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An Afternoon Walk in Lauterbrunnen – Falling Light and Deep Precipices

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Last Sunday there was radiant sunshine. Around noon time my wife proposed that we should go for an excursion to Lauterbrunnen at the feet of Mount Jungfrau. It’s about 80 km from our home. Already on the highway there was a fantastic view of the Alps. And it got more impressive the more we approached. Lauterbrunnen is famous for a number of high waterfalls, especially the Staubbachfall (literal translation: dust brook falls; nearly 300 m descent). We parked our car directly near the falls – and it was breathtaking. The falls looked like falling light – the spray was radiant white and came down like falling angels.

I was surprised that there were not more tourists but it still was not yet main season – just some Indians, Japanese and Europeans were hiking or biking. We chose a road along the valley forbidden for cars. The air was filled with the sounds of the falls or the bells of cows. Some old sheds stood on the meadows behind which the towering walls of the mountains rose on either side of the valley. Through a side valley one could look up to Mount Jungfrau, the other mountains were hidden behind the promontories. We crossed a river and went to the Trümmelbach falls – a river coming down from the Jungfrau in a steep gorge with a number of waterfalls inside the mountain. We went up half way with a cog railway inside the mountain. And then the road led through kind of a canyon where sometimes the daylight fell down from above. We only had shirts – inside it was quite cold and water was dripping down.

When we came out again the sun already started hiding behind the mountain and the shadows in the valley were fast growing. Cows were grazing near the road and calmly observing the joggers or grazing. Back to Lauterbrunnen we found a camping restaurant where lots of English tourists were staying in the hostel – and finally got our “evening lunch” – pizza and pasta.

Like clouds falling into the valley – or angels descending?

An Inner Pilgrimage to my Kuruvapuram

Friday, May 6th, 2016

I sometimes took you with me on my journeys with my travel blogposts. I haven’t blogged much the last time for I was often away on an inner pilgrimage. No, it was not a kind of daydreaming or being “lost in space”. The pilgrimage led me through “virtual reality” though not with multiplayer gaming nor with data glasses – this latest fad of virtual reality, very en vogue at the moment, keeps the people stuck in sensual planes of an insipid taste, like amplified with artificial flavour enhancers.

I was carried away by the German translation of the Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutam which I finished 2-3 weeks ago. I told you about it before, when I came into contact with this book about the life of Sripada Srivallabha (1320-1350), the first Avatar of Lord Dattatreya in Kali Yuga, in autumn 2014.

I will tell you more about this experience later, when the book will be published in German – it was a long and profound inner journey, a most profound pilgrimage, a kind of excavation. It was like walking through some archaeological site doing diggings through deep layers of time and of unknown worlds. To begin with, I had to fuse three English translations of the Telugu publication into a text-base for the German version, and a friend is working with it on the Spanish translation.

The English texts were like a rough road with many terms and concepts I first could not decipher. A good Indian guide now living in Africa showed up and gave me keys to an understanding. I wrote heaps of footnotes now enhancing the translation. And now, towards the end, I worked out a big register of the many persons, adding short comments, a kind of Who’s Who of the book – you might get lost in the more than hundred persons you come across, not to mention the many divine beings. And to complicate the matter, some persons have several names and of course changing names in successive incarnations. For me it was like finding a diamond when I discovered the name of a then future incarnation which was not given in the book by his now well-known name (Lahiri Mahasaya) but given by his native name.

This unearthing was part of the pilgrimage though not the essence. The essence was an incredible inner touch and guidance which did not end with the translating and typing. It influences my feeling of life, my meditations, my way of thinking. Kuruvapuram, the name I mention in the title of this blogpost, is the name of the place where Sripada lived the second part of his life. I haven’t been there yet but for me it is like I know it. Is it present, is is past where I am? Is it in creative imagination? I don’t think so.

Being fascinated by a book is different from encountering a more profound reality with the help of a book. You find Kuruvapuram on the map. A friend even visited it; he had profound inner experiences there and shared his photos with me. It is a very magnetic, brilliant place in the inner, though in the outer there is not much of it visible. But the physical place is just an anchor in time and space for a sublime dimension. My pilgrimage led me there and profoundly touched me.

