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Full Blue Moon – A Time-Lapse Video from Australia

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

On the 31st of July, 2015, Luke Taylor captured pictures of an incredible rise of the Full Blue Moon 4 km (2 ½ miles) away from Cape Byron Lighthouse, on Belongil Beach, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. This is the most easterly point of the Australian Mainland and therefore is the first place in Australia to watch the full moon rise. He took 1038 frames and then made this video “Once in a Blue Moon” by slowing down to as close to real time as possible. A fantastic video. Here is Luke’s Facebook-page (“Surflife Australia Photography”).

Screenshot from the video (c) Luke Taylor

Misty Advent Atmosphere

Sunday, December 6th, 2015

The mist over the country during the last days creates a magical ambiance making the forms appear from out of a light filled field, blurring the contours. Saturday morning I went to Berne city to do some errands. My camera caught some motives of the advent season decoration in the old town. The five-pointed stars around the “Münster” (cathedral) captivated me anew – they are reflecting the yearning of the souls towards the light. And some shop windows were showing traditional handicraft work or were trying to motivate customers with special arrangements. Find here some impressions.



Summer Solstice and Dimensions of Spiritual Astrology

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Around summer solstice there was a 6 days seminar with Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar on “Astrology and the Path”, in Billerbeck near Münster, Germany. Over 150 persons from different countries of Europe, the Americas and India had come to this group living. Many of them I knew, and so it was a beautiful “family gathering”. For me it was a very intense time – besides the discourses there were several organisational meetings, and of course lots of exchanges. I took particularly time to meet persons who I don’t know yet or where there is not much contact. The main purpose, however, was to go into a deeper understanding of the wisdom teachings in their astrological dimension, and to dive inside with profound meditations. I appreciated this very much. Other highlights were the marriage ceremony of Anwar and Susanne and two fire rituals. The group also visited the Gulab garden, a rose garden of the WTT group of Münster inspired by Master Morya.

In his discourses Sri Kumar gave profound insights into aspects of Spiritual Astrology, commenting the introductory pages of the book and elaborating on questions of the participants. I gained new insights – into the effects of the north node and south node, into working with Pluto, Neptune and Uranus, ways of reading the chart and, of course, the importance of Cancer solstice. Below you find an extract of my notes on the north and the south nodes (they are incomplete and might contain mistakes), and some impressions of the seminar:

“The north and the south node, as we all know they are shades but are not planetary principles. They happen on account of the movement of Earth around the Sun where sometimes Moon comes in the way to cause solar eclipse and Earth comes in the way to cause the lunar eclipse. Therefore, these are shades emerging relative to Earth. A shade that we experience during the solar eclipse, where we see the partial Sun, or we may not see the Sun if there is a total eclipse. Likewise, when Earth comes in between there is the shade on the full moon where you experience gradual decrease of Moon and again coming back to its original form. These shades are considered as shades on consciousness. These shades are of particular importance as visualized by the seers of wisdom.

The positive node, which we call in Sanskrit as Rahu, is similar to Mars; while the negative is similar to Saturn. A positive node is stronger than Mars. The negative node is like Saturn. Saturn itself is a very strong energy. What do they do? The positive node has a very strong grip. To grip anything the energy that exists with us is the positive node. Mars works as force and the node enables gripping it. This grip is generally misused than used properly. That’s where the quality of shade prevails. Instead of gripping the right thing we tend to grip the wrong thing. To grip what is beneficial for the soul does not happen. The grip enables eclipse to the soul. That is how eclipse to the Sun happens. We do things which are not desirable and we grip them strongly. What are desirables for us we don’t have such a strong grip over it. The grip on virtues is not so strong as the grip on vices. That’s how we can give a pass-by to a prayer now and then but not to a breakfast. Breakfast we don’t give a pass-by. We make sure that we have a breakfast. But we don’t make sure of a prayer as regularly as breakfast. What is valuable is not gripped, what is not value for the soul is gripped. That’s how it causes an eclipse to our consciousness. For example, in the world certain things are necessary to be gripped. For that positive node helps. But if you grip anything too much, it has the counter effect of the grip. Like people gripping money, there is a counter effect of money gripping them. People gripping the power, people gripping the other gender, people gripping certain views strongly and move forward whether right or wrong.

