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After the Group Living – Another Visit to the Iguazu Falls

Last Thursday Sri Kumar and most of the remaining group members left Iguazu. Our group from Europe, however, was staying 2-3 more days and wanted to visit the Falls again. It was clouded and at the Falls much less crowded than on Saturday. We wanted to go to the St. Martin’s Island lying directly in front of some major falls but the water was again higher than the day before where boats could land on the island. So a few friends and I decided to go for a short boat ride on the Iguazu River, where the boats come very close to the waterfalls.

The people coming from a previous ride were totally wet. Luckily I had my bathing trunks with me. We got waterproof sacks to store our clothes and life jackets were fastened. The engines roared and the boat slid through the turbulent waters. Two times we approached the falls on the left and the right side of the island. When the boat came to the left side for the third time we approached the huge waterfront up to a few meters. It was a thundering roar and the mist of waters drenched us.

Then we went to the other side of the island. We slowly approached one of the falls and then the boat speeded up to go directly through the fall. A huge gush of waters poured down upon us. I had to close my eyes and hold my breath. It was an incredible feeling of joy to be in the midst of the energy of the waters.

The boat took another round and again we went through the gushing waters – wow! I hadn’t expected these strong energies. We all laughed when the boat came out again and drove back to the landing platform.

When I put on my clothes it started raining. A nice blessing of the waters, I thought.

We then went to the “Devil’s Throat” which we now called Angels’ Throat. In the meantime more tourists had arrived. For a while we gazed like hypnotized into the huge masses of waters. Sometimes birds seemed to disappear behind the falls. From the abyss clouds of fine mist ascended and were blown like passing angels over the upper river or came blessing us.

At lunchtime it was still raining. We stood around some umbrellas of a kiosk and observed the play of the coatis, small furry animals with long mouths. There were warnings not to feed them. But they were clever. A man came with a pizza and put it on a table. A coati attacked him and while the man chased it away a group of 7, 8 coatis jumped on the table and disappeared with his fresh pizza. Angry he went into the kiosk again and came out with another pizza. And again they tried to get hold of it. Miquel from our group laughingly said, they are really doing a good group cooperation. I could successfully defend my sandwich…

Afterwards we again went to the Superior Trail above the falls. Inma, a doctor from Barcelona, had brought a small carved stick decorated with some ribbons and “Peace on Earth” in 4 languages on the four sides of the stick. On tours to holy places she uses to plant somewhere a “peace stick” but this time the stick should “go with the flow”. We formed a triangle, sang 7 times OM and then she threw the stick with our blessings into the roaring fall. When we returned to the railway station we saw a beautiful toucan with its huge orange beak sitting on a tree.

The train took us back to the entrance, where our taxis picked us up again. Next day, Meinrad and me were returning via Rio and Frankfurt to Switzerland, while the rest of the group had one more day to visit again the falls.

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  1. Doris & Günter Says:

    Dear Ludger,
    Thank you so much for sharing these impressions and your profound narrations. We can imagine the strong energies of driving with high speed through the water fall. We are deeply touched.
    With love
    Doris & Günter

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