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St. Michael’s Energies, Hercules and Aquarian Waters in Valencia

We yesterday had a silent full moon day in the house of our friends in Valencia – intense talks and some subtle works. In the evening two other friends came. One told us about a nearby energetic spot, the Monastery of St. Michael in Lliria. So we decided to go there Friday morning. Together with Carlos we drove to Lliria where we already could see the monastery from the highway. But it was a bit difficult to find the way up – there were only few signs showing the way and we once took a “wrong” road – but we had a short stop to get nice tasting carob fruits we picked from some old trees.

When we entered the inner yard the guardian asked us if we are the friends of Sabina – she already had phoned there and also was coming to come. He opened for us the doors of the church and let us in and later he also opened for us the sacristy which was filled with statues of St. Michael and the Virgin.

The church wasn’t very old, but built at a place where there had been ritualistic temples already in very ancient times, and at the place of the “modern” monastery there had been an older one till the 19th century.

At the altar there was a beautiful huge statue of St. Michael fighting the dragon, and many paintings of angels at the roof. I thought of what H.P. Blavatsky explains about the dragon – the souls (our I AM) which descended into matter and which now ascends again towards the Light.

We felt the presence of some old departed souls which still clinged to the place and there was some “astral garbage” around, especially. We did a short ritual for releasing them, and when Sabina sang aloud a song to CVV I felt like going up above the church, sensing the presence of a most sublime deva energy radiating from this top all around over the country. We all felt much uplifted and joyful.

View from the monastery to the Mediterranean in the background. Our friend told us that she had several times seen from here UFO movements in the night coming up from the plains.

Afterwards the guardian told us about the history of the place, which was already used for ritualistic purposes in ancient-most times. He showed us photos of nearby excarvations of a Roman mosaic showing the 12 labours of Hercules, which is now in a museum in Madrid.

Hercules is the man who becomes an initiate when going through the 12 labours related to the 12 sun signs. You find a very good introduction to the spiritual dimension of these labours in the book on Hercules by Sri Kumar.

In the afternoon our friends took us for a short visit to the centre of Valencia. We drove along the old river-bed which now is a park interspersed with buildings such as the famous buildings of Calatrava. We went for a short visit into the cathedral, but didn’t sense anything special there; then we went to a nearby church of the Virgin, where we nearly went out backwards – there was such a huge amount of astral garbage around in the atmosphere that all of us felt like suffocating. We sat in front of the church and did some invocations to cleanse the “air” and later went in again. My wife dowsed there and the “air” might have been a little bit lighter.

The cathedral of Valencia and the church of the Virgin at the left

At the house of the cardinal there was a statue which reminded me of ages past… and the feelings of inner “vomiting” which the pressure of these experienced had provoked in me in this life.

A beautiful statue of St. Michael in front of the house of the city council – everywhere you see signs of spiritual realities, but you have to contact inwardly to perceive their subtle presence. otherwise these are just historical statues.

A fountain in front of the church representing the river god – for me it was Jupiter with some Aquarian water bearing devas spreading the fresh waters of life.

In the evening we again had some inner work and exchanges with our friends. A very rich time.

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