This grip of node has its positive dimension and also negative dimension. Its negative dimension damages the person, it afflicts the person. That’s how people are power-blind, gender-blind, money-blind. Excessive grip is the negative dimension of positive node. Generally, what is not desirable is gripped. For example, the grip over the body, which is the ultimate grip. In the advanced age even when we feel like getting away from the body because it is no more functional, you have many difficulties for a smooth functioning of the body, and we feel it is enough to be in this body; you wish to move but there is a grip. This grip is an undesirable grip. It is a grip that continues to give unhappiness to the soul. This grip exists in personality, but also at the body level, at the mental level, at emotional level, at all levels. What is to be gripped is not gripped, what is to be not gripped is gripped.

Therefore, the node and anti-node both, if they are in the negative houses they work positively. That’s how we interpret in astrology. For example, if you have the positive node in the twelfth house it is useful. Because a negative principle in a negative house works much more positively because two negatives makes positive. Likewise, eighth house, especially sixth house, and twelfth house. These are the houses which are considered very favourable to the node and the anti-node. If this node or the south node or negative node is in the fifth house, you have trouble conceiving, you have trouble in delivering. In any other house it is trouble. Mostly, if you see the node and anti-node in the charts these days, it is in the first and seventh house. That’s why most of the marriages tend to be very difficult to continue. The wedlock does not continue long because the node, anti-node cause where they have to be together the couple are not together. They meet on the ground where there are differences more than on the ground where there are agreements. That’s how it works in the first and seventh house.

Coming back to node itself, node causes gripping things which are not beneficial to the soul and progress of the soul – except when it is in the negative houses of the native. When it comes to the south node, it does the opposite. It causes, for example, if I hold something… you know many people when they hold spoons, when they hold forks, or when they hold something in their hands, things fall from their hands. That is a very clear indication that anti-node is at work. We don’t intend to throw them but they slip from our hands. In life, many things people lose on account of lack of grip. This is what south node does. It releases when you don’t wish to release. People lose on account of this. People lose memory. The loss of memory is also an act of south node. You tend to be more and more forgetful. It is OK if we forget unnecessary things but those are not the things that we forget: necessary things we forget, unnecessary things we hold. All those which are valuable to you, helpful to you, support to you such things the mind loses. And only things which are unnecessary, non-essential, and sundry things, they are all held. In fact, sundry things, unnecessary things should be eliminated. What is to be eliminated is held what is to be held is lost. This is how the south node functions, especially on mind.

The north node functions especially on the Sun that means consciousness. The north node is deeper and the south node is at the mental plane. When the south node is properly placed in the horoscope it is easy for you to leave the body. An eighth house south node is very helpful to leave the body. A twelfth house south node is very easy to get away from the world, meaning easy departures are there. If you have south node in the eleventh house then you would have associations with saints, sages, and mendicants. You are not more with the material world, you are more with the philosophical world. Like that, it tends to give certain dimensions. Basically, south node causes one kind of loss by not holding what is to be held. North node gives problems by holding things which you are not supposed to hold. This is how the comprehension is eclipsed.

To overcome this eclipse, what is generally suggested is to think of a serpent standing on its tail. A serpent standing on its tail is worshipped to overcome the ill effects of the south node and the north node. For both nodes it is the same sign. Why? Because north node is said to be the anterior part of the serpent while the south node is considered as the posterior part of the snake. And they always move in that direction — in one axis they move. These shades when they fall upon Moon or Sun, they have an impact on your comprehension and your mental memory. When solar eclipse in that sun sign where you are born, let us say Leo, if you are born in Leo and if there is a solar eclipse in Leo that year you have to be particularly alert to ensure that you don’t lose related comprehension. For that, you are asked to relate to this symbol. Likewise, a lunar eclipse also has an impact on your Moon. If there is lunar eclipse in that sun sign of your birth Moon then it has a greater impact on you. This is how these nodes are observed.

