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Meeting Master E.K. again after 44 Years

January 17, 2016, I was on a little pilgrimage with some friends in the surroundings of Bhubaneswar, India. Looking through the e-mails in the morning, I saw a mail of a lady from the French part of Switzerland. Rita writes that she had been together with Master EK (Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya) in the early 70s, lost sight of him in 79 – and just found him back via the website of the World Teacher Trust. It was the beginning of an intense correspondence.

She told me the fascinating story of her meeting Master EK, then loosing sight of him and finding him back after 44 years. She also gave me the French version of the statutes of the World Teacher Trust of 1972 she received at that time – 30 years later, I had been involved in reformulating the statutes of the WTT-Global.

I asked her if she could write an article about her story, and she sent me the following text in French;  here is my translation to English:

Rita and Master EK, 1972, photo from the video Music of the Soul

“Don’t search for your way anymore”

This injunction at the bottom of the home page of Google suddenly got for me all its significance on January 12, 2016.

“Namaskarams Master Ekkirala Krishnamacharya! This is an incredible set of circumstances that took me back to you and allowed me to get in touch with your eternal SOUL, which IS now in another dimension.”

In December 2015, health problems lead me to consult the Doctor S, a psychiatrist that a friend recommended to me. At the first therapy session, the contact is immediately established and I realize that the doctor is open to the spiritual dimension what is very rare. When I told her I want to take a Mindfulness Meditation Course in the region, in addition to the therapy with her, she replies that she will give a course in January. Of course, I register at this course. All’s well that starts well …

During a private meeting, on 12 January 2016, we approach the subject of these faculties, let’s say “intuitive”, that make me perceive things, events, even remotely, that others do not perceive. She tells me about the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahamsa Yogananda; I reply that I met an Indian Sage in 1972, but I do not remember his name.

January 12, 2016 in the evening, that the name comes to my mind: Dr. E. Krishnamacharya. Driven by curiosity, I look for his name on the internet and there is an avalanche … an avalanche that does not bury me, but on which I glide with joy still today. This January 12, I discover the immense work he left behind: The WTT, the WORLD TEACHER TRUST, on a site with his books, his teachings, books and teachings of his successor, Dr. Parvathi Kumar, himself a Master of Wisdom too. The same evening I also found “by chance” on YouTube his videos “Music of the Soul“. I look first, also by chance … video 4. After two minutes, I SEE ME in the company of Master EK, during a course he gave in June 1972, at the private school where I was teaching at the time. I cannot believe my eyes! I also discover the circumstances of the death of Master E. K. at the age of 58, which I did not know.

The following days, I easily re-found and re-read the correspondence with Dr. E. Krishnamacharya between June 1972, when we first met (in this dimension) in Switzerland, and our second and final meeting in Lyon in June 1974. The last letter I addressed to him but which I did not sent, dates of 1979. I also reread my meditation notes: my orange notebook was near me, in my office (despite 2 moves) all these years but I forgot … Indeed, the circumstances of my life had temporarily removed me from my spiritual path.

On 17 January 2016, I decide to write to the WTT because I want to thank Master K.P.K. for beautiful videos accompanied by his narration that bring back the Master E.K: these films contain countless pictures and videos collected during more than 44 years, arranged from beginning to end and commented with love and care. This incredible work allows going through the path of the earthly life of Master E. K. and the construction of his work. What a gift!

The next day, not expecting to get an answer from the WTT, I find an email from Ludger Philips who is on pilgrimage in India and just followed a seminar with Master K.P.K. Thus begins a correspondence with Ludger, who helps me, by his advice and encouragement, and also by sending books published by the WTT that interest me.

Since 12 January 2016, my life changed: I took up the meditation that I had abandoned in the early 80s due to difficulties in the private sphere. I must add that August 31, 1987, I met the love and happiness in the person of a wonderful man who became my husband. He practices meditation for 40 years: it is the source of his balance, calm and wisdom.

Since I found the Master E. K., I feel a deep joy that is always present in me. He wrote me one day ‘More often you will find me meditating in you.” This is the source of my joy and I feel immense gratitude for such a gift. Day after day, I am guided in my research and reading about what others would call chance. This is not chance, but the Master E. K. who traces the way to follow, I am certain. I also know that, for now, my work on this earth is to achieve happiness in the company and with the help of my husband. When thoughts come to my regret because of lost time (between 1980 and 2016), I am comforted internally by the idea that to me in this life, knowledge is not the most important. What matters is the JOY through the practice of happiness. The knowledge to acquire will take me some more lives … “YOU HAVE PLENTY OF TIME. BE HAPPY ”

“Dear sister,
I is indeed a great return!
Returning home is ever joyful.
The Master is all encompassing and loving.
May rejoice relating to. ”

Master Parvathi Kumar’s response to my letter of thanks.

Rita, Master EK and Sri PSS Varna, who accompanied the Master, 1972, photo from the video Music of the Soul

Rita and her husband, Christmas 2015

5 Responses to “Meeting Master E.K. again after 44 Years”

  1. Ramya Says:

    How lucky is she to re-unite with Master.. Iam so happy for you Rita.. thank you for sharing this Ludger.. you made my day today 🙂

  2. V v b s murthy Says:

    I was in association with Sri Master EK right from my childhood around the age of six years. One day in the morning at about 8.00 am I was studying my school books in my verandah, then in front of me one tall gentleman in all white clothes stood up. I seen him first at his feet then slowly up and up lastly his face. He came to our home to talk to our grandfather. This was the start in1969 then till 1982 later I was busy for studies, jobs, family financial health etc. Then 1989/90 at Radhamadhavam prayers then with Master Sri MRL Rao garu. Then on transfers on job all over India from 1992 till date. Now inMumbai, single group with family, doing all meditations, homams, rudrabhisekham, festivals, Dhanista meditations. Etc.

  3. V. Ramanadha Sastry Says:

    Great and a mixed feeling of joy to see a discussion on Master remember ing the days gone. My association with Master goes back to 1964. In Guntur. Since then I moved with Master on various occasions. In Vijayawada anf in Vizag. Was having opportunity to listen to Master on various topics. It was a vibhavam.

  4. Murthy Says:

    The greatness, what is it, I cannot elaborate here but once the seeds of meeting with a great Master in anybody’s life will continue and take to heights that is true. The twists and turns that come in life at first we cannot understand the depth and meanings of them but slowly as time passes the meanings come in front to our surprise. The meetings, seed thoughts, lectures, rituals, the learnings at the feet of the Master all lead to something better in life. That is true. Loksabha Samasthan Sukhinobhavantu. Sarve Janah Sukhinobhavanthu. May the Master bless us all.
    With regards!

  5. RAVI Says:

    Master EK working through the body named KPK for the evolution of the globe. Person named parvathi Kumar no more exists BUY OUR MASTER is renamed withe in another body by a new name MASTER KPK we are forever blessed by our master. Let us try to reach the hidden expectations of our Master KPK who is nothing but MASTER EK.

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