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Girona – Encountering the Presence of the Past and the Presence of the Future

Yesterday morning after breakfast we started from Banyoles to Girona. We we wanted to meet friends at 11 in the centre of the city, at the Plaza Catalunya. We were some minutes too early, so I took some pictures of the river crossing the centre and the place.

In front of the house

Our friend Mar is a physician and a dentist and her husband Josep a nutritionist. A hearty welcome, and then we went up to see their practice. Mar is doing biological dentistry, her practice is the only one in Girona and she also uses some very modern techniques of pain relief, neuro-therapy. There were not just the elements of a doctor’s practice, but also a number of a bit hidden things of their spiritual work:

Angels playing silent music on the wall. The grand-father of Mar had been a sclupturor making these angels, and Mar’s mother had been painting the sculptures of her father.

Master EK besides the telephone

The hands of Master KPK doing a water ritual besides the dentist’s chair

Ganesha greeting the patients at the reception table – they told me that the trunk of Ganesha pointing to the right symbolises support for spiritual unfoldment, while at most statues the trunk of Ganesha points to the left, symbolising material growth.

On the bookshelves between scientific books some symbols of inner archetypes and the OM

Aswani – the name of the practice Sri Kumar had given, named after the Indian twin-gods and healers, the Aswins. They are represented with horse-heads, symbols of the life force. You discover it in the painting. The whole practice was breathing Aquarian energies of the future. But we were also talking about the impact of the presence, the economic crisis in Spain, which hits many persons here and forces qualified professionals to search for a living abroad. Stories of the drama of an entire country in the clutches of economic recession.

Afterwards we went to their home, which was just around the corner in a nearby street, next to the Savoy hotel. First they showed us the lobby rooms of the hotel, for their house and the hotel are in the locations of an ancient monastery and you still can see the vaults and arcs of the ancient halls and cells.

Looking up the wall. The first balcony is from the apartment of our friends

Old wrought-iron decoration on the entrance door to the house

When we went up to their apartment I had a strange sensation which I thought it must have to do with this place. We first had a look around in the different rooms and in the centre a beautiful small covered inner courtyard where there was the meditation room.

Floating pots of fern in the courtyard

Krishna playing his flute in the little flower jungle

There was the feeling of some locked energies around, and we had the impression of the presence of long departed souls who didn’t move on to higher spheres, stuck there since the times of the old monastery. When talking about it we all had the same sensation and we decided to do a little ritual we had learned from Anton Styger for liberating these stuck souls and a space clearing for the remains of low astral debris. This inner work quickly showed a relief and the energy of the place seemed to become lighter and less burdensome. Our friends told us of other experiences they had with the presence of departed souls, but they hadn’t known how to deal with them. And they explained that in the past Girona had been a place of a number of atrocities in the name of religion and persecution – and when the remains of the old energies aren’t cleared away they don’t dissolve just like that; even if many modern people don’t believe in their existence and don’t have a sensorium for these realities they aren’t less influencing.

Afterwards we walked through the old town of Girona to a small restaurant with Breton pancakes and later had some horchata, a typical Spanish drink made with Chufas tiger nuts), and then again we strolled through oldtown alleyways back to our car. Angels were accompanying our way.

A little angel on the top of an old church

A shop window full of angels

An alleyway on the old town of Girona

In the later afternoon we went back to Banyoles, where our friends took us for a beautiful swim in the lake with a golden sunset behind the mountains, followed by a dinner in the garden till dark night.

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  1. J. Sue Gagliardi Says:

    How lovely; wish I had been there, but your pictures were wonderful!

  2. risa Says:

    Beautiful day, beautiful photos, beautiful writings/descrition.
    Was especially touched by Krishna playing his flute…
    Thank you…Risa

  3. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    thank you Risa for your lines – there is little time to sit at the computer to answer the mails…
    Cordially Ludger

  4. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    🙂 Thank you Sue

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