thinks about it, creates associations, and then gives something back, also letting it go, giving it free.


Thus a flow can come about, a mutual exchange, enriching both.


You feel the other has understood you and you have come in touch with the being of the other. It is a movement like a lying eight, the sign of infinity.

Often however the communication is blocked. There are emotions and fixed ideas, within you, within the other, or within both:

kom6.jpg kom6a.jpg

They are obstructing the free flow, you and the other feel frustrated, hurt, irritated. Often you don’t understand what has happened, create your own ideas about it, which mostly aren’t the same than those of the other. Both sides might start building up walls, rejecting what comes from the other side.


In this situation you have to know clearly what you really want, what is your need. You have to communicate it in a clear way, not roundabout. And you have to work through the “roundabout-messages” of the other trying to understand his/her original intention. Thus you have to work through the layers of thoughts, fixed ideas and emotional reactions.

When you realise what you have in common, it creates a triangle between both of you, meeting at the higher meeting point, which is above the emotional and mental: The higher self or the soul. This releases the blockage.


I call this “to ride a bicycle”.

This blog-post has been translated into Spanish, together with some other posts of this series.

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