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Eye Contact Experiment

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

A friend today sent me the link to a fascinating  video about “The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment“.

The initiative is organised by a group of young people from various backgrounds who call themselves “The Liberators International“. The idea came “after noticing a common thread of isolation in today’s society.” So they organise events where people share 1 minutes eye contact with a stranger in the heart of cities and towns worldwide. “Holding eye contact with another person can evoke many feelings which can be scary, especially when in today’s society we tend to repress our deepest emotions.” More…

The next global experiment with events in many countries around the world will be on 23rd of September 2017, during the UN International Week of Peace.

Have a look at the video from last year’s Eye Contact Experiment, where 124 cities cooperated.

Read more about their inspiring mission: “”We are a whole movement of people passionate about sharing acts of love and kindness in public.”
“We are here to lead by example to allow the people of planet Earth to see that we are brothers and sisters of the same human race, travelling together on this Earthship we collectively call home. We are a global family of people ready to actively be a part of the change we’d like to see in this world. We use our skills, intelligence, gifts and abilities to create positive experiences for the world to actively participate in making today and tomorrow’s future more sustainable and harmonious. We create large scale global events that create an experience of unity for the Earth, we also create festival experiences of unity that uplift crowds of people by combining ice breaking games with a banging DJ set. … We do not force, we simply give rise to a new opportunity.”
“Our Vision for the Future: We aim to coordinate, record and distribute monthly global acts of freedom, which reconnect humanity with their innate, interconnected power.”

You also find the Liberators on Facebook.

Image (c) from the gallery of

Video: The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2016

smoon – an App for the Daily Astro Data

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Benjamin, a good friend of mine from Munich, has built an app which shows daily astro-events as a calendar. He calls it smoon and makes it available for free:

The new app is launched today, at Virgo full moon. smoon stands for “sun and moon”. It runs on smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android, in English German or Spanish, in a few days also in French, later will come Portuguese.

At a glance you can see moon phases, constellations, sunrise and sunset, day and quarter rulers; short keywords indicate the specific quality of time. All calculations are done for your local position and time zone – everywhere in the world.

For installation on iOS download “smoon” in the AppStore, on Android search for “smoon” in the PlayStore.

The app is a practical tool for working with the daily constellations, for meditation or interpretation. It might help you to have the energies of the time in mind.

The Dark Times ahead as an Opportunity for Change

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

A few days ago, I received an e-mail of Fali Engineer, a friend from the Houston Lodge of Theosophical Society, with a video-file of a speech by Valarie Kaur. I found the video online at, and it is worth viewing.

“She spoke of the dark times ahead and how instead of leading to despair, this could be an opportunity for change,” it says on her website. And further: “This speech was actually the message of the Revolutionary Love Project, an initiative she launched in autumn of 2016. This movement and her New Year’s Eve speech, Kaur said, arose from her distress about the increase in hate violence during the US presidential election campaign.”

This moving talk was given on last New Year’s Eve in an African American Church in Washington DC. Though it was helt in the context of the political situation in America, what she is talking about is not an American topic but a universal one – about the basic oneness of humanity and overcoming hate an exclusion.

Valarie Kaur is a powerful woman and a charismatic speaker. Wikipedia says about her that she “is an American documentary filmmaker, a civil rights activist, and a Sikh interfaith leader. After the murder of Balbir Singh Sodhi, she began to document hate crimes against Sikh and Muslim Americans immediately following the attacks of September 11, 2001, which resulted in the 2006 documentary Divided We Fall. … Kaur has given speeches at the White House, the Pentagon, and the Parliament of the World’s Religions.”

:: The 6 minute video “Raising a Brown Boy in Today’s America“.

Valarie Kaur [picture from the video (c)]

Sripada Srivallabha – Story of a Translation and a New Website

Friday, December 9th, 2016

Several times already I have blogged about Sripada Srivallabha (1320-1350) – how I came into contact with his biography, a visit to his birthplace and a few other instances; the first post, on November 27, 2014, was about “Lord Dattatreya – Adventurous Encounters“.