In the “Charitamrutam” it says that living in Kashi (Benares) or Pithikapuram (Pithapuram, the place where Sripada was born) is different from living there in the subtle, golden Kashi or Pithikapuram. It is where you are living with your heart, not with the body. The outer might even distract you from the inner, like a veil. As already the Little Prince from Saint Exupéry said, “One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eyes.”

It is more than just seeing, it is being there in the be-ness. And this pilgrimage does not end with the book, also the book is just a cipher pointing to the inner place of the pilgrimage. And many might see the veils of the place hinted by the book but will never enter.

Thank you, Robert, for the photos.

View towards the island of Kuruvapuram in the Krishna River


Statue of Lord Dattatreya


Story of a Brochure on the “Way of the Cross” for Good Friday

Saturday, March 26th, 2016

Two weeks ago I received an e-mail of a person describing himself as partly living as a hermit and partly helping in a parish in Fribourg, Switzerland. He had found my paintings of the “Way of the Cross” series on the web. He wanted to use them to illustrate a brochure for a Way of the Cross walk on Good Friday of the parish St. Johann in Fribourg. A hermit with a website.

I was pleased – it was the first time someone showed interest in these paintings I had done  beginning of 1983, 33 years ago, at the conclusion of a profound crisis which had shifted my life into an entirely new direction. And so I told him that of course he can use the images but that I had “dissolved” nearly all my early paintings in 1997. The images on the web are reconstructed from photos. So I don’t have high resolution images.

Nevertheless, he wanted to use the paintings and he digitally worked them over to fit for print. He sent me some images of his hermitage – it reminded me of places in Siberia but not in Switzerland…



2 days ago he also sent me the brochure he distributed yesterday, on Good Friday, in the Parish, at the walk of the Way of the Cross. Thoughts of my youth came up – for some years I was an altar boy and grew up in a very catholic family environment  – a long way till now, over many stages of inner unfolding.

The topic of overcoming death and transformation is a profound theme on the path. It has often made me ponder upon – also when composing texts (also here) on the basis of the wisdom teachings of my spiritual teachers. And the symbolism of Good Friday and Pass-Over to the higher spheres is of most sublime significance.


“Resurrection”, 26 January 1983


CVV Sharing 2016 – A Look Back

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

For the 7th time, a group inspired by the yoga of Synthesis of Master CVV gathered for a weekend: “Experiment, Experience, Expression” is the motto of these group livings of meditation and sharing. (I blogged also about the last 3 meetings.) This time we met around spring equinox in a seminar centre on the countryside between Hamburg, Hannover and Berlin. The seminar house Drawehn in Kassau is a beautiful old farm with a round hall on a meadow called “Mandala” – an ideal setting for the CVV Sharing 2016. 18 persons came from Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, and even from Delphi, Greece.

The 7 members of the preparatory committee had proposed to focus again this year on meditation with a rhythm of alignments/prayers all 3 hours and exchange – no discourses, only short inputs/thematical introductions. The prayer times were longer to enable deeper experience. Additionally, there were pranayama sessions. The days concluded with the prayer of Mystic Mantrams “Dip deep…”.

As an introduction, all members were asked to bring something to create our own “mandala” in the space, be it an object, a text, a symbol… There were group sessions, based on practical and own experiences, on “What is my heart burning/yearning for?” or “What is meditation to me?” or a playful exchange about the 40 Criteria for Yoga given by Sri Kumar August 2014. In other sessions we discussed “What moves us/ what is happening and moving us inside?” or exchanged in “Open Space” meetings about topics based on practical spiritualism raised by the participants.

Saturday evening there was a sharing of inspirational inputs – a video clip on “The Aquarian Zodiac”, an inspiring text by Master EK, a little guitar concert… We also read and spoke about the words of Master KPK on the quality of the new annual cycle. Sunday morning we met at 5:15 am to celebrate the entry into Aries with some thoughts about the energy of the present time and a meditation. After the morning prayer there was a fire ritual in the courtyard of the farmhouse.
Towards the end of the seminar, we had an intense exchange about the future development of the CVV Sharing meetings. All participants felt deeply inspired and uplifted by the group living. And when we left, the fire of inspiration was shining in all eyes and hearts.


8 May – White Lotus Day: Remembering HPB, the Great Messenger of Light

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

8 May is celebrated as the White Lotus Day, the day of the passing of Mme Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (HPB)  (1831-1891). A day to remember this great messenger of Light who opened the doors of the Aquarian age.

