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“Normcore” and “Normal Temperament”: Breathtakingly Inconspicuous

A few days ago I read an article about the German national team at the World Cup in Brazil – not about their sport performance, which I followed only vaguely, but their fashion.

The article remarked that though the German team never had much sympathy in Switzerland the trendy soccer viewer should notice that the Germans are trend-setters:

Unlike all players of other teams who wear tattoos, long hair, beards or use other ways “to make a difference”, the German team is “breathtakingly inconspicuous”. Even in their physique they are no muscle-men. He wrote that he took “normcore” as a media hype but that this team displays a “hardcore normal existence” – demonstrating that even no special hairstyle is needed to win a match.

Not just normcore – the international football birds of the “Fifa Bird Cup” 2014 on a garage door at the Lake Lucerne

I had to think of what Master CVV teaches about “normal temperament” as a fundamental attitude required in spiritual life. Sri Kumar explains it:

“Do not live above the ground. Be practical and be normal. Have no anxiety in you that others should recognise that you are spiritual. Make no efforts to enable others to understand that you are spiritual. As far as possible, keep a veil. As far as your spiritual understanding is concerned transact with the other person as a normal human being. Always keep the spiritual understanding in the background. Do not use too many spiritual terms in your anxiety to make others know that you are also spiritual. If possible, hide it. Wait to understand the other person, speak to him in the same language and terms that he speaks. Don’t use terms which he does not use. … You carry your understanding in you and then according to the others’ understanding you transact with him on that plane. Keep the higher understanding in you. Don’t vomit your higher understanding. At all levels meet the understanding of the other man.”

So let’s retain normal temperament in all events of life.

Admiring the Bird Cup pictures….

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