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City Traces in the Ocean – Dwaraka Found

A friend sent me the link to a video showing cities found deep before the Western coast of India. One of the city traces in the ocean is from Dwaraka, the city which submerged after the death of Lord Krishna. You might like to read about it in the fascinating book of Master EK: Man Sacrifice. Parts of the video are a bit sensation-seeking and fanciful, but the facts found are interesting.

2 Responses to “City Traces in the Ocean – Dwaraka Found”

  1. Melodie Says:

    Thank you for sharing this great and Interesting Video. Blessings. Melodie

  2. Julie Oxford Says:

    How timely, this historical marker. Some day perhaps the wisdom of Master E.K’s “Man Sacrifice” will be told in its true and natural light, instead of the “extra-terrestrial” spin. Nonetheless, this is an important discovery. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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