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May Call Day Celebration in the Vosges

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

Yesterday the May Call Day celebration in the Vosges, France ended with a visit to Strasbourg. We met outside the European Parliament with prayers for peace and European union. It was the culmination of a beautiful festival which had started last Saturday. Friday already, the preparation group met at the home of Martine in Baerenthal in the Vosges for the final planning. The weather was gorgeous and it continued to be so the next days.

Saturday morning we came to the holiday resort in Bitche to set up the hall for the celebration. And in the afternoon the other participants arrived. In a joyous mood we assembled in the garden. Later, with the evening meditation, the festival started. And at nightfall, a water ritual spread its sublime vibrations.

Sunday after morning meditation some motion exercises in the morning sunlight made us “Fit for the Day”. We read extracts from discourses of Sri Kumar; group members spoke on “Astrology, the Big Picture” and “Are Medicinal Herbs only Positive?” giving insights into cosmic nature and secrets of the plant kingdom. Sunday and Monday afternoon Qi-Gong exercises attuned us to the flow of etheric energies. And Sunday evening I spoke on “Lord Dattatreya and His Incarnations”, accompanied by a slideshow.

Monday morning we assembled outside under a tree for meditation and a little fire ritual. It was a splendorous moment when the fire rose with the chanting of mantric invocations. Later, we celebrated the 30th May Call in the West with a cake and light ceremony. In the afternoon we exchanged about experiences which had shaped our path. In the evening, we saw the “Homage to the Mother of the World“, a video project by members of the World Teacher Trust, and sang some songs. At nightfall, the whole group made a walk around the beautiful forest lake Étang de Hasselfurth.

Like at earlier May Call celebrations in the Vosges, we ended our group living with a visit at the European Parliament. This year, however, we were not allowed to enter the inner court – new security procedures after the recent assassinations now require previous registration. For us, it was better – this way, we could sing and speak the prayers in a loud voice next to the building, visualising that we were standing in the centre of the Parliament building.

At the end we realised that a sparrow was sitting on a branch directly over our heads, turning his had in all directions and gazing at us. I was fascinated looking directly into his eyes for a moment – a divine messenger. After some time, he flew away.

Afterwards we went to the old town of Strasbourg and walked along the Ill River to a restaurant next to the Strasbourg Cathedral.

The White Lotus of Consciousness – HPB

Friday, May 5th, 2017

8 May is the day of the passing of Mme Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) and it is celebrated as the White Lotus Day. She is regarded as the white lotus that unfolds afresh the beauty and fragrance of new age wisdom. Inspired by the teachings of H.P.B., as she is also called, thousands of groups sprang up all around the globe. She continues to be an inspiration to many seekers of wisdom all around the globe. I once made a little brochure (in 4 languages) about her life and work.

During the last December Call in Bangalore, Master Kumar advised the group:

“Daily read a bit of Mme Blavatsky, of Secret Doctrine or Isis Unveiled, it can redress our energy and set it to a right order. It gives a direct impact on you.”

And when asked how to relate to the books of Blavatsky, he said:

“First of all, buy the books, don’t borrow them. Then read a page daily. There are terminologies from so many theologies. Every word you don’t understand you look up to the Theosophical Glossary, you can download it. When you read, underline the word you don’t understand, look up the same work through Google. Reading a page is not reading a page in a newspaper. The page will expose you to so much knowledge. If you read five sentences, relate to the glossary and Google, likewise you start reading. Reading Secret Doctrine daily is only to relate to the wisdom given in various parts on the planet. The Madam uses the terminology of nearly all the cultures, Inkas, Mayas, … It is a grand work. By relating to it, your comprehension grows, you would not more be so pig-headed thinking you know everything without knowing anything. If you open Blavatsky you know that you don’t know anything. Any part of the planet she presents and compares. How is it possible? Enquiring to the glossaries makes you humble.”

You find here the PDFs of Sri Kumar’s “Lessons on Secret Doctrine”: Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3.

Have a good White Lotus Day

P.S.: 10 May we celebrate the Vaisakh Festival at Taurus Full Moon. You might read here more about it.