In her “Golden Stairs” she gave the basics of the spiritual path in a short but very profound way:


“A clean life, an open mind, a pure heart, an eager intellect, an unveiled spiritual perception, a brotherliness for one’s co-disciple, a readiness to give and receive advice and instruction, a loyal sense of duty to the Teacher, a willing obedience to the behests of truth, a courageous endurance of personal injustice, a brave declaration of principles, a valiant defence of those who are unjustly attacked, and a constant eye to the ideal of human progression and perfection which the Secret Science depicts – these are the golden stairs up the steps of which the learner may climb to the Temple of Divine Wisdom.”

Please find here an MP3 where Master EK recites “The Golden Stairs” with a group, first in English, then in Telugu (incomplete there). And there is also a book by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar on “The Golden Stairs“, also as PDF.

In a lecture given at Munich and published in “Overseas Messages 2” (the book is now also available as a PDF), Master EK answered a question why a woman from Russia was chosen for the great work by the Masters. The answer shows his high esteem of her books “Isis Unveiled” and “Secret Doctrine”.

“Q: Why was a woman from Russia chosen to do this work when there were many Masters in India? Is there any reason?

A: For two reasons. One is from their point of view, there was only one humanity neither Occident nor Orient, and neither Russian nor Indian. And the psychological capabilities which she was having by birth made them pick her up to inaugurate once again a spiritual institution. So because of her very nature, which was favourable to get their work done, that they selected. That is what we understand. I can speak of only these two Masters and whether a person has background or not can only be known by the work he or she has done, unless we happen to be her parent or cousin or brother. As far as I am concerned I am related to Blavatsky only through her works and I find that it is the sufficient reason why they selected her, because she could reflect all that they transmitted upon the paper totally. That capability of having a consistency and continuity of purpose and losing one’s own existence for a higher cause, is the only thing that makes one fit to be picked up.

And when I was studying with my father the books Isis Unveiled and Secret Doctrine, at every step I found sufficient reason, why they selected her, because I could understand the scriptures in the present light of my understanding only by reading those two books with my father. That is my experience with her works.

Until I read her books I was a Hindu. But since the time I read those books with my father, I could understand the ancient wisdom of the scriptures as something different from any religion. And a little bit I could understand the human values different from religious values. If I am able to study by myself the original Indian scriptures it is because of my association with her works. And since the age of sixteen till today, I have been in repeated touch and continuous touch with her works. That is my experience. And I still find sufficient reason why they picked her up.”

Picture extracted from a book cover, on Wikimedia, reworked.

Taurus – The Bull and the Lingam

Monday, April 20th, 2015

The lingam is a fundamental symbol of creation, of the primary form emerging from the formless state. The expression of the divine Will is like a spark on the background of boundless blue. It has six projections from its centre, the six dimensions, giving the form of a double pyramid, which is also understood as a form of the lingam.

The divine Word comes forth through the vibrations in space which are compared to the roaring of the bull of Shiva. In Taurus, the constellation Rohini known in the West as Aldebaran is considered as the Eye of the Bull or the point of utterance of the divine Word. This eye is located in us in the third eye on the forehead. In the temples consecrated to Shiva the Lord in the form of a lingam should be seen through the horns of the bull situated outside the temple.

In the picture you see the double pyramid and the lingam through the horns of the bull. In the background I placed an image of the constellation of Taurus with Aldebaran in the centre. The star is surrounded by a lotus, the principle of unfoldment. Around the one central point there is a globe with the three original spectral colours unfolding to the central column with the seven colours of the rainbow. They represent the seven planes of creation or the higher Antahkarana on our forehead. The fiery red sphere of the lingam on the blue background expresses the potency of the divine Will bringing forth the creation. The central symbols taken together give the form of the divine Eye.

See more pictures on the site with my paintings. If you want to print the image, you can download the file in medium and high resolution format.

25 January 2015, pencils and photo work

Many Deities or One God? – Irritations between East and West

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

People from the West often feel irritated when they come into contact with the many deities – and masters – worshipped in India. They ask, silently or aloud, what’s the purpose of all this? There are religions which condemn these worships as polytheistic or erroneous beliefs. They argue that there is only one God and monotheism is the only true belief… Yes, of course, there is only One but… comes to my mind. But what?

