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Libra – Birth of the New Earth

I went through turbulent times during the first 6 months of the year. It culminated in receiving my notice of termination of my work contract after 21 years. I felt a great relief, it was for me a sign that something new, better would come. In a meditation the vision of the picture “Libra – Birth of the New Earth” came to me. I saw the old structures collapsing, the energy being withdrawn, and at the same time felt the seed of the new sprouting, though not yet manifest. And so the picture was finished 16 June 2012.

For the painting I used different photos – one of the skyline of Hong Kong, which I transformed with Photoshop, one of a painting of angels I had googled some time ago, and others. You see brightly illuminated high-rise buildings on a burning ground which are about to crumble down. And in the depth there is the formation of a new globe out of shining etheric flowers manifesting in a field of deep blue. A group of angels is observing the beauty with rapt attention.

There is a tremendous contrast between the subtlety of the new earth and the display of grandeur of the old structures, which are ready to sink into the abyss. For me the picture is a figure for the present situation in many areas of life – not in the physical sense of a physical new earth coming into being, but of new worlds opening up when you drop the debris of the old.

You find a description of the deeper meaning of the picture in the following lines from the book on Hercules by Sri K. Parvathi Kumar:

“Many are the secrets of Libra. The whole bubble bulging like a globe is an aspect of Libra. Emergence of a point and becoming a space globe is an aspect of Libra. An emergence of an impulse becoming a planetary globe is an aspect of Libra. The growth from the centre to the circumference is an aspect of Libra. The point bulges on all sides, from centre to circumference and from circumference to centre. The key is held by Libra.”

You find more paintings here.

2 Responses to “Libra – Birth of the New Earth”

  1. Julie Oxford Says:

    Ludger, I had indeed prayed for your welfare after your 21-year stint collapsed. Now I see you have cleared the old for the new. I’m so happy for you and your magic “Hoover” (Hoover: American brand-name vacuum cleaner).

    Libran Blessings to you!

  2. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Julie, yes, I feel that something new is on the way – I’ll let you know when it is manifest. It is an intense time of reorientation – may the “Hoover” continue its good work.
    Also to you a good Libran balance between Heaven and Earth.

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