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Dwaraka Tirumala – A Mystic Powerspot in the Forests

ads through forests and tiny villages – we were quite away from civilisation. Suddenly I saw some temple towers in the wilderness, then some houses, and then a new big guest-house building where our busses stopped.

Where are we, we asked ourselves. What kind of a temple is it? We got nice big rooms, took a shower, then went with the busses to the temple compound.

At the beginning of the compound we left the busses. We saw a huge statue which we didn’t know. Later I heard it is representing Annamacharya, a singer-initiated who lived about 500 years ago and inspires many people even today.

We entered the temple through a huge gate and went around the inner temple.


The name of the temple is Dwaraka Tirumala, but I still had no idea what it was all about. We could read nothing, only Telugu letters. I followed closely Sri Kumar and Kumari and had the good luck to go with him into the innermost part of the temple. Two Vedic priest conducted a ritual and Sri Kumar was being honoured. We received flowers and sweets, then we went to a little side-shrine in the inner, where a mother goddess was standing, and then to another little shrine with another mother goddess. Some meters away Sri Kumar sat on the floor. There was a carpet and I sat there directly in front.

Then the Vedic priests came, offered him a seat, decorated him with a pink shawl and started reciting. Different priest sang in different modes.

Then they showered rice over him and also spread rice over us. We received a laddu, an Indian sweet. Then Sri Kumar started to talk, explaining what we had been witnessing, but not understanding

He said that in India, there are 4 most energetic spots, and we are at one of them. One is in the north, one in the south, one in the east, and this one is in the west. 5.500 years ago, after the departure of Lord Krishna, a sage went from Dwaraka, where Lord Krishna lived at the east coast of India, to this area to meditate. After intense worship he realised in himself the cosmic person in his upper 4 centres, the sahasrara, the ajna, the heart and the solar plexus centre – and as a sign of his realisation there was a stone statue of the Lord manifesting from out of the earth, but also only part of the four upper centres. After his realisation he went away from this place, not telling anyone of the place. But a king in the area had a dream where he saw all that had happened. He ordered his soldiers to seek everywhere in this forest area to find the manifested statue, and he explained where he had seen it in his dream. They found it after 4 days of search and were thrilled. The king had another dream where the Lord told him to construct a temple there. Since the feet are worshipped as the expression of the divine, but there were no feet at this statue, they made a stone statue of the same kind as the manifested statue and put it behind the smaller statue. The one of the forms of the Divine Mother represents Bhur-Devi, the gross matter, the other Sri Devi, the subtle nature. This is what we had seen in the innermost of the temple, but not understood.

Sri Kumar continued saying that the priests are continuously magnetising the place by singing mantrams and hymns, and we had listened to short extracts of the four vedas. There are many marriages conducted at this place, often 100 a day, and they are said to be very stable. The Lord worshipped at this place is Lord Venkateshvara, like in Tirupati, and it has the same energy as the place of the Lord of the 7 Hills. The head of the temple had organised the hounouring of Sri Kumar and gave him 2 new DVDs about the temple and everybody received a little commemorative shield with an image of the Lord in the two forms.

We were all very touched by the holy vibrations of the place and the auspicious ritual we participated in. Tomorrow morning we will be again at the temple for morning meditation.

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  1. Melodie Says:

    It all sounds so wonderful. It must have been more beautiful at night. What a wonderful journey and experience you are having. Many Thanks for sharing it with us all. Blessings. Melodie

  2. M.N SHARMA Says:

    Dwaraka Tirumala is a very DIVINE piligrim place to Visit. Thanks for posting and sharing.

    Sharma MN

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