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A friend sent me a beautiful powerpoint presentation about “Foodscapes” (see also as PDF). In the text it says:

“The British photgrapher Carl Warner created a series of landscape images utilizing basic food ingredients found in a typical kitchen. The images “Foodscapes” (made up of the words Food and Landscapes) show scenes including, caverns, submarines, forests, beaches etc. using fruits, legumes, cheeses, pastas, breads among others.

The photographer is known in his neighborhood of Kent in England, as he spends hours in stores looking for the best pieces of broccoli, peppers, fruits etc. to compose the landscape scenes. To achieve depth, to give a realistic three-dimensional feel to the photographs, each still life is composed on a table measuring 8ft by 4ft. The foreground is only about 2ft across.  In addition, they are taken in stages so the fresh foods do not get wilted or stale before the photo is finished.

“I like to the way small aspects of nature look a lot like the larger counterparts. “, says  Carl Warner. He also confesses that up to now, he has not been able to convince his four kids to eat their vegetables.  “At least I cannot say that they enjoy eating fruits and vegetables as much as I do”, says Carl.

The photographs will be used for a and advertisement campaign for supermarket chain in England. Warner also plans to put these together in a coffee table book to promote healthy eating for children.”

Carl’s Website , go to: >website>fotographics. Or to the site print sales.

Not a foodscape, but a landscape-photo of Montserrat, Spain, by a friend.

2 Responses to ““Foodscapes””

  1. sébastien Says:

    great fantasy and imagination and wonderfull skill
    eaven if my taste don’t go for the “meat” pictures as my vegetarian taste is now so much strong that eaven a glimpse of it turn me to disgust…
    none the less, a must to see!

  2. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    I absolutely agree as far as the meat-pictures are concerned. I had the same experience as you, being a vegetarian for many years…

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