Some weeks ago I noticed the irritation about the plethora of divine beings with a friend. I know it only too well, this feeling of getting lost:

For many years, this has been an undercurrent in my life. I oscillated between Western and Eastern views of the world. I was striving to bridge the gap. At times it seemed to engulf me. I feel a fascination for Eastern wisdom but at the same time alienated by the many contradictions of eastern practical life, which is often at quite a distance from the heights of their sublime concepts. I noticed, however, that with the years I increasingly perceive the underlying unifying background and came to love the multiplicity.

Over 40 years ago, I came to the house of a member of my then-meditation group and saw there many statues – of Shiva, Ganesha, Krishna… This man had a big collection of partly costly Indian idols of gods. I had no relation to them, I felt disconcerted and at the same time I felt a strange fascination.

A few years later, I started studying Comparative Religion as one of my secondary subjects at University to get a deeper unerstanding. Later, I came into contact with theosophy and anthroposophy. There I learnt that in ancient-most times man lived with natural clairvoyance and could directly perceive the great divine beings of the subtle realms which he revered as Gods, knowing very well that they were facets of the One unknowable source of existence, which he called God. There were guardians (priests-initiates) who showed the way to this sublime vision. In temples and mystery schools the keys to direct experience were safeguarded. With the course of the ages, however, the epochs became darker and the knowledge got lost. Belief replaced experience and jealous religions fought for their God-systems as the only right ones. With the advent of modern critical thought and materialistic sciences the religious beliefs got ridiculed as superstition and accepted merely as a kind of social service.

Now, in the Aquarian age, when more and more people turn again inward and discover the subtle realms, a more differenciated view of the subtle worlds re-emerges. The “Gods are returning”. By becoming aware of the sublime beings of light, the Devas, they start working with us. They bring a splendour into our life which cannot unfold otherwise. Many times, I witnessed this radiance of subtle light shining into the surroundings. To perceive this light, which is nourished from behind, you have to open your subtle eyes; otherwise the curtain remains closed.

Indian Gods in shop windows at Berne, Switzerland, 24 December 2008:

Spring-Clean and Aries Full Moon Celebration at the Paracelsus Center

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Dust seems to have an innate quality to expand if you don’t clean it away regularly. In December while we were at the Paracelsus Center in Einsiedeln for Winter Solstice celebration, we noticed that a thorough clean-house was necessary. So we met there again last Friday and Saturday for a spring-clean and for celebrating Aries full moon. I was reminded of the ancient monastic rule of “Ora et labora”, to live a balance of prayer and of work.

Mathilda and I started driving to Einsiedeln very early in the morning. Ice was on the car windows and frost immediately covered them again after scratching. The highway was partly covered with dense fog but we had a beautiful drive listening to the CDs of Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” which a friend had borrowed me. In Biberbrugg we picked up Erika and Irmgard. A few kilometers before Einsiedeln the sun came out, and while we were driving the way down to the Paracelsus Center over a partly ice-covered road there was a magic light around the mist-covered hills. And there I noticed that I had left my camera at home… We later used Erika’s iPhone for some digital memories.

Unpacking the cleaning material, a short meditative aligment, then discussing the plan for the day… Erika had very well planned all the work to be accomplished: windows, curtains, kitchen and carpets – and the furniture and pictures… I started cleaning the pictures of the Masters, and discovered they had a layer of soot, from previous fire rituals… In one of the corners, there was a cuckoo clock which after cleaning and some moving started running again, after a few years of pause.

After 6 hours of work the center was shining again – and when we sat down for evening meditation we felt tired but happy.

We spent the night in a nearby hotel on the Etzel pass and went again down to the center in the dark of early morning rain. The Aries full moon celebration started with the morning meditation at the end of which we did an inner fire ritual with the outer “help” of some tea lights. Later after breakfast I picked up a friend at Einsiedeln station.

We later joined again with a small candle ceremony and singing a RAM mantram, RAM being a mantram linked to fire and Aries. I then guided the group through the “Meditative Journey through Life” about which I blogged last week, again a profound experience. At noon we met with another friend in Einsiedeln for lunch and a small rain-walk around the famous monastery.

The afternoon quickly went by with a visualisation exercise and exchange. Meinrad joined us for evening meditation plus water ritual. Before we left again we stood on the Devil’s Bridge next to the Paracelsus Center and threw some flowers and twigs into the roaring Sihl river putting some good thoughts into the river of life.

