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A Group Living with Sri Kumar in Kandersteg

Three weeks ago the first of three seminars with Sri Kumar in Europe started in Kandersteg, Switzerland, on 17 June. Together with a friend I had been involved in the preparations. When we went to the seminar hotel one day before the seminar to set up the stage setting the weather became worse. Torrential rains were pouring down when I drove back to Berne late in the night. Next morning, however, the sun was shining and the way up to Kandersteg promised a beautiful welcome to the seminar participants. About 90 members arrived, from different countries of Europe and even from the States.

Many of them helped with the final preparations, and when Sri Kumar arrived for the evening prayer, there was again the thrill of the magnetic ambience. After the prayer he started the seminar on “Occultism”, hinting at the sunshine:

“We should be able to gain the energies of Gemini full moon and also of the solstice in a very subtle atmosphere emanating from the pure and clean mountains of Switzerland, the Alps. It has all been given a very warm welcome and the Sun. Sun is always there, it only is sometimes visible and sometimes not. The purpose of occultism is to find what is sometimes visible and sometimes not visible. But at all times it IS. Secret Doctrine tells us, what is IS always. Sometime it is visible and sometimes not. When it is not visible it is only apparently not visible and vice versa. This dimension has to be considered at all times, not only when we are in a class of wisdom, or with a book or when we are in some contemplation, What IS is always there, what is not, is just not there. You cannot name anything which is not in existence. Unless it IS it cannot be in existence. The Sun could be apparently absent form tomorrow but the Sun is there. To find what is in occultism, this is the theme of our seminar.

As we landed in Zurich this morning, there was very cool temperature. Then slowly the Sun said, I am also there. I AM is the other name for Sun. I AM always there, sometimes it is with THAT, and sometimes it is I AM. Even if it joins with THAT, it still is. The unity of existence is eternal. There are successive manifestations from it and successive demanifestations. When something disappears in a way it is there in another way. All is there and is not there. But we are always there during the whole creation. Through occultism we try to see how it is and how it is becoming. If you relate to what is becoming we cannot see what IS. The process can be seen when we are not part of the process. When we are with the process, the process overtakes. It puts us into somersaults, roller-coaster, ups and downs. In all this, I AM is like the Sun. The ever shining Sun is there when there is cold or heat. To be with the ever shining Sun is to be with IT. THAT I AM is the Truth. I AM is a partial truth, it is a fleeting truth, it is there and not there. But if I AM is eternally with THAT, THAT I AM, then it is always there.”

At the beginnings of the seminars I often think, oh, I know the topic already. But slowly new dimensions come in and the picture becomes varied and multi-faceted. Very profound aspects were explained opening new vistas of understanding.

Special highlights for me were exchanges with Dr. Kumar in the Executive Board and Board of Advisors meetings. There the idea of future joint European festivals of May Call and of Summer Solstice to be organised rotating between the different countries. And Sri Kumar further explained about Lord Dattatreya, the Cosmic Lord of Yoga:

“We will be including into the World Teacher Trust website the information relating to Dattatreya and his incarnation as Sripada Srivallabha. He is in tune with the energies of the World Teacher Trust, in the sense it is the chief energy of the World Teacher Trust. Lord Dattatreya is the Lord of Sirius, and the energies we are working with came from Sirius through Master CVV who is from the ashram of Jupiter. Essentially the energies are the energies of Sirius, and Lord Dattatreya is the Cosmic Lord of Yoga. The cosmic yoga principle is presided over by Dattatreya who is an embodiment of the Trinity. His is the Cosmic Lord for Yoga. The three Logos as one is Dattatreya. He is the teacher for the entire cosmos, the entire universe.

It came to the World Teacher Trust that many members received the impulse to relate to him, and the energy of Dattatreya is moving in the groups in a very effective manner. I personally received it from 1976 at Sagittarius full moon. Sagittarius full moon is seen as the birthday of Dattatreya. That day I got the link. Now the Lord decided to introduce himself to the groups in Spain, in Germany, and elsewhere coming through those who are relating to him. Through our teachings I also introduced the basic understanding of Dattatreya through a small book, Dattatreya.

We include now this dimension of hierarchical teachings. He is the Christ to Christ, and we include him in our website. It is a great blessing for us. He is taking us to a different dimension of our understanding and our expansion of consciousness. This information is being shared with the General Body that the World Teacher Trust website will contain significantly the information about Dattatreya and that will enable the members to relate to the teachings of Dattatreya and all the information relating to Dattatreya as it is available to us.”

Here are a few impressions of the group living. Enjoy!



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