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“Journey into the Unknown” – Swiss Group Living with Dr. Kumar

28 June I went to a meeting of Dr. Kumar with Swiss group members in Hergiswil. Besides the Master and his wife Krishna Kumari and Ramana, we were a small group of 11 persons from Switzerland, 2 from Austria and 1 from Germany. As already in the previous years it was an inspiring encounter. He first gave a talk on “Journey into the Unknown” for 1.5 hours, and as usual, I typed what was being said:

“Many times there is an unconscious pull which becomes conscious later. The unknown is always bewildering and keeps us engaged… Many times we move by impulse. Impulse is the inner push. It comes from the unknown side of our being, and after we make the movement, when the conscious side of the being says, Why all this? Many times we don’t find an answer. The question comes from the conscious part of being. The super-conscious which is not yet conscious, which we call unconsciousness, pushes us. We are already moved by the super consciousness… The unknown cannot be structured; as it comes it can be given to language. The language is not adequate but it is the only way….”

After the talk we had a question-and-answer session for an hour. And afterwards we had Spaghetti together before returning home again.

As a short glimpse here is the answer to the question: “What is the meaning of a retrograde planet?”

“Normally when a planet is retrograde people say it is retrogressive but from spiritual point of view it is the planet to work out your spirituality. Spirituality means to work out all that is in the past. A man that is in the progress of objectivity, a retrograde planet enables you to regress into subjectivity. A planet retrograde, that function can be put to spiritual progression. You take the quality of the planet and it enables you to retrace. What is an apparent challenge can be made to a positive thing. If you turn the sail in relation to that function it becomes a favourable character. That is how you need to utilise setting the right sail in relation to that planet. If Jupiter is retrograde, in the normal astrology they say, you have no kind or right eating, your comprehension is not good, you cannot expand until the retrograde one orients rightly. Instead of setting the sail to objectivity set it to subjectivity. So you can get a much better inner understanding and you have no problems with eating. If you go on in retrograde it is not helpful but if you go inside it is good. It means either into objectivity or subjectivity. A normal astrologer when he sees, oh you have so many retrograde planets, the other person is half dead. All occult sciences must be expressed in their positive dimension never in their negative. This is a different astrology.”


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