Now the German translation of the book, “Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutam – Biografie eines Dattatreya-Avatars” has just been published and a multi-language website,, has been launched. In this blogpost I will tell you a bit about how things developed.


October 2014, Lakshmi, an IT specialist from India, had brought me in contact with Sripada’s biography, and she later helped getting the translation and publishing rights. I found a soft-copy of the book on the web and later got the paper version. When I read the English text for the first time, I was like electrified. However, it quickly became clear that it is not an easy read for Westerners – the Indian publication is full of unknown terms, concepts and names. To unlock this intriguing world for occidental readers, it would need some aids. I decided to add footnote explanations – but how to get the information?

January 2015, I met Ravee in India. I knew this young engineer from the time when he had studied in Germany. When I mentioned the book he immediately declared that he wanted to help providing definitions for unknown expressions. He didn’t know the book before but he was thrilled to hear about Sripada’s birthplace Pithapuram – his father was also born in the same town. Ravee was of great help, furthermore I searched in Wikipedia and in other online sources.

When I spoke to Robert, a friend from Spain, about the translation project, he said at once, “Don’t you think that a Spanish version would be good?” – “Oh yes!” And so he started as well. Later, Sébastien from New Caledonia joined for a French translation – since years he is doing the French versions of the Lunar Messenger.

To enable the translations and the proof-reading (also for other languages in the future), I first had to create a Word document in English containing the complete text with all the adaptations (spelling harmonization, explanatory footnotes, appendixes, forewords etc.). Soon I noticed the need of a commented index of all the many persons mentioned in the book – sometimes different individuals have the same name or the same persons are called by different names… And from the very beginning of the work, I had the idea of creating a multi-language website for introducing the world of Lord Dattatreya and his avatars to Westerners:

Quite soon after starting the translation there was a series of incredible “coincidences”: Ravee came to know that the then “official” English publication of the book I had was incomplete – quite a number of pages were taken out, for whatever reason. The very day I started e-mailing Ravee, his mother, without knowing about the translation work, came home with a copy of a complete English translation published in their home town Tadepalligudem (this version has now been published by the Samsthanam, the temple at the birthplace of Sripada, as the new “official version”). Soon I also got these copyrights.

Simultaneously Robert came into contact via Facebook and Whatsapp with Srinivas, an Indian from the US, whose friend in Hyderabad was doing another English translation from Telugu (still unpublished). And Srinivas then provided me with the texts of  the ongoing work. I was thrilled and thought, wow, what a guidance!

A great situation – but what to do with three versions varying in style and wording? I compared the different translations as per comprehensibility, clarity of expression and number of unexplained terms used. All had certain strengths. I then decided to continue on the basis of the “official version” but wherever indicated I did adaptations on the basis of the two other translations, including all the missing texts: I tried to translate with a good flow but stay true to the sense of the book. While working on the German translation I simultaneously was fusing the three English versions to a new enriched text version.

The German translation got ready last summer. Then followed a lot of proof-reading and editing work, together with friends from Kulapati Editions of the World Teacher Trust (WTT) Germany and others. I wondered how well the typo gremlins can hide in a text. But in the end, I hope, we send all of them to the digital nirvana.

In parallel, I was working on creating the website to inform about Dattatreya, this grand cosmic teaching principle, and to give a better understanding about Sripada,  his life and teachings and his further incarnations, which impressed me so much. There was a warm support for the project from Sri Kumar and other friends. An international team of helpers and translators formed – from Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico, New Caledonia, Spain, Switzerland and the United States. All were well qualified and very enthusiastic.

For the technical part and the design we used the existing WTT website, with minor modifications. Friends shared images related to Dattatreya and Sripada. Together with my own and some public domain images the illustration structure and the image editing could be done. Then the translations dropped in. Two friends helped creating the web pages.

Now, on the occasion of the celebration of Dattatreya’s anniversary (Sagittarius full moon, 13 December), the WTT is launching the website in five languages: English, French, German, Spanish and, very soon Portuguese:, at the same time with the German book.

And what is it all about?