Bust of H.P.B. by Alexey Leonov (c)

Digital Gifts – Videos and more

Saturday, February 25th, 2017

From time to time, I have forwarded nice image collections or links to videos and more via e-mail to a “friends’ list”. I call them “digital gifts”. I receive them from friends or find them on the web.

I normally do not publish them in the blog – I don’t want to get copyright issues with pictures and many of the “gifts” are just a nice pastime.

Here you find the link collection which I gathered over the last months – I don’t add the pictures and don’t  frame the videos here…

Nice commercials – in German, but you will understand:




  • Photo Dharma : Around 10,000 photographs of Buddhist archeological sites, pilgrimage centres, and temples in SE Asia, as well as Videos, Maps, Posters, etc.
  • : free PDFs of many sacred and spiritual texts from many traditions, also Theosophy
  • Dharma Vidya : Lots of pictures of Indian deities
  • Hindu Devotional Power : pictures and texts, stories and more
  • : pictures of Gods of many cultures

Where the Hell is Matt? (2012):

Extract from the video (c. Matt Harding)

“I sow with every wind”

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

Yesterday evening I went out for a short walk. It was quite windy and raining a bit. A swarm of maple keys was approaching, some touching me, whirling high up, going even over the roofs of the neighbour houses. Then came another swarm, like swarms of locusts. We have a maple tree standing directly in front of our balcony. The leaves have gone and now it is time for the little “helicopters” to fly. I always thought that the maple keys on our balcony came from this tree but I now saw that the swarms flew a long distance, came from other trees at least some 50 meters away. I was astonished about this great Deva intelligence preparing first the leaves of the maples to fall and then, later, with the autumn storms, the maple keys are swarming out.

Maple keys in front of our house

Maple key on the balcony table

These little flying seeds made me think of my old French Larousse dictionary which I had used during my study times at the university. On the first page there was a publisher’s mark saying, “Je sème à tout vent”  – I sow with every wind.


It fascinated me very much and it became a motto in my life – to freely distribute, be it what I learnt as wisdom teachings, be it the paintings coming to me or books. Karma cares for what comes back. Nature does not care or charge for “seed copyright protection” to finance the development costs or the shareholder’s purse, it freely distributes. Of course, artists or computer programmers want to survive and our society is not based on free giving. And what comes as free mostly is not free but carries a more or less hidden catch. However, giving money for something you get is an exchange of energy and can be done with an awareness of being free; you need not understand it as paying. Also the maple keys want fertile ground to grow after landing.

I yesterday read that in Switzerland more than 30 per cent of the people, especially the young ones, only consume “free media”, be it in print, be it online. Paying for quality content production seems to be out. The recent election whirlwind brought plenty of fake news with blunt lies. And there are many websites now producing twisted news – the more viral, the more effective and powerful. I recently read from Macedonian “fake news producers” which gain quite a lot of money with sowing these poisonous seeds infecting many ignorant people with their viruses. Not only elections become infections when bad seeds sprout to governments, to laws and to international relations. Other kinds of seeds are needed for a healthy harvest.

It demands a high degree of discrimination to observe, to discover the seeds of motives and not to get deluded in one’s ensuing decisions concerning what to do in these times of the Dark Age.

Good seeds often take a long time to sprout and to grow. Weeds grow much faster. The huge redwood trees grow over centuries. In my life I observed that it took several decades for the deeper seeds of wisdom to sprout and grow – and they had been sown not just in this life. The seeds are coming freely, the good ones and the others. It needs a good gardener’s work to take out the weeds and water the good seeds.

Celebrating Autumn Equinox at the Paracelsus Centre

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

At the birthplace of the great initiate Paracelsus near Einsiedeln, Switzerland, the World Teacher Trust has a little apartment for meditative meetings, the Paracelsus Centre. It is surrounded by a sublime scenery. Like in previous years, we met there for celebrating autumn equinox. The equinox days are the magnetic points of the year where we can more easily align to the subtle worlds. So it is more an inner festival than an outer activity.

