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Varuna Deva

I just came across a music video about Varuna Deva, from the CD “Himalaya” by David Parson – nice. You might not know about Varuna. Here are some lines from the book “Uranus – the Alchemist of the Age” by Sri K. Parvathi Kumar about the relation of Uranus and Varuna (here is more about the book):

“Uranus is the planetary form aspect of Varuna – the supra-cosmic intelligence – who along with Mitra constitutes the two twins of creation. Varuna is the supra-cosmic feminine energy that turns masculine alternately in the successive states. The impact of Varuna upon our solar system is through the planet Uranus. The planet Uranus for this cycle was reinvented in 1781 marking the orientation of the present planetary humanity to the energies
of Varuna. It’s not the first time that Uranus was discovered, though in the present cycle it is claimed so. It was known to the Greeks as the Lord of Space. Uranus was said to be the father of Kronos and the grandfather of Zeus in Greek mythology. It is said to be the supra-cosmic twin principle along with Mitra in the Indian Puranas and mythology. Every time humanity recognizes a principal energy in the universe it only means that such energy has decided to work for human evolution…

Master C.V.V., a high soul from the ashram of Master Jupiter, said to have steered the energies of Varuna via the planetary Hierarchy of Sirius,  Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and linked the ancient Yoga through the principle of Varuna (Uranus) to speed up the yogic process…

Varuna is the Cosmic Lord, while Uranus is a planetary body. These two terms are interchanged as per the context…
Varuna is the supra-cosmic intelligence who deals with the material side of things right from the root-matter. The birth of matter from space and the key relating to it is held by Varuna. The passage between known and unknown, from birth to death and death to birth is filled by Varuna…

The alchemy of creation is the work of the Matter. Spirit continues to cooperate at every level. Transmutation of Matter is the main emphasis in the Aquarian Age, and the agent who conducts such transmutation is Varuna. The supracosmic principle Varuna is known as Uranus in the solar plane. Only due to the impact of Varuna there is the breaking of the atom and the unfoldment of a vista of knowledge which was foreign to us in the nineteenth century…

Varuna, a supra-cosmic intelligence working from the West with root-matter, is symbolized as a five year old boy with four hands. In one hand he holds the trident representing Neptune, mounts upon a white dragon and moves on the waters of space drawing lines of force with the trident and that is the directional force for the creation. That is how the symbol of Varuna is given, so that you can imagine, visualize and feel the presence.
All such visualizations of Varuna should be in the forehead – from the high point (top) of the forehead to the brow centre. Imagine the space waters – they are seemingly blue and white and no one can decide whether they are blue or white because Aquarius has no colour and is the background of all colours. Generally people attribute aquamarine colour to Uranus. But it is beyond colour and is seen in variations of blue to greenish blue as per the observers. Imagine space waters, which are whitish-blue. And imagine a brilliant white dragon moving in the space waters. Upon the white dragon there is a handsome boy with four hands and he holds a trident. As he moves in the waters of space, the trident is drawn on the surface creating lines of force – which are the directional lines set by Uranus in Aquarian Age. If you wish to be directed by Uranus in Aquarian Age you may visualize this symbol and also visualize the three lines that the trident is drawing in the space waters. This is the symbol of Varuna which can be visualized.”

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