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Group Living in Posadas and Journey to Puerto Iguazu

Monday, 31 August around 9.30 pm we arrived at the Centro de Espiritualidad Fátima in Posadas, located at a catholic nuns’ monastery/seminary of missionaries who had come from Germany. A beautiful park with high trees partly with orchids surrounded the old main building. A part of our group, including myself, was located there, while another part lodged in a newer building in another area of the huge ground. I got a small cell where the room was much higher than the base; it was simple but suited for a seminar, even a tiny bathroom.

The group of Posadas had arranged a beautiful altar with a big poster of Nicholas Roerich’s painting of the World Mother. The main topic of the meeting was about the occult side of the sign of Virgo:

“Normally we do not meet so much with the groups of the West in the month of Virgo. Once I spoke about it in Argentina and about service in Montserrat, and the Virgin dimension in St. Moritz. Now I am presenting to you the other dimension, the pride and the intellect. If you relate to Virgo it is causing the fall. Not all in Virgo is virgin nature. A part of it relates to pride, a part of it relates to intellect and a part relates to virgin nature. The first part is that of virgin nature, the second part relates to intellect and the third part relates to pride. Once the pride sets in the fall is certain. Men of pride are bound to fall. Men of intellect are bound to complicate themselves. Men of virgin nature have the facility of the impression of light, love and will. The soul qualities can reflect and can be received when there is virgin nature. Virgin nature enables the reflection of divine nature and also what is beyond the 3 qualities as pure consciousness. Pure consciousness leads us into 3 qualities which are called divine qualities, will knowledge and activity. These four constitute the divine side of nature they can be reflected on Akasha which we call virgin nature. This we call sky, the virgin matter. It is reflection upon that; the higher reflects itself on the Akasha. The nature most high reflects on Akasha and by such reflection the formations happen on the lower planes of matter. This impression causing imagery is called Samudra. If you look for the meaning of Samudra it says ocean. But if you get into the key of etymology it reflects that which is above. That is why we have the statement as above so below, that is the virgin nature. That which is higher is reflected and the nature impregnates, bringing down divine manifestation. That is where the virginity of nature, the Immaculate Conception. Immaculate means, by impression it receives and gets impregnated. When you reach that nature in you you are with the will of God, the plan, the knowledge of God. Everything impregnates you. According to that you function here.“

Thursday there was a fire ritual where also one of the nuns participated. It was followed by a marriage ritual. At the close of the seminar there was a question-answer session. Dr. Kumar picked up again the point that humans should better not live together with animals / pets in the house since their presence will draw from us: “They are not very contributive to you, you contribute to them.” The animals and plants should be left in their natural surroundings. Sacred plants can be in the compound but not in the house; flowers, however, are fine. If animals come by themselves to stay with us for a while it is ok but we should not try to keep them with us. Crystals and precious stones as well as silver and gold are very good; iron should be kept outside. Leather is fine for humans, when it is treated the animal vibrations are out. It is better than synthetic materials.

Thursday evening there was a public lecture in the town-hall, which was completely filled. A children’s choir gave a welcome. Dr. Kumar spoke about education, human values and the need of cooperation. At the beginning there was some noise and hustle and bustle in the hall but the topic captured all. With his humorous stories and vivid examples, Dr. Kumar captured the attention of all and in the end there was a thunderous applause.

Friday morning the bus brought us to the Parana River, where a white catamaran boat was waiting for us. During about 3 hours we had a beautiful ride up the river. We had a stop in front of a grotto of the Virgin Mary on the Paraguay side of the river and at some impressive rocks in a rainforest area, where the native Indians used to do rituals.

Later at a ship’s berth of a hotel in the forest our bus picked us up again and we continued our ride towards Iguazu, where we arrived in the late afternoon.


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