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Walks in the Surroundings

Here are some impressions of 2 walks in the surroundings 3 weeks ago. Nature displays its beauty in full splendour. Enjoy.

Horses at a nearby farm

An iris flower at the wayside

The farmhouse next to our house. Two horses are grazing in front of my study room

A goat waiting to be milked

Meditating on a meadow

A rare view – pigs enjoying open air instead of being imprisoned in stables

Curious cows

A beautiful “way up to heaven”

More black sheep than white ones…


There was a fantastic view of the Alps in the background

A little trail through the meadow

A little farmhouse in the valley

View from under a tree to the village of Biglen.

We meditated and did some inner work on the bench under the oak tree

Enjoying the swing

Sceptical but curious look

Miniature goats jumping on the hut

A cow greeting the visitors

Isn’t it Nessie from Lake Ness in Scotland?

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  1. Gabriele Willems Says:

    Vielen Dank für die schönen Bilder – ein besonders guter Kommentar , der mich spontan zum Lachen brachte, stand unter dem Bild mit Cyril ( grazing…). LG Gabriele

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