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Beauty of Winter

The weekend I like to air and have a walk where the gaze can wander to the horizon – it feels like expanding the soul.

Last weekend we had a walk in Ried near Worb, about 10 km from our home. There was a bluish brilliance in the air and the sun reflected from the fresh white snow. When I looked at the farmhouse where we had parked our car I saw a gallery of big cowbells hanging at the window.

We went up the hill and there was a gorgeous panorama. At first the road was clean but then we entered a small path where the fresh snow scrunched under our feet. The village of Biglen was sleeping in the afternoon sunshine. On a meadow a small ski-lift transported children and parents up the hill – the air was filled with their voices.

We went over a white field towards a farmhouse and then returned walking towards the sun. When we came along the backyard of a farm some icicles were hanging to the gutter.

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