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A Test with a Rose

Yesterday I got a beautiful time-lapse video about the opening of a rose. And here is a short extract from the book “The Teachings of Sanat Kumara” by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar about a test with a rose a Master of Wisdom used to do with aspirants:

“To see how much harmlessness one carries, a Master of Wisdom used to play a trick. He gave a rose to the one who came to him and conversed with the person who held the rose in the hand. If the rose crippled with the touch of the person, he did not prefer to give wisdom to such a person. If the rose remained intact for long hours and continued to be fresh, he allowed them to get into the occult training. Observe the plants around you, the animals around you and the humans around you. If they blossom at your side, you are in a good way of harmlessness. If they shrink with your presence, observe that there is a lot to be desired in terms of harmlessness.”

Here are three other beautiful time-lapse videos.

A Rose for you:



2 Responses to “A Test with a Rose”

  1. V.V.B.S.MURTHY Says:

    Namasthe Sir,
    Very nice video clipping of the Rose.
    What was written by you was very much correct. Even for that matter if a Tulasi Plant at our door side or back yard though properly watered if it crippled it indicates some negative thing may happen shortly. So also what you have written was very muich correct in that the plants, animals and other colleague human beings survive well it indicates the positive vibes that one emit give others a better living.
    Thanks for covering very nice article and a video
    with warm regards

  2. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Namaste Mr. Murthy
    Thank you for your feedback and your example. Yes, very true what you have written. The lines I took, however, weren’t from me but from Master Kumar’s book.

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