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4 Eggs, 4 Weeks

A robin lays her four eggs in a hanging basket and the home owners set up a camera to film the results. The mother looks so bewildered at the end …. where are those kids? It reminds of the destiny of parents with the children growing up and flying away. A life-story in 03:33 minutes. If your life runs just like this, it is time to reorient to some higher purpose…

3 Responses to “4 Eggs, 4 Weeks”

  1. Julie Oxford Says:

    So fascinating I had to share it on FB… Charming. What wonderful people these must be…

  2. Dinu Says:

    Beautiful Nature! Look how it increased the quantity of food gradually as the chicks grew!

  3. Christina Says:

    Musste es auch gleich auf FB teilen. Bin ja froh, dauert es noch lange, bis meine Kleine “ausfliegt”…

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