However, nature again presented its beauty in radiant colours. The contrast was very strong – the whole way the sky was covered with high fog. Only a few kilometres before the centre the sky opened up and there was a brilliant light. The whole day had a magical ambiance you can enjoy with the photos.


11 and 12 August: Two Closely Linked Birthdays

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

On 11 and 12 August we celebrate two birthdays which are closely linked:
Master EK was born during the evening hours of 11 August 1926 in Bapatla, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh – this year we celebrate his 90th anniversary.

Helena P. Blavatsky was born on 12 August 1831 in Yekaterinoslav (Dnepropetrovsk), Russian Empire (now Ukraine) – this year we celebrate her 185th anniversary.

The path of both great spiritual giants crossed in a way when Master EK came into contact with the Theosophical Society and started studying Secret Doctrine, the profound master-piece of HPB. This thrilling encounter was described by Master Kumar in the biography of Master EK, please see the extract below.

May the Light that their work brought down help us to walk our path with a deeper resolve and inspiration.

Bhagavad Gita, Secret Doctrine and the Divine Plan (Extract from the book “Master EK – The New Age Teacher“)

Master CVV started teaching Master E.K. Master CVV had his contact with the Theosophical Society when he was in the physical. In tune with the Plan, Master E.K. was invited by the Theosophical Society in Guntur to speak upon the symbolism of the Mahabharata. After the lecture was over, Master E.K. went into the library hall of the Theosophical Society and his eyes were attracted to the book “The Secret Doctrine” written by H.P. Blavatsky, a big volume. He inquired of the book. The members of the Theosophical Society said: “It is the toughest book one can ever face. We only respect the book, we don’t read it”. The next day Master E.K. was invited again to give a lecture in the Theosophical Society. After that he gave many more classes to the members of the Theosophical Society on Mahabharata. When he went to the Theosophical Society on the second day, the president of the Society also came to the class, because the members had informed him that the one who was speaking on Mahabharata was speaking in such a manner that he seemed to be knowing many things. After the class, the president introduced himself to Master E.K. saying: “I am the president of the Theosophical Society and I am glad to meet you”. Master E.K. replied: “There is a book titled ‘Secret Doctrine’ in your book shelves. Can I borrow it for a while?” The president said: “You are most welcome. No one opens that book, including me, because we don’t know what is in it. We know that it is very great; more than that we don’t know. Do you want to read that book? Please keep it with you”. He took the book ‘Secret Doctrine’ home, and straight-away started reading it. There are so many new terms relating to various theologies that are used in the book and he was finding it a bit tough. It was already one o’clock in the night but he did not give up. He just kept the book on the table and went out to have a cup of coffee in a canteen just round the corner. (He was fond of coffee. Master CVV, Master M.N. and Master E.K. had one common thing besides Yoga, they never refused coffee when offered; they had such a liking for coffee).

Thus, at one o’clock in the night he went to the corner of the street where there was a restaurant. He took coffee and was walking back home. Suddenly, he met a very old man on the road who asked him in English: “Would you mind offering me some food? I am hungry”. The meeting was so sudden. Master E.K. looked at the man. He was a very old man, not properly dressed, with a pen in his shirt pocket. The marks of ink were all over the pocket. He had grey long hair and a barb. The old man asked him for the second time in English: “Would you mind offering me something? I am hungry”. Master E.K. said: “Sure, please come with me, Sir”. They went back once again to the restaurant, and Master E.K. asked the old man: “What would you like to eat, Sir?” He replied: “Chapaties”. The chapaties were ordered and he was eating. Then, Master E.K. looked at the old man with greater attention. He saw that he was a very old man, very hungry, and thought: “God knows when he had eaten last! What a luck I have that I could offer something to eat to this old gentleman at this late hour of the night”. He was also surprised that this old man, who was looking like a beggar, was speaking in English! Master E.K. was in a kind of thinking process while the old man was busy eating chapaties. Suddenly, the old man looked at Master E.K. and said: “So, you are reading Secret Doctrine”. It was a shock to Master E.K. How did this old man know that he was reading Secret Doctrine? He looked at the old man with great astonishment. Then, the old man asked again: “So, you are trying to read Secret Doctrine?” Master E.K. immediately felt great veneration for the old man and said: “Yes Sir”. That is all. Then, the old man said: “Get me a cup of tea”. So, the topic changed. He took tea and then both of them came out of the restaurant.

