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An Incredible Guidance

Two days ago I had a fascinating experience of guidance:

At 6.30 am I drove my wife to the railway station in our village. She was going to Geneva airport for a trip to England, to the next course module of her spiritual regression formation.

About half an hour later I got a phone call: My wife just had noticed that she had left her train, flight and bus tickets on her desk – if I could come to Lausanne and be there shortly after 8. I said, that’s impossible, it’s too far, but I’ll immediately start. I took the tickets, the navigation system and hurried down to the car. Soon I was on the highway – early morning rush hour around Berne…

As soon as I was out of the surroundings of the city, I speeded up, always a bit more than allowed. 115 km. – At 8.40 I arrived in front of Lausanne railway station. On the electronic billboard it said that a train was about to leave to Geneva at 8.42 from platform 5.

I did a sprint through the crowd, rushed up to the platform and saw the train still standing. I ran along the wagons. And out of one of the wagons I saw the head of my wife. She felt relieved and laughed when I handed over the tickets – the door closed and the train set off. A matter of only a few seconds.

In the evening we had a Skype call: She told me that when she noticed that she had forgotten the tickets she rang me up with the mobile of a fellow traveller. Then she did the whole rest of the journey a “tracing”, visualising how the tickets would arrive in time. (We had seen a fantastic video documentary about Anna Breytenbach, a South African animal communicator, see the blog-post. There she described how she does animal tracing to find an animal in the wilderness.) My wife asked inwardly the guides and angels for help and felt confidential that the tickets would arrive in time.

At Lausanne, she met a friend with whom she was going to the seminar in England. The lady said that they can’t wait on the train station, because it might get too late going to Geneva by car, there is often heavy traffic. They tried to ring me up but I was on the highway and without my mobile.

So they entered the train. My wife still felt confidential but the circumstances didn’t look like that. They entered the crowded train and decided to remain standing at the entrance. Just before the train started my wife had the impulse to look out of the train. And this was just the moment I came running along the wagons and saw her….

During the ride from Berne to Lausanne, my wife felt so full of confidence that the ticket controller believed her story and didn’t charge her a fine for travelling without ticket.

Lausanne railway station, platform 5 – extract of a pic from Wikipedia

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