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Buenos Aires City Tour and Beginning of the Seminar

Tuesday morning we continued our city tour – bur first we had to walk a while to reach the place where we left off the bus tour the day before. And since the buses started over an hour later we decided to continue walking to the next bus stop point. High skyscrapers and a lot of traffic were the major impression of that part of the journey. Finally we caught a bus only to get off a few kilometres later at the Japanese garden – quite a contrast to the quarter we went through before. It is springtime in Argentina now, and we saw that the first cherry trees had already blossomed. We enjoyed the serene beauty of the little lakes with gold fishes and a read bridge, statues, rocks, a tea house and, of course, some bonsai trees.

Since the time of our ticket was running down – we could continue once we board the bus – we decided to take a shortcut of the tour and drove back into the direction of our hotel. Some hundred metres before the hotel we saw a nice Italian restaurant. We were very astonished when we entered – there our lost German friends were sitting with two Argentinian friends. So we came to know about their adventures of the flight being cancelled and how they stood just in front of the gate at Frankfurt airport when they were not allowed to come in since the boarding was about to be completed…

In the afternoon we walked over to the Bibioteca Teosófica, the Theosophical Library of Buenos Aires, where the evening talk of Dr. Kumar was to take place. There were already a number of Argentinian friends, and they gave us a very warm welcome. I met a few people whom I knew via the web but now saw them for the first time live.

A quarter to 6 Dr. Kumar and his wife came – and there was again that thrill in the audience which I experienced also many times before at other occasions. The group had prepared an Indian song which they sung as a welcome greeting. After evening meditation, Dr. Kumar started his talk about “The Voice of Silence” – not the well-known booklet of H. P. Blavatsky but the experience of the voice itself. Here is a very short extract from my notes:

“There is a triangular door (Master shows the forehead). There are 3 points in the forehead, there are Ida, on the top of left eyebrow, and Pingala on the top of right eyebrow, and the Sushumna, on the centre of the front. That is the take-off point. Stay inside, just visualize. Imagine that you go there and move out into the sky. It is all silence around, above it is silence, below it is silence. If you can stay for a while there we can listen to the voice of silence. The voice of silence is the voice of God. When we go beyond the trinity in us, it is not the point of will, of love and of light, it is the basis of all this, into which we have to get in. Then the Voice is heard. Generally you hear the humming sound. But there is a plan that you can also hear. That is all the work is. The most high meditation is needed to hear the voice. Go beyond the triple nature. It is in the 9th nature of pure consciousness. There you listen to the voice of silence.”

Around half past nine we started to walk back to the hotel. And when nearly an hour later I got into my bed, I immediately fell asleep…


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