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Talking with Your Body

Before evening meditation my wife and I normally exchange some thoughts about the day. The last days she had felt some pain, some inflammation of nerves or the like after having worked a lot in our little garden planting flowers for next spring. Last weekend she had been at a seminar with Anton Styger about using the pendulum and there she heard him say: “You can ask the body, he knows best.” This was a thought she had been pondering upon the last days:

Our body is not just a machine or a “bag” into which we have been put at birth, but a highly intelligent being which communicates with you if you listen to it. With pain it says, pay attention, something is going the wrong direction. You can feel its needs, and you can even talk to it. (Of course, with serious problems you should talk to a doctor….)

Anton Styger uses prayers where he addresses the body intelligences and the guiding angels of organs. They have received lots of wrong commands from our side and have received shocks and experienced hardships in the past. These memories are stored in the subtle structure of the body and can be released. We also might have collected “astral waste” from other persons / the surroundings, which keep clinging to us. Clairvoyants can even see that in a number of cases earth-bound entities / deceased persons who didn’t believe in a here-after or were surprised by their death cling to the body and cause feelings of dullness or strain.

My wife and I talked about observations we had in this regard and our discoveries how to deal with them. She said: “I have discovered a new relation with my body.” And she had also been working with others helping to release pains and subtle burdens.

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5 Responses to “Talking with Your Body”

  1. Gopala Krishnan H Says:

    Very true. Unless there is physical damage, no need to see a doctor. One can speak to the body for self treat. We congratulate the thoughts.

  2. Judy Says:

    Certainly we have the power to heal ourselves… in most cases it is fear which sends us to the doctor and then as a result we usually give our power away, who really does not know my body a well as myself,…. listen to your intuition.
    I have had that experience this year with an accident, that’s why I feel very strongly using my own counsel, beyond pysical injury, when one needs help…. The healing is much faster!

  3. Murthy v v b s Says:

    I do agree with the above gentlemen who had very aptly stated. Our body gives so many signals one such thing is itching which prewarns every time that some thing is piercing the “aura” of the body and then entering “be careful” or take care” but we seldom give care to those prewarnings – by the time we intend to take care, some boil or some other ailment comes into the body and settle. So also when cold effects the body, it clearly gives signals and warnings that the deeds done were not suiting to the body or some foreign element is entering into the body, take care. One has to give care, vigil to the body’s messages, if properly attended the need for going to the doctor can be minimised.

  4. Flowers on the Wayside Says:

    Yes, listening to the subtle signs helps avoiding ailments before they grow big. And there are many ways of proper dealing with rhythm, diet, sleep and meditation to keep the system stable.

  5. GDB Says:

    What kind of sign we receive ?
    Have any 1 experience it. Please share.

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