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A New Moon of Neptune Discovered

Beginning of July, 2013, a new tiny moon of Neptune has been discovered. It is a fast little space traveller of 18 km in diameter surrounding Neptune in less than one day, and he has the non-poetic name of S/2004 N 1 but he brings Neptune’s retinue of known moons to fourteen. He took a good time for his discovery – there is just a precise great trine between Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter in the watery signs of Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer.

By the way, spiritual astrology hints at the link between Neptune and the music of the soul: In a seminar on Cancer Sri Kumar explained:

“The whole creation is the music of the soul, and the soul naturally responds to high quality of music. Our solar system itself responds to the music of Neptune. Neptunian music will put you out of your mind instantly. People are taken beyond their mental and buddhic planes directly into the soul plane to receive the related bliss.” So tune in to the subtle tunes of the sublime spheres.

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Neptune (c) NASA

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