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Two old busses took all of the group and we drove along the beachside of Visakhapatnam before continuing via a new bypass around Visakh to Simhachalam. Then the busses climbed uphill to the temple compound lying in a little valley near the top. The went further up a stair to a place where we had to leave our shoes and bags – no cellphones and cameras allowed inside the temple – but I took my camera inside the pocket.

Leaving the busses

The stairway up

The outer premises of the templs

A calf before the entrance

There are three entrance lane, one for free, where normally are many people – the “slow way to heaven”, one for 20 rupees, which the group took – where you can go near the innermost of the temple, and one for 100 rupees where you can enter the innermost – the direct way to heaven, as I jokingly said.

You enter through a side-tower into the outer part of the temple, there is a little temple with pillars hold by lion and elephant figures. The central temple is at the site of a very old and sacred place, but seems to be not so very old. Inside taking photos is strictly forbidden and I knew from previous visits that they really don’t like and I didn’t like to be discovered taking a shot…

Raviskankar, an Indian member accompanying the group discussed with the guards and finally the whole group was allowed to enter the holiest of the holy of the temple.

The name Simha means lion, and the temple is dedicated to the avatara of God as the man-lion. I was asked by the group to explain the symbolism, the story expressing the opening of the heart centre by killing the “demon” who had taken over the rulership of the “earth”, or the human body – a story of the soul triumphing over the personality.

The Avatar Narasimha, the man-lion, opens the heart of the demon king Hiranyakashipu – our own heart

Afterwards part of the group took a bus back to the valley, while I joined the ones who descended via a long stairway of about 1000 steps. I love this way along little statues, symbols, holy trees and a small waterfall.

Descending via the beautiful stairway

My favorite Ganesha, overgrown by a tree

In the village at the bottom end of the stairway,on the site where the Guru Pooja celebrations are to begin tomorrow, the preparations were at full swing – incredible how they want to finish all the work till this evening. After having a delicious meal served by the Indian members to us, we went to a nearby lake with a little temple surrounded by lotus flowers. Then we continued to a palm grove where I write these lines.

The lake with the lotus flowers

Under the palms

I’m posting this some minutes before leaving early morning to Simhachalams

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  1. Shivatronic Says:

    Om. I love to travel india with you through the magic of internet… thanx for report and daring shooting pictures away from the “guardians” 🙂
    Enjoy adn transform…

  2. Kaliprasad.Indraganti Says:

    Can U Please arrange any Link to Follow On Line Internet Live to Follow These Guru Poojas by inquired any brother i.e. Mr B.R.K.Raju.Secretary-WT-Visakhapatnam, or Mr P.Jayade or his Father Mr P.Ravishankar or any of our WTT -Brothern Please.This is my Humble request and Please be complied for the Group of Abroad and those can Participate” Inter Net-On Line “only , Like from US and any other form & remote Places ::::

    With Divine Love,

  3. siri Says:

    same procedure as every year? (ganesha pic) 😀

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