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A Visit to Ramadri

Last Friday in the afternoon the group went to Ramadri, a beautiful temple compound at a hill slope overlooking the Gulf of Bengal. This site has been given to the WTT end of the 90s and had been slowly developed to a vibrant spiritual centre. There is a small school run by the WTT where children from the surrounding villages receive free education, food and clothing as well as spiritual education besides the normal curriculum. There are also a number of small temples and shrines and a cow-shed where by now 72 cows are held in a very good condition. The milk is used for the children, worship activities and free distribution. Above all, for many years the place has been charged with a special ritual related to the sound of cosmic fire, RAM. This has magnetised not only the compound but created a strong influence in the surroundings.

After visiting the various small temples and shrines as well as the cow-shed the school children gathered to recite various Vedic hymns and later received new clothes and school material. While dusk set in and flocks of birds crossed the place we had beautiful meditation before returning to Visakhapatnam.

The next day the seminar closed with a closing ceremony and a beautiful dinner offered by Sri Kumar to the group.



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