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May Call Day Celebration in the Vosges

May 31st, 2017

Yesterday the May Call Day celebration in the Vosges, France ended with a visit to Strasbourg. We met outside the European Parliament with prayers for peace and European union. It was the culmination of a beautiful festival which had started last Saturday. Friday already, the preparation group met at the home of Martine in Baerenthal in the Vosges for the final planning. The weather was gorgeous and it continued to be so the next days.

Saturday morning we came to the holiday resort in Bitche to set up the hall for the celebration. And in the afternoon the other participants arrived. In a joyous mood we assembled in the garden. Later, with the evening meditation, the festival started. And at nightfall, a water ritual spread its sublime vibrations.

Sunday after morning meditation some motion exercises in the morning sunlight made us “Fit for the Day”. We read extracts from discourses of Sri Kumar; group members spoke on “Astrology, the Big Picture” and “Are Medicinal Herbs only Positive?” giving insights into cosmic nature and secrets of the plant kingdom. Sunday and Monday afternoon Qi-Gong exercises attuned us to the flow of etheric energies. And Sunday evening I spoke on “Lord Dattatreya and His Incarnations”, accompanied by a slideshow.

Monday morning we assembled outside under a tree for meditation and a little fire ritual. It was a splendorous moment when the fire rose with the chanting of mantric invocations. Later, we celebrated the 30th May Call in the West with a cake and light ceremony. In the afternoon we exchanged about experiences which had shaped our path. In the evening, we saw the “Homage to the Mother of the World“, a video project by members of the World Teacher Trust, and sang some songs. At nightfall, the whole group made a walk around the beautiful forest lake Étang de Hasselfurth.

Like at earlier May Call celebrations in the Vosges, we ended our group living with a visit at the European Parliament. This year, however, we were not allowed to enter the inner court – new security procedures after the recent assassinations now require previous registration. For us, it was better – this way, we could sing and speak the prayers in a loud voice next to the building, visualising that we were standing in the centre of the Parliament building.

At the end we realised that a sparrow was sitting on a branch directly over our heads, turning his had in all directions and gazing at us. I was fascinated looking directly into his eyes for a moment – a divine messenger. After some time, he flew away.

Afterwards we went to the old town of Strasbourg and walked along the Ill River to a restaurant next to the Strasbourg Cathedral.

Video: Homage to the Mother of the World

May 23rd, 2017

For the celebration of the May Call Day, a team from Argentina, Switzerland and India has realised a video as a “Homage to the Mother of the World“. A part of the recordings was filmed in a home in Argentina, which is supported by the WTT group Sudama, Buenos Aires. The children are either orphans or have been taken away from their parents because of drugs or violence.

The music was composed and played by the WTT group of Mysore. I moderated the project and gave some support. We drew the inspiration from the book on “Sri Suktam – The Nature and Characteristics of the World Mother” by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar. It was a very inspiring group activity.

Gemini – Ardhanari, the Male-Female God

May 18th, 2017

When creation comes forth from the background of absolute existence, it manifests as existence with awareness. It is also called Father-Mother, the interplay of the male-female God. We don’t say it is male and female because it is an inseparable unity. It is the Ardhanari of the Indians, the Hebrew Adonai or the Greek Hermaphroditus. Ardhanari is usually depicted with the right side being the male Shiva and the left side being his consort Shakti, his energy.

In astrology, the male-female God is called the soli-lunar principle, the light and its reflection. It is associated with Gemini, where the unity is bifurcated into two. In our body, the left eye is associated with the Mother, the lunar principle and the Ida Nadi (subtle nerve); the right eye is associated with the Father, the solar principle and the Pingala Nadi; whereas the Son is the Sushumna and the Ajna centre or the third eye.

For the face of Ardhanari, I fused photos of a Durga statue and of the central face of a Dattatreya statue, symbolizing Vishnu. At the right eye, I created the aureole of the radiant sun, at the left side the crescent moon surrounded by a field of dark blue. I transformed an image of Aldebaran, the “Eye of the Bull”, to be the third eye; and Regulus, the blue-white star of the constellation of Leo, is placed at the centre of the crown.