On the road, as they were walking, the old man instructed Master E.K. by saying: “Before you read Secret Doctrine you read Bhagavad Gita”. Master E.K., right from the childhood was reading Bhagavad Gita. He knew all the 700 slokas by heart and had given many lectures on the Gita too. So he answered the old man: “I have read Bhagavad Gita and I know all the 700 slokas by heart”. The old man replied: “Before you read Secret Doctrine, read Bhagavad Gita”. It was like an order. Master E.K. was surprised and thought: “Who is this man that instructs me like this? How does he know that I am reading Secret Doctrine? And with what right is he instructing me so strongly to read again Bhagavad Gita?”

He was thinking so while they were walking together. He decided to read Bhagavad Gita, and wanted to convey it to the old man. He turned aside to tell him that he would do so, but when he looked aside the old man was no more and that was another surprise. Someone came, took two chapaties and tea from him, instructed him to read Bhagavad Gita and then disappeared! Master E.K. decided to read Bhagavad Gita.

Master E.K. went into great focus to read The Bhagavad Gita. He read it once again, continuously without interruption till midnight of the next day. The family was not at home. He was therefore free, alone, there was no one to disturb him. While he went on reading Bhagavad Gita he had a grand vision of the Plan, the Divine Plan, which is being worked out by the Inner Government, the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom, and the Plan of Lord Krishna for Kali Yuga. He was thrilled.

The next day, during the midnight hours, Master E.K. went again to the same restaurant to see if he could meet the old man again. He had his cup of coffee and was loitering on the road, but the old man didn’t show up. A bit disappointed, he started proceeding towards his house. Then, all of a sudden, someone from behind gently placed his hand on Master E.K’s right shoulder, saying: “How is Bhagavad Gita?” He turned back and was thrilled to see the old man. He had all veneration for the old man. Immediately he touched his feet out of respect and said: “I am very grateful to you Sir, for I have found something in Bhagavad Gita”. The old man replied: “Bhagavad Gita is everything; you may have found only something”. Then Master E.K. asked: “Would you like to eat chapaties Sir?” The old man said: “You should not propose anything to me. Did I propose to you yesterday, or did you propose to me? Don’t propose to me. You listen to me”. (Tough man!). Then he said: “Now read Secret Doctrine.”

In a weekdays time Master E.K. read The Secret Doctrine. When he was reading Secret Doctrine, there were many entities coming into the house and again going out of the house. He was surprised and thought: “Who are all these entities that enter into my house and go out of my house without my permission?” He gained a good understanding of the scheme of The Secret Doctrine.

As he completed reading the book, the old man visited him again by walking into the house through the wall! He was not looking shabby anymore but brilliant and handsome. All that you can visualize about someone like Master K.H. and if you multiply it by one thousand times in brilliance, that was the figure Master E.K. saw. He walked through the wall and came towards him asking: “How is Secret Doctrine?” Master E.K. joined his two hands in respectful salutations saying: “Namaskarams”. No more talk. Deep silence prevailed.

Blavatsky and Olcott in London, 1888: “To the Aryan Theosophical Society of New York, with HPB’s and HSO’s good wishes”

Master EK Birthday Celebration, 2013, Visakhapatnam, India

The Cosmic Teaching Principle. A Seminar on Dattatreya

Friday, July 15th, 2016

The third seminar with Sri Kumar in Europe during this summer was in Billerbeck near Münster, Germany, 30 June – 03 July, 2016 (the posts about the other 2 seminars: Kandersteg and Barcelona). It was also his third seminar in Billerbeck. I enjoyed being again in this area where I spent the years of my study time – and Billerbeck is known as the town of my patron saint….