The CVV Sharing Meeting – An Experience of Group Synthesis

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Last weekend I was in in North Germany for the 6th annual “CVV Sharing” meeting. Already in the previous 2 years, I participated in these meetings at Spring Equinox. This year, we were a group of 26 members from Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. We met again at the seminar centre “Lichtblick” (“Bright Spot”) near Hude.

The meeting was following a rhythm of alignment: Every 3 hours there was a short meditative pause for attuning to the MASTER energy. There were rituals like water ritual, fire ritual, introduction and ritual for attuning to the entry of the Sun into Aries. Furthermore, we did meditations, prayers and mantrams together. The steering group had again carefully prepared the meditational and organizational aspect of the meeting. The motto given by Dr Kumar was: “OBSERVE WITHIN • OBSERVE THE MOVEMENT • OBSERVE ADJUSTMENTS.”

There were various inputs by group members. To start with, I led the group on a meditative journey through the cycles of 7 years related to the zodiac to the “Aries point” of one’s birth and a bit beyond, and from there through the unfoldment of one’s life and to a visualization of the seed of the coming annual cycle. I accompanied it with the sound of a singing bowl. The inspiration for this meditative experiment came to me during a meditation. During the process I noticed the change in the quality of the group field while we went through the different zodiacal signs. Afterwards, several members came to me and spoke about their profound experiences.

Afterwards, Hubert presented “Vision and challenges of creating a healing centre”, followed by a vivid exchange about this project. The next day Doris gave an inspiring talk about “Master CVV”.

We had a number of sessions in small “triadic groups”, (groups of 3 persons each) following a special discipline of speaking, listening and sharing: The small groups sat together in different parts of the hall. The facilitators had prepared inputs with questions like “How and in which field of life do I want to express the Arian energy of a fresh start and of the power of Will?” One person in the triadic group would express his or her thoughts and the others would listen for about 3 minutes. Then the next person would speak and the other two would listen, followed by the 3rd person speaking… These exchanges were short but very intense. Afterwards thoughts from the meetings in the small groups were shared with the big group.

There were also plenum meetings to explore the experience of the spiritual power in us and in daily life.

The team of the seminar house gave us a warm welcome and served us delicious meals. And after a rainy day the weather also cooperated and brought us a lot of sunshine with fresh wind.

We all felt very much inspired and uplifted by the presence of the One MASTER and of the Energy of Synthesis expressing through the group.

Here are some impressions from the meeting:

Aries – The Ruler of the Solar Dynasty

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

The earliest legends of the history of India mention two dynasties, the “race of the Sun” (Surya Vansha) and the “race of the Moon” (Chandra Vansha). The Solar Dynasty of the “Sons of the Sun” was the first ray royal dynasty, to which Lord Rama belonged. Master Morya, who is of fiery nature, belongs to the Solar Dynasty and is its last representative. He is the Master of the sun sign Aries and represents the Fire on our planet.

For this painting I used the photo of a huge solar eruption and one of the crescent earth to symbolize the descent of the Sons of the Sun onto our planet. In the background I created the path of descent and spheres of blue and red indicating the process of reception.

At the bottom I placed a picture of Master Morya and merged two crowns for his headwear, with a solar disc in the background.

Dr. K. P. Kumar explained the symbolism in lectures:

“In the ancient past, there was the Solar Dynasty, the Lunar Dynasty and the Dynasty of the Yadavas. We can rightfully say that the Solar Dynasty was the first ray royal dynasty. The Lunar Dynasty was the second ray dynasty, which also was royal. The Yadava Dynasty was the mixed quality. It was the dynasty of the third ray, and was also a royal dynasty. In it there was the mixture of intelligent activity of the third ray and the wisdom of the second ray. They carried wisdom and also intelligent activity.

The culture of solar dynasty still exists in some parts of Rajasthan in India. Master Maruvu (Morya) is a descendent of the solar dynasty; he is a descendent of Lord Rama. That is why his vision, speech and work are straight-forward. He is of fiery nature.”

See more pictures on the site with my paintings. If you want to print the image, you can download the file in medium and high resolution format.

Aries - The Ruler of the Solar Dynasty
14 December 2014, pencils and photo work