See more pictures on the site with my paintings. If you want to print the image, you can download the file in medium and high resolution format.
The different zodiacal signs are clustered in groups – you can see here all my Gemini paintings.

18 February 2017, pencils and photo work

The White Lotus of Consciousness – HPB

May 5th, 2017

8 May is the day of the passing of Mme Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) and it is celebrated as the White Lotus Day. She is regarded as the white lotus that unfolds afresh the beauty and fragrance of new age wisdom. Inspired by the teachings of H.P.B., as she is also called, thousands of groups sprang up all around the globe. She continues to be an inspiration to many seekers of wisdom all around the globe. I once made a little brochure (in 4 languages) about her life and work.

During the last December Call in Bangalore, Master Kumar advised the group:

“Daily read a bit of Mme Blavatsky, of Secret Doctrine or Isis Unveiled, it can redress our energy and set it to a right order. It gives a direct impact on you.”

And when asked how to relate to the books of Blavatsky, he said:

“First of all, buy the books, don’t borrow them. Then read a page daily. There are terminologies from so many theologies. Every word you don’t understand you look up to the Theosophical Glossary, you can download it. When you read, underline the word you don’t understand, look up the same work through Google. Reading a page is not reading a page in a newspaper. The page will expose you to so much knowledge. If you read five sentences, relate to the glossary and Google, likewise you start reading. Reading Secret Doctrine daily is only to relate to the wisdom given in various parts on the planet. The Madam uses the terminology of nearly all the cultures, Inkas, Mayas, … It is a grand work. By relating to it, your comprehension grows, you would not more be so pig-headed thinking you know everything without knowing anything. If you open Blavatsky you know that you don’t know anything. Any part of the planet she presents and compares. How is it possible? Enquiring to the glossaries makes you humble.”

You find here the PDFs of Sri Kumar’s “Lessons on Secret Doctrine”: Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3.

Have a good White Lotus Day

P.S.: 10 May we celebrate the Vaisakh Festival at Taurus Full Moon. You might read here more about it.

Bust of H.P.B. by Alexey Leonov (c)

The Dark Times ahead as an Opportunity for Change

April 30th, 2017

A few days ago, I received an e-mail of Fali Engineer, a friend from the Houston Lodge of Theosophical Society, with a video-file of a speech by Valarie Kaur. I found the video online at, and it is worth viewing.

“She spoke of the dark times ahead and how instead of leading to despair, this could be an opportunity for change,” it says on her website. And further: “This speech was actually the message of the Revolutionary Love Project, an initiative she launched in autumn of 2016. This movement and her New Year’s Eve speech, Kaur said, arose from her distress about the increase in hate violence during the US presidential election campaign.”

This moving talk was given on last New Year’s Eve in an African American Church in Washington DC. Though it was helt in the context of the political situation in America, what she is talking about is not an American topic but a universal one – about the basic oneness of humanity and overcoming hate an exclusion.

Valarie Kaur is a powerful woman and a charismatic speaker. Wikipedia says about her that she “is an American documentary filmmaker, a civil rights activist, and a Sikh interfaith leader. After the murder of Balbir Singh Sodhi, she began to document hate crimes against Sikh and Muslim Americans immediately following the attacks of September 11, 2001, which resulted in the 2006 documentary Divided We Fall. … Kaur has given speeches at the White House, the Pentagon, and the Parliament of the World’s Religions.”

:: The 6 minute video “Raising a Brown Boy in Today’s America“.

Valarie Kaur [picture from the video (c)]

Marketing for Wisdom Teachings? Opening Doors for Non-Entrants? Or Discovering the Path?

April 28th, 2017

Recently a friend remarked, “Why are there only few people interested in the wisdom teachings and in group meetings? Why don’t you do some activity in the public to attract more people?” Some time later, another person asked, “Do you do any get-to-know events or meditation retreats?”

I knew that behind the answers I spontaneously gave there is much more than some short remarks can explain. It is about discovering your path. And about understanding what is your inner urge and that of others.

