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CVV Sharing Meeting

Last weekend I was in Northern Germany for the annual CVV Sharing meeting. It was the 4th meeting, but for me it was the first. We were 36 WTT members – from Scandinavia, Germany, and me from Switzerland, meeting at a spiritual seminar centre on the countryside. It was a thrilling and very fulfilling experience in group integration. The meditative work opened a space to subtle spheres, and the meeting was an exchange in the spirit of synthesis. There was a team of organisers, but the group was the guide of the meetings. And though we all were different personalities, you could feel the profound and unifying potential of the group. There was a beautiful spiritual presence, which expressed through the group. And I enjoyed that for the first time I could present the new format of my paintings to a little public.

Morning light at the entrance of the seminar centre MaRah

Arrival / the entrance – cold and stormy wheather

The seminar hall and the inner yard

The candle and flowers in the centre of the hall

Early morning group meditation

Sharing – group experience

Master CVV – the inspirator of the meetings in the spirit of synthesis

In a little side-room I arranged a presentation of my images

Early morning light over a frozen pond

Though it was the beginning of spring, the temperature was – 8 ° C.

The group

5 Responses to “CVV Sharing Meeting”

  1. shivatronic Says:

    So what did you share about talking?
    what was this group life about?
    Namaskaram Master

  2. Srikanth Chivukula Says:

    Quite nice, I liked it.

  3. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    We had exchanges on how we experience the soul, giving practical examples from one’s life, an input (where I didn’t participate because of another talk outside) about Death – The Great Adventure, about “Maybe it is totally different. Or Greetings from Socrates” – not to take things for given what we seem to understand / think in spiritual contexts, about “It doesn’t hurt at all – on rules and structures”, and “Take it easy? or what is divine disinterest?” (very good input and discussion.
    The theme of the meeting is sharing the energy of synthesis with each other, a gathering in the spirit of the energy of Master CVV. The organisors wrote: Knowing the deep truth of the quote of John Lennon: ‘Life is what happens while you are doing plans’, we have done plans and life will decide what happens with the plans. – The plans turned out to be goo.

  4. V.V.B.S.MURTHY Says:

    Master CVV Namaskarams to your lotus feet!!!!!
    Namasthe to you too Sir, for this valuable article shared with us. You are rendering a great service in the name of Master and the Trust. I am not that great a person to appreciate your deeds and acts but seeing the things on the surface which are delightfullly filling the heart and minds of masses it truly deserve a say “agood deeds” May the Master Bless you with all bountiful riches in the direction of Spiritual progress and thru you lot many things to be carried out for all of us.
    thanks and with great regards

  5. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Dear Mr. Murthy
    There is nothing great in this sharing, we are all great insofar as we have the divine spark in us. I just like to share a bit when time allows – and it is a joy.
    Yes, there is the blessing of the Master, evidently, to him the thanks belong.
    Kind regards

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