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Yatin Pandit in the Retreat Centre

Three days ago we had a a slide presentation by the young Indian artist Yatin Pandit from Nashik, Maharashtra, North India (near Bombay / Pune) who 2 years ago had done the statue of Master CVV which you saw in my blog-post from the Guru Poojas.

Though I only could see the last part of his presentation, for I had an emergency visit to a doctor  I was very impressed by his gentle way and the skill of his art. I was particularly fascinated how he uses modern techniques to produce these 3-D statues from out of 2-D photos. He is mainly realising statues of great spiritual teachers of the present and the past, and they are found in many ashrams in India.

Photo courtsey Yatin Pandit

After the presentation I was presented to him and he gave me his card. There is the picture of a statue of an old woman where he was especially working about the expression shining through her eyes in spite of all hardships expresses through the physical frame.

Yesterday I talked a bit more with him about his art saying it reminded me of the work of Madam Tussauds, and he said, in fact he has been much inspired by these wax works and had been at workshops of them, but wax isn’t ideal for India – obviously. He uses marble powder or, I think it is cast resin. With the eyes of the statue of Master CVV he worked by painting from inside. A fascinating encounter.

Yatin Pandit in the Retreat Centre



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