When we think of compatibility between two persons, the two persons when they are in togetherness, three things are important. One is the seventh house which gives us the compatibility of being together – be it a partnership or be it a man-wife relationship, any persons together is a relationship. This relationship is seen through first and seventh house. If there is anti-node or node in any of the first or the seventh house of any of the two persons, there is an indication of a problem there. Most of the cases where divorces happen, if you look into the chart, you would have them – either node or anti-node either in the first house or the seventh house of one person or the other. This would cause the separation because there is already a shade that causes separation. Likewise, in marital relationship or in partnership, what is intended is to bring forth certain fruitful productions. In the case of business partnership it is the ability to work together to bring out good products and good profits. In the case of marital relationships it is bringing up good children. There the node in the fifth house, if there is anti-node, please note such persons would be denied ever of good fruits unless remedial measures are taken like meditation upon the snake on the background of a black colour, a white snake has to be maintained, and that has to be daily looked at.


Equinox Celebration at the Paracelsus Center

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Last Tuesday, 23 September, there was the Yogic point of autumn equinox, an important time for aligning with the annual ritual of the 2 solstices and 2 equinoxes (read here more about the spiritual impact of this festival). We gathered with a group of 8 persons from Germany and Switzerland near Einsiedeln at the birthplace of Paracelsus, the great initiate and revolutionary of medicine. On the way, a fantastic sunrise already announced an extraordinary day. The air was filled with golden light when we met at the Paracelsus centre.

After preparing the room with a thanksgiving altar, we started with a little candlelight ceremony (in the esoteric understanding, Libra, representing the unfoldment of objectivity or matter, is the midnight of the subjective side of the year) intonating the mantra of Durga. I gave a short introduction into the theme of the equinox and of the symbolism of Durga, the impermeable Mother. Then we did a group study about the deeper meaning of the ritualistic symbolism.

After the lunch prepared by the group, we went for a walk through the beauty of the surrounding nature, followed by coffee and cake and the discussion of some house rules for the use of the rooms, which we had prepared beforehand – and it seemed to be necessary for the center to run smoothly. The group also decided to make a “cleaning festival” for the rooms next year before Easter – two days of a group living with a cleanup of the centre.

We continued with an exercise which I had developed on the basis of the teachings of Master KPK on the directional intelligences of space and the inner planets, followed by a group exchange about some principles of Yoga. The beautiful day ended with a group meditation followed by a water ritual and dinner. On the way home, there was a radiant after-sunset glow in the air, the final of a day full of magic.

Laniakea – New Concepts of the Immeasurable Heaven

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

The galaxy of which our solar system is just a tiny part is part of a giant supercluster of galaxies – regions in space, which are densely packed with galaxies. It was difficult for scientists to define where one supercluster ends and another begins. A team based in Hawaii has now developed a new technique for creating maps of the universe according to the flow of galaxies across space. They redefined our home supercluster and named it Laniakea, which means ‘immeasurable heaven’ in Hawaiian. So welcome home in mind-blowing infinity. A fascinating video of the international magazine Nature, which reports in its September 2014 issue about these new calculations.

Laniakea – Our home of supercluster of galaxies, from the video, (c) Nature. Click on the picture to see it enlarged.

Another fascinating fact which has not yet arrived in our common understanding: Our solar system is a vortex, and the old heliocentric model of planets rotating around the Sun is just a limited perspective. The solar system is moving through space at 70’000 km/hour, and the Sun is like a comet, dragging the planets in its wake. “Rotation motion” and “vortex motion” are two completely different things. Life is a vortex, not just a rotation. The solar system is part of life. “DJSadhu” has created an impressive animation to illustrate this dynamic movement. The animation is not to scale, otherwise you could not see the solar system, the Sun or any of the planets. DJSadhu has also realised another animation about the Milky Way’s journey through space at a speed of appr. 600 km/s.

