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Astrological Diary

Every year we publish from WTT-Global an Astrological Diary running from Aries to Pisces. I just published the information about ordering the diary 2012/13. It is helpful if you want to work with the subtle rhythms of time and use the constellations for meditation – a fascinating inner work.

It is quite an intense work to prepare the diary with all the daily ephemeris and indications. I did it once some years ago – it needs a lot of concentration… The Astro-Diary is published at cost price just in a small number for those who order it. You find more information here. Orders are possible till Dec. 14th.

For interested persons who cannot afford the print version we will also make it available in PDF form. The monthly important dates – not the daily ephemeris – can also be found here.

A page of the calendar:

2 Responses to “Astrological Diary”

  1. Murthy v v b s Says:

    Great thing of help you have rendered.
    thanks and regards

  2. Aparna Hari Says:


    Can you please send me the PDF format of the diary so I can use it for purpose of meditation schedule ?

    Thank you very much,

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