I hardly had arrived from Switzerland that I saw the car with Sri Kumar entering the parking of the hotel. Group members already had gathered in front of the entrance. I quickly got my camera ready. Again this thrilling moment of his arrival and the beginning of another seminar. This time it was on “Dattatreya” and I was particularly happy – I translated the biography of the first avatar of Lord Dattatreya in this age, Sripada Srivallabha and visited his birthplace last year.

Thursday evening the seminar started with a little welcome candlelight ceremony, followed by evening meditation. About 150 members from different parts of Europe as well as North and South America gathered at this beautiful seminar centre surrounded by meadows and forest.

And then Sri Kumar started introducing the seminar. You find here some extracts from my notes of discourses:

“Lord Dattatreya is a profound Vedic understanding of a manifestation to establish a hierarchy of teachers and a means for human beings to find the way back into the divinity. Essentially we understand divinity as male-female God, namely existence and awareness. Pure existence and its awareness as pure consciousness constitute the divinity Existence is eternal, awareness is periodical. Awareness emerges from existence and forms the basis for successive manifestations of the truth. In the next step it steps down as the trinity with the related qualities of Will, Knowledge and Activity and it further steps down into various planes of existence…

Again the students need to be in communication with the teacher, need to relate with the teacher from time to time. That is the reason why Dattatreya had to happen. There was the need for availability of a teacher in the solar system so that guidance is there for all in the solar system. That is how there is the advent of Datta. The shloka we daily chant, “Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu…” is originally attributed to Lord Dattatreya. It means, the absolute may lead me through my Guru. May the Lord of Cosmic Will reach me through my Guru. May the Lord of Cosmic Love reach me through my Guru. Guru is the window through which the first, second and third logos reach me. Lord Dattatreya brings to us in due and ancient form the energy of male-female god and the knowledge of action, what to will, how to do and do. The will, the knowledge and action, and the presence of the male-female god. Therefore the Lord took its seat in the Sirius system…. The hierarchy on the planet is guided by the hierarchy on Sirius. We relate to our hierarchy because they bring the relation to the hierarchy of Sirius. The local post office is but a representative of the central post. Lord Dattatreya has his teachers in all systems. How this happened is the story.

Dattatreya is the cosmic lord of yoga. He has transmitted the science of yoga to the various planes of existence according to the ancient scriptures. The man shall rise from individualistic states to the universal state and live simultaneously in all the planes of existence. The teacher who presides over Yoga is Dattatreya. Whoever is the teacher to whom someone is relating; through him he is receiving the three logos. He remains impersonal so that the energies are transmitted to those who look for self-realization and truth. There are others also who have gained the status of being fulfilling the three logos. So the seers have seen the male-female, the three logos in Krishna. The difference is, Krishna has come and has returned. Here is one who has come to stay with us as long as the system relates. According to the teachings of the East, Krishna is no different from Dattatreya and from Kapila…

In Kali Yuga Lord Dattatreya has taken to incarnations and avatars. He was born in 14th century in a place nearby to Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh which is called Sri Pithikapura. Pithikapura means, pura means the village, the town or habitat. Sri Pithika means the place related to the Mother. Sri means mother of wisdom, splendour, power, Sri. There is a Sri within the mother in the place called Pita Pura. Since the mother in it threefold aspect it is called Sri Pitika Pura. Even today there is a very vibrant place of the Mother along wish Shiva. It is a known place in India and also in Andhra Pradesh. Lord Dattatreya took birth in that place in the year 1320. It is him whom we call Sripada and Srivallabha. Sripada Srivallabha. He is called Sripada in the sense he carried the most sublime symbols of a conch and a wheel under his feet. Normally when a child is born the knowers see the form and also under the feet for any symbol. In the case of this child there were under the right foot the symbol of wheel and under the other feet the symbol of the conch. It is the symbol of the divine presence in that form.

Three things are intended to be done. Try to see me in all, try to listen to me in all, try to serve me through the forms in the surroundings. These are some of the basic teachings of Dattatreya. If you can, see the others as Me. If you start seeing me I also see you. If you look to Me, I look to you. If you don’t look to Me, I don’t look to you, is what one seer said. The moment when it comes to the practice you don’t do, you forget.

