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Balancing Expressions of Beauty

A Canadian friend sent me the link to an astonishing balance act performance by a Chinese artist. I found the same balance act done by a Swiss artist, Lara Jacobs Rigolo, and this in a less showy feminine performance, with meditative music. A mastery of the forces of gravity.

And if you would like to see another meditative video, have a look at “Kawu Sun” (below) – beautiful scenes of weightless floating in water and encountering a sea cow / manatee. All videos have in common that they are an outer expression of inner balance, harmony and beauty.


4 Responses to “Balancing Expressions of Beauty”

  1. V.V.B.S.MURTHY Says:

    Dear Sir,
    Wav!!!!!! Great.
    I am jealous of you for these great collections, where from are you gathering such things. Please take me along with you so that I can also contribute whatever best I can.
    Both the items deserve special mention: Mdm. LaraJacob’s balancing act was marvellously fantastic and superb.
    Secondly Kawa Sun (alpha kawa) at first I thought it was a stage performamance later I could understand it was within water. Great things.
    Superbly well, fantastic and great many thanks for sharing them.
    with warm regards

  2. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Dear Mr. Murthy
    Thank you very much for your feedback. I have friends in different countries who share with me what they find. They send them to E-mail:
    I also have a “Friends’ List” where I send photos / powerpoints which I don’t publish on the blog due to copyright questions. If you would like to be included in this mailing list, please let me know. (there is a mailing every 1-2 weeks.).
    Warm regards

  3. Srikanth Chivukula Says:

    Truly Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

  4. V v b s murthy Says:

    Thank u very much sir,
    Kindly include my name and my mailing address in your mailing list and start sending me the items. On my side I will also send to you the things that are as and when ready and available.
    Thank you very much sir,
    With highest regards

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