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Meeting in the Spirit of Synthesis

From Friday 19th to Sunday 21st August we were at a group meeting in the spirit of synthesis at the seminar centre HPB in Ingolsheim, Alsace, France. A group of 19 persons – members of WTT – from Belgium, Germany and Switzerland assembled for a weekend of meditation, exchanges, and cooperation for further projects.
Beautiful sunshine enlightened the place, and also inwardly there was a lot of light around. We spoke about the present time, where there are intense transformation processes going on globally, and the impact of the energies on our lives and greater fields of Life.

Here are some pics from the place, as a little inspiration.

Master CVV, whose inspiration is beyond the group work

The entrance of the seminar centre

And by night

Ganesha welcoming us in the garden

Yes, there was also plenty of joy

Durga on the lion in an amethyst crystal – symbol of the month of Leo

And a greater amethyst – our friend is trading with crystals

Master EK, who brought the teachings of synthesis to the West – and some of the members present still knew him.

Buddha meditating in the night

And Krishna playing his flute on his birthday, last Sunday

While Quan Yin, the Chinese form of Maitreya, was blessing the meeting from a corner

Huge lingams centring the energy

Light striving upwards

And Buddha in another form also gives his silent blessings

A turtle family – the turtle being a symbol of creation

A beautiful smiling Durga, the guardian of the threshold

Riding on the Lion, the tamed animal nature

A shining labradorite in the colours of the energy of Aquarius


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