The second dimension is, as much as possible serve food to the beings. It is a speciality of Lord Dattatreya. Serve food. You can cook or buy food. Create as many occasions as you can and serve food. Because it is an immediate need of the other beings. There is only one thing with which you can save another person and that is food, offer again, he says, it is enough.

The third thing is, in your leisure time relate to the mantra DRAM, you can say DRAM Dattatreya ya Namaha, or DRAM Datta Murtaye Namaha, or the Gayatri. Much of wisdom will unfold from within.

Dattatreya appeared in 3 forms, as Sripada, as Narayana Narasimha, then Swami Samarth and then took to many forms. So many gurus emerged between 17th, 18th and 19th century. The touch made them to give the same fresh touch. This is why the tradition of Dattatreya is very strong in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka. Incarnations are well known in India since ancient most times. The beauty is they know no caste and creed.”


Trip to the Group Living in Barcelona

Monday, July 11th, 2016

The magic of the group living with Master Kumar in Barcelona already started with the booking: My friend Robert had invited me to stay with him before and after the seminar but then told me, “I have so much to do on Thursday that you better just arrive on Friday, the day where the group living starts, then we can go together to the hotel.” So I thought I will also leave again Monday after the seminar. While booking the flights from Geneva to Barcelona with Easyjet, I chose these two dates and then selected cheap flights. When I printed out the tickets I was shocked to see that I had booked from Thursday to Tuesday – they had offered other flight dates which I had not noticed. Robert told me not to worry and to come already on Thursday and stay in his flat.

What a surprise that two days later I came to know that Sri Kumar would be arriving only a little later to Barcelona airport – and that Robert had cancelled his other duties on Thursday. And it turned out that Monday afternoon there would be a group meeting with Sri Kumar at the home of Miquel and Rosa where I could also participate.

It was a joyful meeting at the airport on Thursday noontime. Many Spanish group members had come to the arrival. And when Sri Kumar and the accompanying members arrived all where thrilled.

Friday afternoon we went to the La Mola hotel & conference centre outside Barcelona, surrounded by the Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac. About 200 members had come for the group living. The preparations to set up the hall and the stage went on with high speed, and just a short moment before Sri Kumar entered everything looked very nice.

The seminar started after the evening prayer. The topic was “The Divine Laws”. The Master started with the following words:

“Every group life is homecoming for the aspirants. The aspirants are those who are building the bridge between the personality and the soul. The soul cannot function without the personality but it can also withdraw into its home, the Sanctum Sanctorum and to recollect that it is not personality…

An aspirant is one who should think every moment, at all times that he is the soul, that he has a personality. Personality is the vehicle. He continues to be, the vehicle has a terminable duration. Each life he has different personalities, sometimes it can be male or female, another time it can be a doctor… each time it is another role. The purpose of the role is to gain the experience. That way he derives joy…

There is the state of body called happiness, at the state of soul it is happiness, at the state of spirit it is bliss. The aspirants should very firmly hold that they are the soul and that they have a personality for a journey. Through the personality we relate to the world. Without personality there is no relating to the world. Without we just remain souls in alignment with the super-soul. A soul emerges from the universal soul; to experience the beauty of the creation it needs a personality. The soul interacts with the world with the help of a personality. It conducts with the help of a personality. The rules of the interaction are the divine laws. Following the laws he can enjoy the game.

With the football game, he should know the rules of the game. According to the rules of the game he has to play the game. If he does not he is shown a green card, a yellow card and a red card. Creation has happened according to certain laws and the players in creation are called the beings. The beings should know the rules of the game to derive the best joy, experience and even bliss from that play. There is no play, there is no field, there is no way to experience. The divine whose rays we are would like that we enjoy the creation. The children play and enjoy. The parents inform the children the rules of the game. Insofar the children play the game according to the rules would win the game and enjoy it. Likewise in creation, there are the laws and that is the theme for us. It is to relate to this divine order.”