Very interesting from a cosmological point of view: A complete revolution of the galaxy takes 226 million years. One precession cycle of the earth through the zodiac takes 25,920 years. Since one revolution takes 226 mln years, this would mean that there are appr. 8692 precessional cycles in one revolution. In this animation there are only 60.

So one galactic year is appr. 225,296,640 years. Now look at the Hindu units of time measurement: a manvantara consists of 71 mahayugas (306,720,000 solar years), a small part of a day of Brahma, whose total age is 100 years.

(c) DJSadhu. Click on the picture to see it enlarged.

“The Duet” – A Beautiful Short Film

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Have a look at this playful hand-drawn short film by Glen Keane in dark blue. Keane was the main creative in some of the most famous animated Disney films. Animated and directed entirely by him, DUET tells the story of Mia and Tosh and how their individual paths in life are woven together to create a duo – cute :-). Here you can read more about the realisation of the film. And here is a video about how it was done with “ATAP” (Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group).

Glen Keane - The Duet
An extract from the video (c)

“The White Lotus Day” – in Remembrance of a Fearless Warrior of Light, HPB

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

The 8th of May we celebrate “The White Lotus Day”, in loving remembrance of the departure of the great soul that we know as HPB or Madam Blavatsky.

She was a fearless fighter for the Truth; she started her book “Gems from the East” (London 1890) with the words:

“UTTISHAT! Arise! Awake!
Seek the great Teachers, and attend! The road
Is narrow as a knife-edge! Hard to tread!”
“But whoso once perceiveth HIM that IS –
Without a name, Unseen, Impalpable,
Bodiless, Undiminished, Unenlarged,
To senses undeclared, without an end,
Without beginning, Timeless, Higher than height,
Deeper than depth! Lo! Such an one is saved!
Death hath not power upon him!”

– THE SECRET OF DEATH (from The Katha Upanishad)

In the book “The Golden Stairs”, Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar describes HPB with the following words:

“Madam Helena Petrovna Blavatsky is as tender as a freshly unfolded white lotus. The tenderness of her being cannot be expressed in any language. In her case incompatibles have become compatibles. She is as fiery as she is tender. Her being is essentially and naturally tender and extremely motherly. But at work she is an embodiment of fiery Will. She was the chosen darling of the Hierarchy to inaugurate an era of enlightenment. She did her job ruthlessly, dedicating her life to the noble work of the Hierarchy. She has broken many distorted and crystallized concepts of TRUTH. She synthesized the universal wisdom; she presented afresh Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis, which are the world scriptures for posterity. She explained dexterously the story of man on earth. Through the key of Manvantara cycles and races she reintroduced the most ancient wisdom relating to globe chains, the seven rays and their universal application. She skilfully utilised the keys of astrology, etymology and cycles of time to unlock wisdom from the most ancient manuscripts of cave temples that exist in the Himalayas. She was as much in the subtle as she was on the physical and was therefore able to grasp the truth in its variety of dimensions. She was a fully inspired lady who inspired many through looks, through speeches and through mere presence. She was even seen as a reincarnation of Buddha in places like Sri Lanka.

She is regarded as the white lotus that unfolds afresh the beauty and fragrance of new age wisdom. She is respected as Upasika, the one who is in connection with the ruling light of the planet, which is said to be mysteriously posited in the subterranean regions of Gobi desert of Mongolia.

Inspired by her teachings ever since, thousands of groups sprang up in all the four corners of the globe, trying to find the way afresh with the help of knowledge that she unfolded for the forward march of the present humanity.”

HPB was the first one who not only brought the existence of the Masters of Wisdom, the Mahatmas, to a larger global notice but who also had frequent contact with them. It was part of the divine plan to bring back the eternal wisdom to a larger understanding and to uplift human consciousness – a most difficult task.