I told the first person, “Spreading the wisdom teachings cannot be done by propagating them but by way of one’s own inner transformation. And to talk about it, there has to be a searching soul showing a deeper intent.”  Curiosity might be a starter but it needs perseverance.
The second person I wrote about some possibilities of coming into contact, and there was no further reaction. There are many such ephemeral contacts. Opening doors for non-entrants?

For a long time, I thought that it is mainly a matter of informing people to arouse an interest so that they find “the spiritual path”. And with my enthusiasm for the path I was going I wanted to get others interested in it. I identified the path with the movements I was associated with for a while. And in a way I thought  that this path I was going was the right direction also for others. However, quite a number of times I discovered after a while that I needed to change my course and left movements.  With each change, temporary co-walkers stayed behind and new ones came.

It took a long time until I really deeply realised that “the path of the soul” and “the teachings I feel associated with” are two different things. And shifts in my inner orientation need not cause, from my side, shifts in outer associations. On the other hand, changes with the path of friends or close ones need not result in shifts in my inner orientation. This realisation caused some profound changes in me. It happened about 3-4 years ago. Now, when people come to me complaining about things – in society, with others, with the teachings – I inwardly check, does it touch my association with what I am doing or my path? I can respond in a friendly way without taking their viewpoints – and without feeling a need of explaining mine.

The wisdom teachings help me understand myself and clarify my understanding of others and of the greater nature. But if I don’t relate them to myself they are like straw and not corn. Trying to “market wisdom” is like distributing straw or giving food to people who don’t want to “eat”. And what is food for others might not be the same for me.

It needs lot of discrimination to realise what is nourishing for your soul and what you better leave off. And not to leave off the right thing because of what others think. It does not matter whether there are many people interested in the things that are good for me, or for you.

Taurus – Krishna’s Flute, Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Centres

April 20th, 2017

Eastern wisdom knows seven sensitive points, the seven chakras, along the vertebral column and in the head. They are compared to Lord Krishna’s flute with which he is enchanting the fellow-beings. The seven centres are again contained in the region between the throat centre and a point just above the Ajna-centre called the birthplace of Indra. There are seven other centres above the neck, the area governed by Taurus. On the solar-cosmic level, these centres are related to the seven stars of the constellation of Pleiades. The secretions of the glands in that region of the body are called the spiritual foods with which Pleiades feeds the disciple. According to ‘Spiritual Astrology’, the Pleiades are described as the wives of the seven great seers forming the constellation of the Great Bear. They establish a link between the seven stars of the Great Bear and the seven centres above the neck of the disciple.

To visualise these relations I created a subtle form of the head as two oval fields of light. I placed Krishna’s flute as the vertebral column in diagonal, which I created by fusing and transforming pictures of a bamboo and a brass flute and by adding seven white points. I created the macro-cosmic centres of the Pleiades and of the Great Bear connected with rays of light to the head, where you can see the microcosmic counterparts. The seven centres above the neck are symbolised by seven stars linked with rainbow colours to the head.
With the help of a photo of a lingam I created the symbolic representation of the different layers of consciousness and placed them below the flute and above a peacock feather, symbol of Lord Krishna, which forms the background.

See more pictures on the site with my paintings. If you want to print the image, you can download the file in medium and high resolution format.
The different zodiacal signs are clustered in groups – you can see here all my Taurus paintings.

29 January 2017, pencils and photo work

“To be One in Consciousness” – CVV Sharing 2017

March 30th, 2017

Last week I drove to North Germany. An ancient manor surrounded by forests, fields and meadows – for the third time, the seminar centre “Lichtblick” (bright spot) near Hude in the region of Bremen was the scene for the CVV Sharing, a group meeting inspired by the yoga of Synthesis of Master CVV. “Join the blue sky, relating to CVV. / In sky we commune to Be. / To Be One in Consciousness! / Master CVV Namaskaram.” This was the motto given by Master Kumar for the 8th annual reunion, and the weather matched with it – a brilliant sun shone from a blue sky. 19 persons from different parts of Germany, from Denmark and Switzerland gathered for a weekend of meditation and of living together as a group to reinforce the inner connection through the contact with the Master energy.