In the 14th century, Lord Dattatreya took birth in South India as Sripada Srivallabha. The knowledge about this gorgeous incarnation which lasted only 30 years got nearly completely lost. However, Sripada was reborn two more times, one time as Narasimha Saraswati (1378-1459) and another time as Swami Samartha ( – 1878). There are much more traces of these lives. Through the three incarnations, Dattatreya established a way of life where Synthesis of Wisdom is followed in daily life. There are more persons who are worshipped as avatars of Dattatreya – I concentrated just on the three major ones mentioned in the book.

During Sripada’s lifetime, a biography was written but, as decreed by him, the work would be kept secret until the thirty third generation of his maternal grandfather. The book came to light in 2001 through a person of this line. It was first published in Telugu and has then been translated into several languages. The “Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutam” is an extraordinary book about this first incarnation of Lord Dattatreya in the present age. In an exciting and entertaining way, it gives an insight into the fascinating biography of Sripada, his sportive plays, teachings, prophecies and miracles. The book provides a feeling of being in his very presence and participating in the events:

“I will remain in a subtle form in every place where My biography is devotedly read.”
“Don’t think that Sri Charitamrutam book is a mere book. It is a live stream of a glorious consciousness.” – Sripada

And as predicted centuries ago in the original text, the “Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutam” has now been published in German, by the World Teacher Trust Germany. The German edition (624 pages) contains a foreword by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar and is enriched with 21 images, many footnote explanations and a commented register of persons.
You can buy the book in book-stores, at or via And you can download here the book for free.


About Sheeps and Goats, Applying a Magic Sauce and Winning Elections

Monday, December 5th, 2016

On a nearby mountain we recently saw two dwarf goats standing on the roof of their hut, Bruno and Leo – sturdy, perky and full of power.


Quite a different mentality from that of sheep. Sheep seem to be more interested in following their herd.


You can imagine that it needs a different method for approaching goats or sheep. Or for targeting humans behaving in similar manners. Scientists and marketeers are researching methods to deal with the different types – and the latter want to get the sheep eating what they want to offer them.

Now, if someone finds what kind of psychograms the different animals in a crowd have, it would be much easier to get them run in the “right” direction. And if politicians show this “right” direction, and scientists develop the psychometric instruments, and marketeers cleverly “tailor” such tools for delivering ads and other steering methods, the “ignorant animals” will unknowingly be driven in the wanted direction by eating the food prepared to their “Likes”. The outcome will be an explosive mixture for “guiding” the sheep  – the ROI, the “return on investment” being highly intelligent and effective mass manipulation.

Last Saturday’s issue of the weekend magazine “Das Magazin” of the Swiss newspaper “Tageszanzeiger” – a paper not at all close to conspiracy theories – published an article called “I have only showed that the bomb exists“. It is about a young Polish researcher, Michal Kosinski, who just gave a talk in Switzerland at the Risk Center of the ETH Zurich about the dangers of Big Data and the so-called digital revolution.

The topic of big data and their power in marketing is not new to me but I felt the article quite alarming. Maybe you can read it with the help of Google translator or so. The information below is mainly from this article.

Michal Kosinski is a leading expert in psychometrics, a data driven branch of psychology. He first worked at the first psychometric laboratory at the University of Cambridge, England, and now is working at Stanford University, USA. His research lead to new and very effective ways of profiling great amounts of persons from out of the digital traces they leave on the internet, especially Likes. You can test it on the site of Cambridge University “Apply Magic Sauce” (a personalisation engine that accurately predicts psychological traits from digital footprints of human behaviour). Kosinski’s research showed that from a few Facebook “likes” the intelligence, religious affiliation, alcohol, cigarette and drug consumption can be calculated, besides many of their attitudes, and even if the parents of a person have remained together until their 21st year of age. And it goes much beyond.

Against Kosinki’s intention and knowledge his research was used to develop very effective mass targeting tools by a British enterprise, Cambridge Analytica (CA) – “Better Audience Targeting, Powered by Data Modelling”. These instruments are not only marketing boosters but they were used to steer people with targeted news and other ways of influencing in the Brexit campaign and now in Trump’s election campaign – and they are much more effective than what was known upto now. The head of Cambridge Analytica declared “We have psychograms of all adult US citizens – 220 million people”. On their website a video is shown with a quote by a political pollster: “There are no longer any experts except Cambridge Analytica. They were Trump’s digital team who figured out how to win.”

