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Playing with Shadows

Normally shadow is seen as the absence of light, having a negative connotation. In the fascinating works of the Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita he is sculpturing shadows to create “objects” through a single source of light. The objects just exist through the arrangement of other objects creating the form seen through the interaction with light. On his website you find a number of objects where the form he created is the shadow.

Here you see shadow persons talking:

In a Japanese video of a show you see some of his installations, fascinating:

You find more on YouTube.

In spirituality the shadow is the symbol of the personality and the soul of the inner Light. The self-conscious personality is but a reflection of the universal soul. Sri Kumar says in “The Aquarian Cross“: If we are after our shadow, we cannot reach the light. The shadow is nothing but our own personality. In so far as we continue to fulfil our personality needs, we are only running after our shadow. “When we are running after our own shadow we have no direction”, says Pythagoras.

So shadows is a topic for this time of Cancer, where the Sun starts its seeming southwards journey again and the shadows start getting longer.

Morning light shining on the Krishna statue in my work room

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  1. Murthy v v b s Says:

    Lord Shri Krishna’s true shadow I could see thru the Light. Great picture
    and very creative thought. Keep it up.
    thanks and regards

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