The seminar centre “Lichtblick”

The meeting around Spring Equinox was prepared and guided by a committee of five members, and various participants took over some parts. The rhythm of a meditational alignment every three hours alternating with group sessions contributed to a vibrant spiritual ambiance. In smaller and bigger groups we discussed our experiences of the thread of life and of building the inner temple. In this, we followed a structured method of speaking and listening, which helped to quickly establish profound exchanges.
There were also inputs about Greek mythology and the astrological qualities of the time, and we discussed how we are dealing with the present challenges in our lives, maintaining a spiritual focus.

Saturday evening there were some inspirational contributions – a video clip on “Aries – Permeation”, some guitar pieces, poetic thoughts. The days concluded with the prayer of Mystic Mantrams, “Dip deep…”

Sharing experiences in the spirit of the yoga of Synthesis of Master CVV

Sunday morning after meditation, the group gathered on the terrace for a fire ritual. Later, we intonated the sacred OM for about 10 minutes followed by thoughts about the annual “seed time”, from Aries new moon to full moon, and a group walk to a nearby forest lake. After the Global Peace Prayer, we exchanged about the future of the CVV Sharing meetings. The participants strongly expressed that these gatherings are very important. They give strength and inspiration and are most uplifting. The seminar centre “Lichtblick” has already been reserved for next year’s meeting, 23 – 25 March 2018. The team of the centre is very supportive and the atmosphere is ideal for our gatherings.

At the close of the group living, Frank, a music teacher from Berlin, improvised on his guitar the rhythm of the names of each group member, taking together names with the same rhythmic structure. It was fascinating to listen to the sounds expressing our names. And in a bright mood we then said good-bye until a next meeting.

Sunday morning fire ritual

Spring Equinox Celebration in the Paracelsus Centre Einsiedeln

March 21st, 2017

The weather report had announced for yesterday sunny weather in Eastern Switzerland, esp. the area of Einsiedeln. But when we drove there to celebrate Spring Equinox at the Paracelsus Center of the WTT – located in a house at the birth place of the great initiate Paracelsus – the clouds were hanging low over the lake Sihlsee.

And the cats in front of the house were warming each other.

We were 5 persons from Switzerland and Austria who gathered for the celebration of this spiritually important time of equinox. We started with a small candlelight ceremony and singing of mantrams and then did a long Equinox meditation around the time of the entrance of the Sun into Aries at 11:28 am. And when we opened our eyes there was sunshine and a blue hole in the sky above the house. The dark clouds still were hanging around the surrounding hilltops.

In the afternoon we did a walk at the nearby Etzel pass of Saint Meinrad. Later we continued with some group exchange. And when at the time of evening meditation the sun set with golden light behind the mountains we all felt again the magic of this wonderful place.

Vertical Gardens

March 21st, 2017

I recently came across a website about façade greening in Sao Paulo, Movimiento 90°, and then found another very fascinating website of Patrick Blanc, a botanist and the inventor of the Vertical Garden. Partly, it is a special form of green walls, which I had already encountered with ivy-clad walls, also at the walls of may father’s office building. However, the Vertical Gardens Patrick Blanc has realised are much more sophisticated, hanging florist artworks.

The site about Movimiento 90° speaks about the advantages of such vertigal gardens:

“The plants improve air quality by filtering CO2, can help with heating and cooling in the buildings they are attached to, reduce acoustic problems and, during periods of drought, increase the relative humidity in the air. But to add an extra creative spin, Guils’ studio Movimento 90º invited artists to design the gardens they were creating, and encouraged them to treat the buildings’ walls as blank canvasses.”

May this creative way of using façades grow and bring a better quality of life into the stone, glass and concrete deserts of our cities.

Image: Wikipedia / Jean-Pierre Dalbéra from Paris, France: Le mur végétal (Musée du quai Branly)

Image: Wikipedia / Cillas: A wall of living plants designed by Patrick Blanc at Caixa Forum near Atocha station, Madrid

Image: Wikipedia / Thelmadatter: Green wall at the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana in the historic center of Mexico City