Euphemistically, Cambridge Analytica boasts that they are “building a future where every individual can have a truly personal relationship with their favorite brands and causes by showing organizations not just where people are, but what they really care about and what drives their behavior.” Marketing speech for intelligent manipulation. Have a look at their website and you will understand better.

With these tools, 175000 versions of Trumps messages, slightly varying according to the target persons, were given out. The team of Trump’s electoral assistants got an app to recognize the political attitude and personality of the residents of a house. They contacted only those whom the app showed as receptive to their messages, and they carried text guides adapted to the personality of the resident they approached. Here is a TV report of SkyNews with a talk of Mr Nix, the head of Cambridge Analytica, from YouTube about their influencing the election.

The members of the Clinton team first were laughing about these British data people. Now, many (right-wing) political parties in Europe are becoming clients of Cambridge Analytica, and the business has requests from all over the world. I am sure that soon legislation here will have to react on these methods. Kosinski, the researcher whose findings enabled all this, declares that he has not built this bomb but only showed what is possible.

Power (politics) and money (business) together are a dangerous mix. They need to be guided by wisdom, i.e. by ethical and moral guidance – and this not only as “marketing speech” declarations. And we ourselves need to develop a high degree of discrimination and loving understanding not to let ourselves get dragged into what others define as “what we really care about”.

In other words, we must firmly stand in the light of our soul and act from there. And we need to have a clear view of what those of the “world” around want us to. Like Bruno and Leo looking around from their viewing platform.

P.S. (6 Dec.2016): An article in the German version of the Wired magazine discussed the claims of Cambridge Analytica (CA) and pointed out that the cooperation between CA and the Brexit campaneers did not work out and that the way they are using data from Facebook etc. for profiling without permission of the users is against European data protection laws.


Visualisation of World-Wide Air Traffic – Sign of the Aquarian Age.

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

If anybody doubts that the Aquarian Age is an age of conquest of air and space have a look at the video below visualising the world-wide air traffic of one day done by the Zurich School of Applied Sciences. I blogged about their flight radar map 3 years ago. You can also look at the PlaneFinder showing real time all airplanes flying at a moment.

Awe-inspiring what a great human, technological and logistical effort is behind these pictures.

The European Space Agency ESA has now mapped signals picked up from Proba-V satellite upwards of 25 million positions from more than 15 000 separate aircraft. They contain flight information such as speed, position and altitude. ESA wants to demonstrate the feasibility of orbital constellations that could work to better police our skies from space.
At the same time, it appears as a map of the interconnectedness of humanity and the nervous system of human civilisation.

Air traffic map by ESA/DLR/SES (c)

Printscreen from PlaneFinder (c)

A Visit to the Headquarters of Anthroposophy and the Rudolf Steiner Archive

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

Last Wednesday I was in Dornach near Basel at the “Rudolf Steiner Archives“. I was invited by Frank, a friend who works there as an editor of the Complete Works of Rudolf Steiner (“Complete Works”, in German, currently 350 volumes, completion targeted by 2025, with approximately 410 volumes total. It is the biggest edition of an author and lecturer globally known so far. Steiner held about 6000 lectures between 1888 and 1924 totally.) The archives are located in the House Duldeck, directly in front of the Goetheanum, the home to the international headquarters of the Anthroposophical movement founded by Rudolf Steiner. The Goetheanum building was named by Steiner in commemoration  to Goethe. Steiner started his career as an editor for Goethe’s works on natural sciences (a brochure in English about the Goetheanum).

I hadn’t been at the anthroposophical headquarters since 27 years. For 8 years in the 80s I had been intensely studying many works of Steiner. I even did the Waldorf Teacher training and worked in a Swiss Steiner school for 4 years. During these years, I had been in Dornach several times. However, I left the school and anthroposophy in 1990. I now was curious to see the headquarters as a visitor.