On the Theosophical Society Wiki you find a page about “People who encountered the Mahatmas“, a very impressive collection of reports of encounters in the subtle and the physical realms with the Masters, also about HBP. And the Blavatsky Archives also contain a “Casebook of the Encounters with the Theosophical Mahatmas”.

In spite of the many proofs and great evidence there were many sceptics who refused to accept what was before their eyes and even massive attacks from various sides. However, the Path which was opened by the work of Madam Blavatsky has led many serious seekers to strive along the “Golden Stairs” to the temple of divine wisdom.


HPB and her mother, Helena Andreyevna Hahn, (born de Fadeyev), painting from the museum in Dnepropetrovsk
Who would have guessed that this delicate young girl would be a fearless messenger of the new age, a tiny rivulet unfolding to a huge stream?

A Butterfly – Eclosion of the Soul

Friday, November 15th, 2013

The butterfly is a profound symbol of transformation – it goes through very different stages of its existence. A caterpillar has seemingly nothing to do with the strange chrysalis, and who would think that out of this immobile cocoon a beautiful flying being would emerge?

In our lives, we also might experience going through very different stages which seemingly have nothing to do with each other. There are clairvoyants, like Barbara Ann Brennan, who have observed with some people that for a longer period they are going through a time of pregnancy followed by a profound transformation, a second birth. During this time in the “psychic uterus” we might feel locked up, not knowing which direction our life wants to take. We are in a state of transition, which is frequently accompanied by deep inner crises and a reorientation of what we want to express in life. If you hold on, you might experience coming out of the chrysalis and step into a new life, where your soul’s intention can freely express – like a butterfly, symbol of the soul, coming out of the chrysalis and starting to fly.

Dinu, a friend from Mysore, whom I had visited in January, had his camera ready when a butterfly, a Plain Tiger, came out of the chrysalis. He documented it in his blog, “Dinu’s Yarden” (Yarden = Garden + Yard) and just sent me the link to the beautiful 2 min. video – must see!

There are millions of butterflies rising from out of their chrysalis but it needs a human eye to observe and a human heart to gain the inspiration and realise that it’s a story about his own soul.

The Plain Tiger just before eclosion. Pic: Dinakar KR (c)

“Maitreya” – A Free Software for Vedic and Western Astrology

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

Lately I came across the open source platform for Vedic and Western astrology,  Maitreya. It has been realised by IT architect Martin Pettau. He learned Yoga and astrology under the guidance of the late Yogi Paramapadma Dhirananda (from the Kriya-Yoga line of Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda and Paramahansa Hariharananda).

The software is free for personal and professional use. It has been translated into a number of languages. All major desktop platforms are supported: Windows, Max OS X, Linux and UNIX.

Besides the technical details, you find on the website information about general and Vedic astrology and other topics. So if you are interested in working with the subtle aspects of time, this might be a helpful tool.

About the purpose of the software Martin writes:

  • First goal is to serve as tool. The software has a lot of standard features for the daily work of western and Vedic astrologers. So it can save their time and energy; they can concentrate on the work of interpretation.
  • Second goal is to enable astrologers for research. The program supports a lot of calculation options, so it can be used as a basis for research on the various questions of astrological calculation and interpretation.
  • Third goal is to attract people and motivate them to learn astrology. Learning astrology is a complicated task because formal knowledge of planets, signs, Dasas etc. is not sufficient, but intuition and non-attachment to worldly affairs must be developed, too. So a “cool” astrology software may help in increasing the desire for that kind of knowledge.

He further emphasizes: “Astrology cannot be learned from books. Astrological software can only be a tool for the astrologer’s work. So the name of the software emphasizes the importance of divine inspiration on top of formal knowledge or astrological techniques.” This is a very important hint.

As per the name of the software he explains: “In classical Indian scriptures Maitreya is the ardent disciple of Maharishi Parasara, the author of Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra, the most prominent scripture of Vedic astrology. In this scripture the sage instructs his disciple on the various topics of Vedic astrology.”  If you want to read more about Maitreya, you might read the book “Lord Maitreya” by Sri K. Parvathi Kumar.