I very much enjoyed the exchanges with the group members. Besides the cordial talks with friends some new perspectives of collaboration developed; I for example met a member from Portugal who decided to help translating books of the WTT into Portuguese.

Sunday morning there was a fire ritual in the court of the hotel. While the dawn was coming up, the flames were rising high and the blessings of the ritual spread into the surroundings. At the end of the ceremony a short drizzle came down as a benediction from heaven.

The seminar was very quickly over again. Towards the end Sri Kumar saw the Spanish groups for short meetings in the upper floor of the hotel. Then at the end, before departure, a group picture with the remaining members in front of the hotel.

Monday afternoon we arrived a bit early at the home of Rosa and Miquel. Rosa had got a friend to prepare a “Master CVV doll” sitting in a triangular construction, with a smile on his face… Slowly the court filled and then Sri Kumar arrived. We sat together for evening prayer and afterwards a short discourse about Sri Krishna – the Master had installed a Krishna statue in the garden in 2010 and visited the home each year after the seminars.

Next morning Robert brought me very early to the airport where I had to wait until the afternoon. The time flew by very fast, I used it sitting outside the airport on a bench, mailing and proof-reading. And when I flew again back over the Mediterranean and the Alps, I felt the memories of the intense gatherings like a bright inner sunshine.


A Group Living with Sri Kumar in Kandersteg

Friday, July 8th, 2016

Three weeks ago the first of three seminars with Sri Kumar in Europe started in Kandersteg, Switzerland, on 17 June. Together with a friend I had been involved in the preparations. When we went to the seminar hotel one day before the seminar to set up the stage setting the weather became worse. Torrential rains were pouring down when I drove back to Berne late in the night. Next morning, however, the sun was shining and the way up to Kandersteg promised a beautiful welcome to the seminar participants. About 90 members arrived, from different countries of Europe and even from the States.

Many of them helped with the final preparations, and when Sri Kumar arrived for the evening prayer, there was again the thrill of the magnetic ambience. After the prayer he started the seminar on “Occultism”, hinting at the sunshine:

“We should be able to gain the energies of Gemini full moon and also of the solstice in a very subtle atmosphere emanating from the pure and clean mountains of Switzerland, the Alps. It has all been given a very warm welcome and the Sun. Sun is always there, it only is sometimes visible and sometimes not. The purpose of occultism is to find what is sometimes visible and sometimes not visible. But at all times it IS. Secret Doctrine tells us, what is IS always. Sometime it is visible and sometimes not. When it is not visible it is only apparently not visible and vice versa. This dimension has to be considered at all times, not only when we are in a class of wisdom, or with a book or when we are in some contemplation, What IS is always there, what is not, is just not there. You cannot name anything which is not in existence. Unless it IS it cannot be in existence. The Sun could be apparently absent form tomorrow but the Sun is there. To find what is in occultism, this is the theme of our seminar.

As we landed in Zurich this morning, there was very cool temperature. Then slowly the Sun said, I am also there. I AM is the other name for Sun. I AM always there, sometimes it is with THAT, and sometimes it is I AM. Even if it joins with THAT, it still is. The unity of existence is eternal. There are successive manifestations from it and successive demanifestations. When something disappears in a way it is there in another way. All is there and is not there. But we are always there during the whole creation. Through occultism we try to see how it is and how it is becoming. If you relate to what is becoming we cannot see what IS. The process can be seen when we are not part of the process. When we are with the process, the process overtakes. It puts us into somersaults, roller-coaster, ups and downs. In all this, I AM is like the Sun. The ever shining Sun is there when there is cold or heat. To be with the ever shining Sun is to be with IT. THAT I AM is the Truth. I AM is a partial truth, it is a fleeting truth, it is there and not there. But if I AM is eternally with THAT, THAT I AM, then it is always there.”

At the beginnings of the seminars I often think, oh, I know the topic already. But slowly new dimensions come in and the picture becomes varied and multi-faceted. Very profound aspects were explained opening new vistas of understanding.