Frank gave me a warm welcome, and we went into the cafeteria inside the Goetheanum. Renovation work was going on outside – did it touch also the inner attitudes which I had experienced as difficult in the past? The noise of the machines was so loud that we didn’t stay in the “holy halls” but sat outside on a bench with a beautiful view around. I felt like in an open air museum of anthroposophy – it looked all the same as it was in the 80s.

We had an intense talk about his experiences as a project manager with the data management of the archives. I took some shots of the craftsmen working outside the building – very symbolic scenes. Then Frank went with me to the floor of the board of directors. I enjoyed sitting some minutes next to the inner halls. The door-plate of one of the directors showed the name of a man whom I had met 30 years ago in Paris, where I had been a short-time trainee at a Steiner school and he a young teacher.

We then went to the House Duldeck, a fascinating iconic house built with dynamic forms in concrete in the years 1915-20. Frank gave a guided tour – a young couple joined and also one of his colleagues. It was very impressive to have a profound look into the backgrounds of this house and the work of Rudolf Steiner. He had designed and shaped this building for a dentist, Emil Grosheintz, a friend of his who had given him all the area of the Goetheanum – which first was planned to be realised in Munich but met too many obstructions there. When the first Goetheanum was being constructed – a beautiful wood building – various anthroposophs opposed to the creation of a family house directly in front of the “mystery temple”. They feared that the view of diapers on the balconies would disturb the lofty feelings. Steiner, on the contrary, said that spirituality has to be integrated into daily life – and called the house “Duldeck”, meaning “corner of tolerance”. The first Goetheanum was destroyed by arson on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1922 – January 1, 1923. Steiner immediately decided to build a new one, this time in concrete – and much bigger, so that the first Goetheanum would have enough place inside.

In the underground archives (fire-proof!) we got an impression of the gigantic work of Steiner, who had influenced not only the esoteric thought but had given impulses for medicine, farming, architecture, education (world-wide Waldorf Schools), social activity, dance, theatre etc. We saw models of the first and second Goetheanum, of paintings, the hand-writings of rare manuscripts (The Secret Science…) or of Steiner’s many notebooks: He meticulously took note not only of thoughts for talks but also of the money spent- during a bigger part of his life he was quite poor. A huge library of all the versions of his books or the books of his library and of many other materials still unpublished. I felt deeply impressed and humble sensing the incredible impact he had manifested.

At the end we had a look at rooms normally not shown in the upper floors – office and meeting rooms full of nooks and crannies, with beautiful views.

When I left I felt grateful that I had been given the chance of looking a bit behind these curtains. And I felt a bit reconciled with the impulse of anthroposophy. Over years Steiner’s split with theosophy and its consequences, which I very well understand due to the glamour of the successors of H. P. Blavatsky, had nevertheless left a profound irritation. In the past I sensed an attitude of spiritual supremacy combined with trench warfare and a highly sceptical ideology towards the eternal wisdom teachings and their recent developments. When the golden sun-rays shone over the buildings there was a peaceful ambiance around and in me a hope that one day also the strongest thought-forms of anthroposophy will be transformed by the incoming new impulses of life.

View of the Goetheanum from House Duldeck

The CVV Sharing Meeting – An Experience of Group Synthesis

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Last weekend I was in in North Germany for the 6th annual “CVV Sharing” meeting. Already in the previous 2 years, I participated in these meetings at Spring Equinox. This year, we were a group of 26 members from Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. We met again at the seminar centre “Lichtblick” (“Bright Spot”) near Hude.

The meeting was following a rhythm of alignment: Every 3 hours there was a short meditative pause for attuning to the MASTER energy. There were rituals like water ritual, fire ritual, introduction and ritual for attuning to the entry of the Sun into Aries. Furthermore, we did meditations, prayers and mantrams together. The steering group had again carefully prepared the meditational and organizational aspect of the meeting. The motto given by Dr Kumar was: “OBSERVE WITHIN • OBSERVE THE MOVEMENT • OBSERVE ADJUSTMENTS.”

