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Day Sixteen: Sea-Air, Rainshowers and a Three-Master

Yesterday it was a cold, rainy and windy day. We went to Travem√ľnde, a harbour town, where first I wanted to jump into the water, but then it started raining and was too chilly.

The beach was nearly empty and gray clouds were chasing over the sky. But it was a great experience to feel the freshness of the sea and the vastness of space.

Lonely Beach Chairs waiting for sunny days

An old lighthouse at the entrance of the harbour

The seagulls on heaps of mussels reminded me of Jonathan Livingston Seagull and his striving for perfection about whom I had blogged shortly.

In the water and on the moisty beach there were jellyfish-mandalas. Our friend said, “From that state we have come, eons ago.” And I jokingly replied, “And our wobbling bellies still remind of it….”

We took the ferryboat to the other side where the former training ship of the German marine, Passat, was lying, a three-master. It is no longer sailing, but is used as a museum. I thought it must be boring for a ship just lying there and waiting… But when we approached the former grandeur of the ship with all the rigging still gave an impressive image of adventures and far-away countries. Are the ship-devas dreaming of valour and daring?

A pilot boat in front of the Passat

A mighty steering wheel: Can we navigate our boats of life well through stormy weather?

The pizzaria where we took our lunch was full of tiny lighthouses, sailing boat models and plates with sailor’s knots. How well do we tangle up the ropes of our life and how difficult it is to untangle them again….

The model of a three-master on the window sill, with the Passat in the background: Big dreams in a small world.

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