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“Flying Mystics”

I came across the beautiful video “Mount Kailash” from the CD “Begin Within” of a group called “Flying Mystics“. It says: “Flying Mystics creates music that takes one on a journey that is at once esoteric and visionary while remaining sensually intense and spiritually powerful. The group is composed of Zepi Morelli on the guitar, Flournoy Holmes playing flutes and percussion and Todd Roderick on drums and percussion. Wether playing temples, festivals or yoga studios Flying Mystics appeal to the spiritual roots of the world, creating music that reminds us of our mystical origins.”

Next to this film there was the following ashonishing video of a real flying mystic: Magician Dan White meets up with a Buddhist monk, in Nepal, who has the power of levitation. For years in the 70ies I had been with the Maharishi who claimed to teach levitation – I had seen thousands of people trying, but none really doing it. Though it is reported from many saints and sages, this is the first video document I see about it. – I know that levitation is a side-issue on the spiritual path, but nevertheless a clear demonstration of spirit ruling over matter.

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  1. Julie Oxford Says:

    Thank you sharing this. Although the siddhis are not foremost on the spiritual path, they certainly remind us of the power inherent in mantra and mind. I enjoyed seeing this! Om mani padre hum.

  2. V V B S MURTHY Says:

    I cannot give any comments, since I am incompetent in that I cannot play any instrument, I do not know the music, I cannot reach to such places, but I admire the art, culture, beauty of the Nature with my true Heart.
    I profusely express my sincere thanks to you.
    with loving regards

  3. Dinakar Says:

    Our Grand Master mentioned in a talk here about how the mantras/meditation make the cells of the body light, giving the example of Master CVV. He said that though Master CVV was a bit hefty in physique, he walked in very light steps which was the reason for the ‘light weight cells in the body’.

    Thanks for sharing this video.

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