There were various inputs by group members. To start with, I led the group on a meditative journey through the cycles of 7 years related to the zodiac to the “Aries point” of one’s birth and a bit beyond, and from there through the unfoldment of one’s life and to a visualization of the seed of the coming annual cycle. I accompanied it with the sound of a singing bowl. The inspiration for this meditative experiment came to me during a meditation. During the process I noticed the change in the quality of the group field while we went through the different zodiacal signs. Afterwards, several members came to me and spoke about their profound experiences.

Afterwards, Hubert presented “Vision and challenges of creating a healing centre”, followed by a vivid exchange about this project. The next day Doris gave an inspiring talk about “Master CVV”.

We had a number of sessions in small “triadic groups”, (groups of 3 persons each) following a special discipline of speaking, listening and sharing: The small groups sat together in different parts of the hall. The facilitators had prepared inputs with questions like “How and in which field of life do I want to express the Arian energy of a fresh start and of the power of Will?” One person in the triadic group would express his or her thoughts and the others would listen for about 3 minutes. Then the next person would speak and the other two would listen, followed by the 3rd person speaking… These exchanges were short but very intense. Afterwards thoughts from the meetings in the small groups were shared with the big group.

There were also plenum meetings to explore the experience of the spiritual power in us and in daily life.

The team of the seminar house gave us a warm welcome and served us delicious meals. And after a rainy day the weather also cooperated and brought us a lot of sunshine with fresh wind.

We all felt very much inspired and uplifted by the presence of the One MASTER and of the Energy of Synthesis expressing through the group.

Here are some impressions from the meeting:

Fascinating Experiences with Skype Study Groups

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Two months ago, a young friend from Germany asked me if we could study together via Skype the book Spiritual Astrology by Master EK. The Skype study group was a very good experience and we read the book together several times a week. She reads, I explain.

Then my young friend came up with the idea to start another group study, “Music of the Soul“, also by Master EK. I very much love the book and had translated it to German in the early 90s (it is not the published version). I proposed to open the group for other members to join.

So we started an open study group, where we meet every second week on Friday evening, alternating with our little local group. We read the book in English and discuss in German. The book is very thrilling but not so easy for Westerners; friends told me they got lost in it. So reading and explaining in a group makes it much easier.

Then we opened also the study group on “Spiritual Astrology” (in German), and now we meet every Thursday evening to study . Both groups are with members from Switzerland and Germany. Both group studies were very stimulating and encouraging. And the exchange is very enriching. It is much more joyful to study the texts in a group, especially when unclear points are explained. And even though Skype sometimes gives problems with dropouts, it is possible to easily follow along with the books.

When I spoke about these study groups to an Indian friend from the States, he asked if we could also start a study group in English, on Saturdays. I proposed to study “Spiritual Psychology“, also by Master EK and mentioned it to other members from Germany, Spain and the States, and they also said they want to join. After a little pilot meeting last Saturday, we will now launch an English study group:

We will start next Saturday, 4 October. The meetings will be from 8:00 pm Central European Time (UTC + 2 summer time, UTC + 1 winter time) till 9:30 pm. (See here the corresponding time zones).

After I announced it via the WTT mailing list, quickly members from California and Oregon to Mumbai, from Danmark to Spain, and Germany joined. It is a fascinating experiment of the fusion of East and West, with people from very different backgrounds will come together.

I moderate the groups. We begin with a little guided invocation / visualisation. Then we read the text in small steps, sometimes just 1-2 sentences. Afterwards, I summarize and give some explanations, and we discuss questions or other thoughts relating to the text. I wrote a a little guideline with some more details about the group work.

If you would like to join the study group “Spiritual Psychology” (or, in German one of the other groups), let me know. Before starting, I need to include you in the Skype group, and so you have to make Skype contact with me (my Skype-ID is “good-will”, but since there are many who have good will in their names, please search me via: “Circle of Good Will” or send me an e-mail with your Skype ID). For a group mailing list I also need your e-mail address, and best also details about your location (address). Group members proposed to have a list with all the participants names and photos and some background information, so please also share these. I will inform via a mailing list, for example when a session cannot take place.

