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The Double Pyramid – a Protective Shield

In the last blogpost on the Astro-Forum in Hamburg I gave a short description of a visualisation exercise with the double pyramid and the planets on the central axis I did with the group. I like this exercise which I do every morning in a standing position after doing some yoga asanas.


Two days ago I cam across an interesting extract of a transcription from a seminar of Sri Kumar in Hamburg 1989, where he gave more details about the work with the double pyramid as a powerful protection shield. In the text he mentions the mantram Saravanabhavaya, which you find described in the book on Mantrams  and which you can listen here. So here is the extract from the lecture (c: WTT India / Dhanishta Editions):

“Then we come to the meditation of the 6-faced Kumara. North and South, Each and West are the four directions, and we have two more directions, one is above, the other is below. With above and below, we have the six directions. From all these six directions, six types of energies visit us. They can be positive, if we are positive, they can be negative, if we are negative.

There is one triangle upwards and another triangle downwards making a rombus. Imagine that from the East there is a ray of light and wisdom coming into you and from the South there is a ray of love coming and meeting you in the heart. From the West you can imagine another ray of strength coming and meeting you in the heart. From the North it is the energy of silence coming as a ray and meeting you in the heart.

It is the light and wisdom of the East,
the love of the South,
the strength of the West,
the silence of the North

meeting you in a 4-fold direction in the center of your heart. You have already the cross fixed in you, because there is one energy coming from the front of you and another energy coming from the back and meeting at the same point in the heart. You have the center of the cross in your heart and you have the projection on all four sides. Then you connect up the four and you image that from above the four points are connected. Now you can see the dome and the base.

From above you invoke the Lord who for our purposes can be considered as the energy of Vasistha, and you have the dome connected from below to the four points.

There is a pyramid constructed from below and a pyramid constructed from above, the energy of the apex is that of Vasistha, and the energy that comes from below is Agastya. So, in the double pyramid you are totally covered. When the six angles are connected, you have the double pyramid built around you. The six angles are invoked with the six energies. One is wisdom, another is love, another is strength, and the fourth one is silence. This is how the cross is built, and with the energies from above which are the energies of Vasistha, and with the energies of Agastya, the two pyramids are constructed.

The two names Vasistha and Agastya which we use in the fire ritual are the names Indra Vishnu and Agna Vishnu in the Veda. Agna Vishnu is the one who burns up from below upwards. Indra Vishnu is the one who shines from above downwards. There is downpour of light from above downwards, and there is upsurge of light from below upwards. It is a 2-directional fire work. So, you have the wisdom, the love, the strength, the silence meeting in your heart center along with the 2-directional fires.

This is how the six syllables are uttered. When the pyramid is built on a daily basis and established around you, it is like a diamond armoury. From head to toe there is total coverage through this protective shield. It is a diamond-like protective shield that shines forth with great brilliance. You know how a diamond shines, when there is the light of the Sun? It not only makes various colours, but the colours that are reflected are very sharp, very brilliant. If you expose a pearl to the Sun, you can see some colours in it according to the angle. But if you expose a diamond to the Sun and then make angles, the colours it makes are so sharp and so brilliant, they sometimes blind your eyes. That is the kind of sharpness we have developed around us.

It looks as though we have developed an outer shield, but then this statement has its own inversion. We have to reverse the inversion. The inversion is that we find as if we have developed it around us. It is not something that is built around us through this meditation, but something from our heart unfolds as the two pyramids, while we keep making an external construction in meditation. The seed relating to the double pyramid is in the heart, and it unfolds itself and fills us from within outside. Then we carry that kind of aura around us. We can see the etheric of that person so well developed. It is not only transparent, it is effectively transparent.

…It is not mere development of an etheric body around us, it is a very brilliant and effective etheric that affects positively others. That is how the 6-syllabled mantra has to be meditated upon.

The mantra Saravanabhava is meditated after building the double pyramid. Each time you utter the mantra Saravanabhava you construct each of the directions, and then by six utterances you complete the double pyramid, sit happily inside and keep uttering as many times as you like. You are totally insulated. There is no question of any disturbance coming from outside. Inside there will be total clearance. …

Like this, the double pyramid will make you reach the high state of blissful existence.”

Here is a painting I did in 2010, about the double pyramid: “Libra – Balancing the Higher and the Lower Pole”. You find here a description.


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