Special highlights for me were exchanges with Dr. Kumar in the Executive Board and Board of Advisors meetings. There the idea of future joint European festivals of May Call and of Summer Solstice to be organised rotating between the different countries. And Sri Kumar further explained about Lord Dattatreya, the Cosmic Lord of Yoga:

“We will be including into the World Teacher Trust website the information relating to Dattatreya and his incarnation as Sripada Srivallabha. He is in tune with the energies of the World Teacher Trust, in the sense it is the chief energy of the World Teacher Trust. Lord Dattatreya is the Lord of Sirius, and the energies we are working with came from Sirius through Master CVV who is from the ashram of Jupiter. Essentially the energies are the energies of Sirius, and Lord Dattatreya is the Cosmic Lord of Yoga. The cosmic yoga principle is presided over by Dattatreya who is an embodiment of the Trinity. His is the Cosmic Lord for Yoga. The three Logos as one is Dattatreya. He is the teacher for the entire cosmos, the entire universe.

It came to the World Teacher Trust that many members received the impulse to relate to him, and the energy of Dattatreya is moving in the groups in a very effective manner. I personally received it from 1976 at Sagittarius full moon. Sagittarius full moon is seen as the birthday of Dattatreya. That day I got the link. Now the Lord decided to introduce himself to the groups in Spain, in Germany, and elsewhere coming through those who are relating to him. Through our teachings I also introduced the basic understanding of Dattatreya through a small book, Dattatreya.

We include now this dimension of hierarchical teachings. He is the Christ to Christ, and we include him in our website. It is a great blessing for us. He is taking us to a different dimension of our understanding and our expansion of consciousness. This information is being shared with the General Body that the World Teacher Trust website will contain significantly the information about Dattatreya and that will enable the members to relate to the teachings of Dattatreya and all the information relating to Dattatreya as it is available to us.”

Here are a few impressions of the group living. Enjoy!



May Call Celebration 2016 in Bitche, France

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Last Wednesday I went to the French Vosges to prepare the third May Call Celebration in France together with some friends. The preparation team first met in the house of a group member and later we went to the holiday resort “Villages de France” in Bitche to have a look at the hall for the group living. Thursday morning we came to the seminar place with all the materials – and in a joyful ambiance the preparations were quickly arranged.

The site was a very beautiful place at a lake surrounded by forests on all sides. Around noon time the first participants arrived. I sat at the reception distributing the rooms – a good occasion for a first “hello” to the new arrivals. In France there were strikes going on blocking the petrol stations in parts of the country. One member from Brittany couldn’t get enough petrol to come – and it was too late to take a train… But 34 persons made it, and four came a little later. In all, we were 38 members from 5 countries – Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland.

The group living started with the evening prayer. After dinner some of us had a walk around the lake. The surface was very calm and the trees reflected like in a mirror – a fascinating sight.

For the next 4 days, we had set up a program with a variety of contributions by different members. The whole group living was bilingual, in French and German. Besides meditations and texts about the deeper significance of the May Call – the day of group initiation – outside morning exercises made us “fit for the day”; sacral dance and Qigong movements kept the body energies flowing. There were fascinating discourses on “Healthy through medicinal plants – it also goes without chemicals”, with some samples of herbal preparations; on “Astrology – the great picture” with examples of research on the inter-connectedness of all life;  on “The Energies of Time – a look at France and Europe”; and a spontaneous talk about the adventures around the German translation of the biography of Sripada. We saw the first part of the video Music of the Soul, on the life of Master CVV and the video “The Aquarian Zodiac” which was released on the occasion of this May Call.  And a beautiful slide-show took us on a journey to Mount Kailash. Saturday we did a Water Ritual and Sunday, the May Call Day, a Fire Ritual, a Light and Cake Ritual. In the afternoon there was a profound and humorous exchange about the ways how the participants came into contact with Master CVV and the energies of synthesis – fascinating stories.

Monday morning 27 of the group members went to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, where we spoke the Global Prayer for Peace, an invocation for European unity and sang the song of Lord Maitreya. Since it was raining, all tourists stayed under the arcades and we had the place around the central globe for us.

A walk through along the river Aar and lunch in a typical Alsacian restaurant concluded the five days of this May Call group living.