You don’t need to be a specialist – you just should be willing to participate regularly. It is OK when you stay away 1-2 times because of other obligations (the group also might pause sometimes when I’ll be away) but then you should read yourself the text which the group has read. You need the book “Spiritual Psychology” – either you get it from somewhere or I can send you an electronic version (PDF). You need a place where you can follow the study group in silence, best without external interruptions (in case of interruptions, you can just attend to the situation and join the group again). Furthermore, you need a device (computer, mobile) with Skype and a headset or any other sound system, which does not generate acoustic feedback with the other members.

The evenings of the group meetings, I will call your Skype account, whether you are there or not. We will do the meetings as audio conferences, without video.

Members have asked if each one can share a picture of himself/herself and a short remark about yourself so that it is easier to know who is in the group. So if you send it to me, I will make a document with the details and share it with the group.

If you don’t participate for a couple of times without informing me, I will take you out of the group. You can join again when your life situation allows you to attend regularly.

Sitting at the office table in contact with all over the world

Speaking and Being Silent

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Some days ago, I met some friends. I knew that some of them like to talk extensively, and I asked myself how I wanted to deal with it. I remembered Sri Kumar once telling how Master EK in such situations withdrew inside and kept a mental cut-off until the discoursing was over.

I decided to use the situation for learning and to observe my reactions on the impact of these friends. At least up to a certain degree, and then maybe silently slip away.

In the past, I was impressed and often carried away by articulate persons with a strong mental impregnated with a lot of wisdom concepts and I felt some inferiority. I knew it was a weak point of myself, and with the time I noticed that such eloquence is like a hot air blower. The concepts presented in quick sequences leave no impact; they feel like straw without grains.

The friends were well versed in theosophical thoughts, with a love for power politics and conspiracy theories. As expected, the dialogues were intense. At the beginning, I followed the content. Inwardly, I had to smile noticing that in the presence of someone who is a very strong talker, the less strong ones got silenced, at least for a while. The less talkative persons don’t step in at all.

At the beginning, I followed the content; with the time I became more and more an observer. At some occasions, I slipped away to help the lady of the house in the kitchen.

I noticed that monologic discoursing gets carried away by a gush of ideas. They don’t notice whether their talk is of interest for the others or what they think and particularly, what is being unsaid.

I tried to observe when the talk was saturated by own experiences, and what is “voicing opinions” or “teaching one’s beliefs”. The experience part is much more vivid and impressive. However, I found that a fuelling energy in most sequences was the indignation about manipulations of the power mongers, of big money and pharma, about the machinations against alternative innovative inventors… In a way, the fire is encircling the attention but leaves an empty feeling and disorientation, and it sucks your energy – you get depleted.

Under the surface of such talks, I noticed hidden wounds of the individual biographies which shone forth through small remarks. The fight against “the darkness” is nourished by unresolved business inside. Caroline Myss speaks of “woundology”. The urge to focus on and fight against the outer shadows is resulting from your inner wounds and dark spots. I have intensely experienced it the last years and only come out of it through prolonged meditative and therapeutic work with myself.

One’s own shadows are difficult to notice and understand. My friends are decennies on the spiritual path but the fascination for the “projection play” was still intense. I had experienced myself that it needed profound crises and pain to change the habit of projecting the problems out into the world. Fighting against darkness increases fighting; only increasing the inner light creates a lighted sphere.

I later spoke with my wife how one could help others understand their projections. She said, “The pressure of suffering needs to be high enough. Suffering is easier than learning. Mostly, they don’t want to wake up.” Even many people doing spiritual practices or studying wisdom teachings seem to have great difficulties to realize their own part and predisposition while criticising what they perceive as wrong in others or the society. The yearning for salvation towards a guru, a theology or cosmic interventions is also mostly nourished by a longing that one’s own pain might end.

Sometimes, mindful listening to the other might help and, where possible, guiding the conversation from “talking about the world” to “what does it do to you?”, and recognizing the hidden pain. It is a slow process and best without expectations. When the wounds are cleared, healing can come from the inner.