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Evening Gate Closing Ceremony

This looks humoristic, but isn’t: An Indian friend sent me the link with the words:

This is actually pretty scary stuff..They hate each other…..
This is how the border between India and Pakistan is closed every evening!!
This is not a Monty Python comedy skit, but it sure does resemble one.
Keep in mind that each of us have nuclear weapons…

Update: A friend who attended the ceremony herself sent me an insightful comment. Please read

Read more about this “Wagah border ceremony” of the evening border closing of the only road connection between India and Pakistan on Wikipedia.
May the energies of the New Age blow away the pomp and show of separatism and overcome rituals.

3 Responses to “Evening Gate Closing Ceremony”

  1. Julie Oxford Says:

    Ludger, I attended this ceremony while I was in India in 2009. It was not scary at all, although this video makes it appear to be so. Everyone was quite peaceful and happy. The problems are with the governments, of course, but the individual souls and the audience were totally entertained. There was even some unofficial dancing allowed, first by Hindu youth and then, not to be outdone, by Pakistani youth. My companion on this tour was a Muslim from Kasmir. I learned from the inside more of what really is happening over there. It is politics and greed of the government officials, who are making a big mess of things and blaming each other.

  2. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Thank you Julie for your insightful comment. I will link to it in the main text.

  3. 3M Says:

    What is scary about an exercise that is obviously jointly choreographed and rehearsed? That would not have been possible without co-operation between the Indian and Pakistani guards/soldiers. I second Julie’s comments.

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