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Wonderful Art of Chinese Painter Abraxsis Der Jen, 东方画姬——德珍

I got a beautiful powerpoint with pictures of the Chinese painter Abraxsis Der Jen. I couldn’t find out much about her, but saw this sublime video which shows the paintings from the powerpoint and more. See also the videos on YouTube. And here are her paintings on Pinterest.

The expression of the women depicted is like from supermundane planes – expressing a gracious noblesse and purity, with alabaster-like faces, clad in precious brocade tissues and decorated with gorgeous flowers or ornaments.

Painting of Abraxsis Der Jen (c)

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  1. june Says:

    The blog is very interesting to me because of the paintings and clear explanations. The variety of paintings collection is amazing. I have seen this type of painting before but I thought it was computer works. Again the work is very impressive and awesome.

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