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Starting to Spain – A Travel Inside and Outside

Yesterday early morning we departed for our tour to Spain. During 3 weeks we will visit  group members of the WTT at different places along the Mediterranean coast but also in Madrid. Aurora, the head of WTT Spain, has helped us arranging and I had been busily arranging dates and details the last weeks.

In the morning it was cold outside, fog was laying over the countryside creating beautiful sceneries from the moisture of the heavy rainfalls of the last night.

Ready for take-off: A jet engine as a sculpture on the first motorway service station where we stopped for a tyre control.

Our travel companion – a light reflection or some devas at work protecting us on the journey?

The more we came to the south the more the heat was going up, and around 2pm, when stopping at a service station it was nearly suffocating. Some kilometers before the Spanish border the air was full of  smoke – forest fires. Helicopters were transporting water, we were closing the ventilation of the car and just quickly opened the window for paying at the toll station of the highway. When we passed over the pass to Spain all the forests on both sides, directly up to the highway was burned – an eerie scene.

We finally arrived at Banyoles, a little town not far from the Pyrenees, where our friend lives. A hearty welcome, a quick shower and then we had our evening meditation together. Two friends joined us. It was a beautiful feeling of familiarity – we knew each other from India this January and now we were sitting here together intonating the OM, in a vibrant atmosphere.

The friend of one of our friends, an Austrian living in Spain, took us for an evening walk along the beautiful lake of Banyoles where there had been the canoing of the Olympic games some years ago – now a mystical sunset was lighting the scene, while we were walking along an alley of plane trees.

A duck family passing by

Afterwards we were sitting in the garden for dinner till late, talking about experiences of guardian angels and accompanying dying persons, about the growth of the inner  child and spiritual transformations. Though tired from the long journey the magic of this profound exchange filled us with joy until we slipped into sleep.

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