The software is free. In the FAQ-section it says:  “How can I make a donation?” – “Thank you for that noble offer. Please donate for religious purposes or for the poor and needy people on this planet.”

And this is a noble answer. There is a spiritual law which seems to be easy but is mostly forgotten today: As per the energetic balance there is no such thing as “free taking”. For everything you get or take without some kind of giving you receive and amass a subtle load. This is mostly not taken note of, even of those who “know” about it. This is true also for everything you get “free” from the web – and might be stocked on your computer, blocking some space on it, besides the energetic aspect.

So it is necessary to keep a good balance by more giving than taking. You don’t have to give towards the source from where you get something but you also can give in a direction where energy (money, time, loving attention) is needed. Otherwise you won’t really get any benefit of a program you download – you probably might not even use it.

Maitreya Series: Banners of the Coming One, by Nicholas Roerich, 1925-1926. Nizhnii Novgorod State Art Museum, Russia

A Forum on Spiritual Astrology in Hamburg

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Last weekend I was in Hamburg for the first forum on spiritual astrology organised by members of the WTT-group of Hamburg. We were 21 participants from different parts of Germany, Sweden and me from Switzerland. The meeting was in in a beautiful old hall of Osho-people quiet in the centre of Hamburg. I’m working since over 2 decades with the inner side of astrology, observing time rhythms and movements, and especially working with visualisation. Most of my paintings are inspired by it, and I had done a video (Dance of the Zodiac) for the occasion of this meeting.

There was an intense program:

Birke presented thoughts about the esoteric rulers of the zodiac.

Benjamin, who has developed an astro-program with a special focus on esoteric astrology and is well versed in the symbolism of Greek mythology, introduced his thoughts about Vulcan. He proposed that the hypothetical planet said to be close to the Sun and within the orb of Mercury is not a planet but the mass centre or barycentre of the solar system (scroll down on the Wikipedia page to view the animation. The barycentre is the point between two objects where they balance each other.) And he offered a way of calculating the position of Vulcan in relation to soul-based astrology.

Heinrich and Wolfgang discussed the relations between the 7 rays, the subtle bodies and astrology. They presented an idea how to make an approach to determine the ray qualities of the bodies and the personality with the help of astrology. Wolfgang furthermore gave a committed plea about the house systems using equal houses (because the other systems like Placidus and Koch are not universally valid and the calculation of the MC is based not on the coordinate system of the zodiac but on the coordinate system of the equator of the earth.)

All inputs concluded with a short period of silence and sounding of OM, and we also had group meditations. It strengthened the meditative field of group consciousness which all participants strongly feld.

As a counterbalance to the more conceptual talks I gave an  input about astrology and visualisation. I started with a recitation cum flute music of a chapter from Master EKs Spiritual Astrology. His texts are full of visual intensity and this way I wanted to convey the experience of inner images. I then did an exercise with the group, of opening the inner space while standing and and greeting the 4 directions and the central axis. Then we continued this “inner body work” with an exercise of visualising the planets and the present constellations in the body. I also introduced a visualisation of the cosmic Lords and the Prajapatis. Though it just takes a few minutes to go through the visualisation, it is a complex rhythmic movement through the subtle bodies which enlivens the inner presence. I do it quickly every morning and it helps me connecting the micro-cosmos which I am with the subjective side of the macro-cosmos.

All along the seminar there were lively discussions and exchanges, continuing during the meals and in the evening. The group felt the strong intent to continue this kind of participatory exchange on an annual basis. And for those who like a more regular exchange also with the help of a blog.

Preparing the room

Picture of Rishi Agastya, or Master Jupiter, the central inspirer of Spiritual Astrology

Heinrich from Sweden giving his input

Wolfgang (centre), a long-time astrologer from Hamburg and central coordinator of the meeting, together with Benjamin and Heinrich

Pause discussions

An evening walk along the Elbe