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Fantastic Fungi: The Hidden Internet of Mushrooms

We know from the wisdom teachings hat all nature is inter-related, and it is getting more and more confirmed by modern science. At the same time a tremendous extinction process is going on on the planet caused by us humans – water, soils, biodiversity, bees, and the basis for our foods are being poisoned or otherwise destroyed or degraded by mono-cropping, factory farms, creation of transgenic organisms…

The inter-relatedness of life is not just an esoteric idea. The new research on mycelium, or the branching, threadlike vegetative portion of fungi, shows that it is like a high-speed internet under our feet, a network of vital information transferring the right nutrients to the right plants to ensure optimal vitality and nutrient density. It also helps detoxify, purify and recycle soil to ensure plants can grow in the most nutrient-rich conditions.

Two months ago, I read an article in the Swiss magazine NZZ Folio about the Wood Wide Web, the giant communication network in the forests. Some days ago, a Canadian friend sent me a link to the trailer of a new, extraordinary film about the same topic, “Fantastic Fungi – The Spirit of Good“. It is a 3D documentary feature by Louie Schwartzberg about Paul Stamets, a renowned mycologist, author and visionary on how mushrooms can save the world. Here is a trailer to the film – see also below.

‘Fantastic Fungi’ helps to create a new vision about the importance of the natural world from a new, ‘down to earth’ perspective. The website is for foodies, scientists and explorers…. Read more on BBC Earth about the hidden internet of plants. And this is the website of Paul Stamets, Fungi Perfecti – the finest mushroom products “for home and garden, farm and forest, people and planet”.

Fantastic Fungi_The_Spirit_of_Good
Photo (c) from the trailer Fantastic Fungi


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  1. sebastien Says:

    changes came also to declassified mushroom as vegetal but is now an hybrid beetwen vegetal and animal, stressing on the second as it has been observed features belonging to animal kingdom also…
    Now, when you think also to the tremendous power of the so called magic mushrooms, and the networking assured into forest, we can imagine the cerebral neuronal networking they produced in a human brain to gain more wisdom.
    And so much studies prove the fact of enlightement beside deep healing with them!

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