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The Humanoid Robot Atlas – From Fiction to Reality

3 days ago, on 23 February, the video was published. Within 24 hours seen over a million times and now already nearly 10 million times:

The Google daughter Boston Dynamics  presents a YouTube clip with a humanoid robot marching through the snow or working in a factory hall. The new version of the “Atlas Next Generation” robot can walk over rugged ground or react on changing situations while packing boxes. Even when he falls down he gets up again and continues.

There are sensors and stereo cameras stabilising the metal guy. Boston Dynamics develops this humanoid “buddy” by order of the US American Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The next stage of humans & humanoids is coming from fiction to reality. What kind of intelligence is incarnating here? For the weal or for the worse? May the intelligence used be directed for good will and upliftment.

Source: Dynamics

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